Powerlix Milk Frother Not Working! 12 Causes & Solutions

Powerlix is one of the most trusted and popular electric milk frothers brands in the present market. Easy to use, quick, powerful, versatility, unique design, 100% lifetime warranty, and more are the most notable features of a Powerlix handheld milk frother.

Also, lightweight, ergonomic handle, low price, stainless steel material, a stand for easy storage, and more are some of the special features of a Powerlix portable handheld milk frother.

However, being battery-operated milk frothers (electric milk frothers), sometimes a Powerlix milk frother may malfunction like it may not working, not turning on or not frothing, etc.

If you are a Powerlix handheld milk frother user and your Powerlix milk frother is not working, this article is for you. Here we have discussed why a Powerlix milk frother is not working and how to fix it. So, continue reading if you are facing this kind of issue as a Powerlix milk frother user.

Why Is Your PowerLix Milk Frother Not Working & How To Fix?

There are several causes for your Powrlix milk frother not working properly. The common causes are low batteries, incorrectly inserted batteries, frothing whisk not attached properly, wrong milk temperature, wrong milk, and faulty motor. Also, your Powerlix milk frother is not working for incorrect usage, faulty switch, overheating, dirty contacts, old milk frother, factory defects, and more.

Let’s see these causes and their solutions in detail.

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  1. Low or dead batteries:

Your Powerlix milk frother is battery-operated. If the battery is low or dead, the milk frother will not work. So first, check the battery and ensure that the battery is not low or dead. Charge the battery if it is low or replaces the battery if it is dead.

2. The battery is not inserted correctly:

If you do not insert the battery in the milk frother correctly, the milk frother won’t turn on and not work properly. Check the battery and ensure it is inserted properly. Read your Powerlix milk frother manual and insert the battery in the frother following the user manual instructions.

3. The whisk is not attached to the motor (handle) properly:

Your Powerlix handheld milk frother is not working because you probably did not properly attach the whisk to the motor (handle). Check the frothing whisk and ensure it is properly attached to the motor (handle). Follow the user manual while attaching the whisk to the motor.

4. Wrong milk temperature:

Wrong milk temperature (too hot or too cold) can also be a cause of your Powerlix milk frother not working. Ensure your milk is not too hot or too cold. The standard temperature for milk frothing is between 140 degrees Ferhenhit and 160 degrees Ferhenhit (60 Celsius and 70 Celsius).

5. The wrong type of milk:

If you use the wrong type of milk, then your Powerlix milk frother won’t work. According to the Powerlix milk frother user manual, Powerlix milk frother works well with whole milk, low-fat milk, Amond milk, Soy, Cashew, Oat, and other dairy products.

6. Clogs:

If your Powerlix milk frother is clogged, it won’t work as usual. Disassemble the milk frother parts and then clean them thoroughly with warm soapy water.

7. Faulty motor:

A Powerlix milk frother comes with a powerful motor attachment that gives 19000 rpm. If there is any issue with the motor, or the motor goes bad, or the motor is not working properly, then your PowerLix frothing wand won’t work. Check the motor and ensure it is working perfectly. Replace the motor if required or contact Powerlix customer service for assistance if required.

8. Faulty switch:

If your Powerlix milk frother is not turning on, the issue could be in the switch. In this case, check the switch and ensure it is not loose or damaged. If the switch is loose, then tighten it, or if it is damaged, then replace it. It will be better for you to contact Powerlix customer support for assistance.

9. Overheating:

If you use your Powerlix milk frother continually for a long time, it will overheat and stop working. So check your milk frother and check if it is overheated. If it is overheated, then let it cool down for a few minutes before using it again.

10. Incorrect usages:

If you cannot use your Powerlix milk frother correctly, it will not work properly. Follow the instructions given in your Powerlix milk frother user manual while using your milk frother.

11. Factory defects:

Some milk frother comes with factory defects, which is why they don’t work. If your Powerlix milk frother does not work at the first time usage, then you can be sure your milk frother has comes with factory defects. Contact Powerlix customer support and return your milk frother.  

12. Old milk frother:

If your Powerlix milk frother has become too old, it can fail to take the load to work properly. In this case, purchase a new one.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, the above-mentioned cause and solutions have helped you to fix your Powerlix milk frother. However, if your Powerlix milk frother is still not working, take it to the nearest repair center or contact Powerlix customer support for assistance.

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