Oster Blender Smoking! 11 Causes And Solutions

Oster is one of the most reliable brands for kitchen appliances in the present market. Its kitchen appliances, especially its electric blenders, are high-quality, very effective, and reasonable in price. However, like another brand’s electric blender, an Oster brand’s blender can also malfunction sometimes.

If you are an Oster blender user, and your Oster blender is smoking while you are using it, then don’t start to think that your Oster blender has become useless, and you have to buy another new Oster blender. If your Oster blender starts smoking while using it, we request you to read this article until the end.

In this article, we have discussed why an Oster blender is smoking, how to fix a smoking Oster blender, and what one should do if an Oster blender starts to smoke while using it. 

Why Is Your Oster Blender Smoking And How To Fix It?

An Oster blender can be smoking for several reasons. The most common reasons for an Oster blender smoking are jammed blades, overloaded motor, oil or liquid in the motor base, electrical short circuits, and faulty components.

Also, your Oster blender can be smoking while using it for worn parts inside the blender, faulty wiring, faulty switches or faulty control panel, power voltage issues, damaged power cord, user errors, manufacturing defects, and more.

Let’s see all the possible causes and solutions:

  1. Check if the blender blades are blocked:

Blocked blades might be the first cause of your Ostem blender smoking while blending. If your Oster blender’s blades are blocked by frozen food ingredients or tough food ingredients, then the motor of your Oster blender might struggle to turn its blades, resulting in your Oster blender smoking while blending.

Check your food ingredients and ensure they are blendable using your Oster blender. Read your Oster blender user manual to know which food ingredients you can use in your Oster blender and which food ingredients you cannot.

2. Check if the blender motor is overloaded:

If you use your Oster blender for an extended period or with heavy food ingredients, then its motor might become overheated and start smoking.

Check your Oster blender motor and ensure it is not damaged or worn out. Always use your blender following the manufacturer’s instructions. Give your Oster blender a rest for a few minutes after completing preparing one recipe/let your Oster blender cool down completely before attempting to prepare another recipe. 

3. Check if there is oil or liquid in the motor base:

Sometimes oil or liquid can accumulate in the motor base, leading your Oster blender to smoke. Check the base and ensure there is no oil or liquid in the base. If there is any oil or liquid in the base, then clean it by wiping it with a clean, dry cloth. 

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4. Check electrical Short circuits:

If there is any short circuit within your Oster blender’s wiring, then it can cause the electrical components of your Oster blender to overheat and emit smoke. So check the internal component of your Oster blender and ensure there is no short circuit inside it. If you cannot check the short circuit inside your Oster blender by yourself, then get an electrician’s help.

5. Check for any worn Parts inside your blender:

Over time, the internal components of your Oster blender, such as bearings, carbon brushes, gasket, motor, and wiring, can wear out, leading to friction overheating, and smoking.

So check for any worn parts inside your Oster blender and replace all worn parts immediately if there are any worn parts inside the blender. You will find Oster blender replacement parts in the local markets and online marketplaces.

6. Check if the switches or control board is faulty:

If your Oster blender buttons/switches/control panel becomes faulty, then they can lead your Oster blender to smoke. Check the switches/buttons/control panel of your Oster blender and ensure they are in good condition. Take an expert’s help to check these things if required.

7. Power/voltage issues:

If you use your Oster blender with an incompatible power voltage, then it will directly impact your Oster blender motor, and the motor can burn. So be sure your Oster blender is compatible with the power voltage you are using it. Never use your Oster blender with an incompatible power voltage. If your Oster blender is compatible with a 110-voltage power supply, then use it with the 110-voltage power supply. If your Oster blender is compatible with a 120-voltage power supply, then use it with the 120-voltage power supply.

8. Check if the power cord is damaged:

If your Oster blender power cord has become damaged, then it can also be a cause of your Oster blender smoking. So check your Oster blender power cord and ensure it is okay. If required, try another power cord or replace the power cord. You will find the replacement power cord in the online marketplaces.

9. Manufacturing defects:

If your Oster blender starts smoking at the very first time use of it, then you can be sure that your Oster blender has come with a manufacturing defect which is why it started smoking whenever you started using it.

In this case, as your Oster blender warranty still has, contact the Oster blender customer service team and tell them about the issue. They will replace your current blender with a new Oster blender.

What Should You Do Immediately If Your Oster Blender Starting Smoking?

  1. Stop using your Oster blender immediately if it starts smoking while using it. Turn off your Oster blender and unplug it from the power source to prevent further damage or potential danger.
  2. Check if any food ingredients are blocking your Oster blender’s blades. Remove the blending jar from the blender base and ensure there are no obstructions.
  3. Allow your Oster blender to cool down for a significant amount of time, at least 30 minutes to 40 minutes.
  4. After cooling down your Oster blender, inspect your Oster blender’s motor base for any visible damage, burnt smells, or signs of overheating. If you see any burnt or damaged areas, do not attempt to use the blender anymore.
  5. If your Oster blender is still under warranty, then contact the Oster customer support team to report the issue and discuss possible solutions. They might offer repairs, replacements, or guidance on what to do next.
  6. If your Oster blender is not under warranty or your Oster blender smoking issue is not covered yet, consider taking it to a professional appliance repair technician who can diagnose and fix your Oster blender safely.

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