LG Microwave Not Turning On! 19 Causes & Solutions

“I’m Jennifer. I’m an LG microwave oven user, and I’ve been using my LG microwave oven for 1 year. My LG microwave was working properly before this morning. Today’s morning, I wanted to heat my meals, but I noticed that my LG microwave is not turning on. I have tried to find out the reasons but I could not. I searched for my LG microwave instruction manual for tips but didn’t find it anywhere. Probably it has been lost. Help me with proper tips.”

I saw this post in a microwave oven forum a few days ago, and as a modern kitchen appliance expert, I have decided to write an article about it on my website. If you are an LG microwave oven user facing this kind of problem, you can continue reading this article. There are several reasons why an LG microwave is not turning on/powering on/starting.  Here I have enlisted 19 possible causes and solutions for why your LG microwave is not turning on/powering on/starting. 

If you own an LG microwave oven, your choice is perfect. LG is one of the most popular, reliable, and high-quality microwave manufacturer brands in the present market. However, being an electrical device, an LG microwave oven can experience problems, like it not turning on or not working properly or not heating, not turning, etc. It is a usual matter and also true for other brands’ microwave ovens.

Why Is Your LG Microwave Not Turning On/ LG Microwave Powering On/ LG Microwave Starting?

Your LG microwave is not turning on/powering on/starting for many reasons. The common causes are unplugged microwaves, damaged power cords, power source issues, and overheated microwaves.

Also, your LG microwave is not turning/powering on/starting on for a faulty control board, tripped circuit breaker, blown fuse, open door, incorrect door switch assembly, factory defects, and more.

Below I will discuss all the reasons in detail.

  1. The microwave is not turned on:

First, check the power button of the microwave oven and ensure that it is turned on. Sometimes you may forget to turn on the power button of your microwave which can be the leading cause of your LG microwave not turning on.

2. Faulty start button:

The start button turns on the whole machine. Check the start button/power button of your LG microwave oven and make sure it is functioning well. If the start button becomes damaged, broken, or useless, then the LG oven won’t turn on.

3. Faulty power cord:

If your LG microwave power cord becomes damaged or useless, it will not transfer the power to the microwave from the power outlet resulting in your LG microwave won’t turn on.

Check the power cord and ensure it is functioning well. Replace it if required. You will find the LG microwave replacement power cord in online marketplaces, especially Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and more.

4. Power supply issue:

If there is an issue with the power supply, your LG microwave will not turn on. Check if the microwave is plugged into the power outlet properly and if the power outlet is working perfectly. To check the power outlet is working perfectly, plug another electrical appliance into the same power outlet and replace the damaged power outlet if required.  

5. Unplugged microwave oven:

Have you plugged your oven into the power outlet? Check the power cord and ensure it is plugged into the power outlet appropriately.

6. Overheated microwave:

An overheated microwave oven will not turn on as usual. So check your microwave and ensure it is not overheated. If it is overheated, let it cool down for 15-30 minutes and then plug it in for use again.

7. Damaged microwave light:

Check the light of your microwave oven for once. Sometimes the issue can be in the microwave light. If the light becomes damaged, replace the damaged light by buying new LG microwave light.  

8. Faulty control panel:

If there are faults in your LG microwave oven’s control panel, your microwave cannot be turned on. Check the control panel by yourself if you can. If you cannot check, take your appliance to the electric appliance repair shop to check the control panel. Replace the control panel if required. You will find the replacement microwave control panel in the appliance repair shop and online marketplaces.

9. Reset the breaker:

Check the circuit breaker and ensure it is not tripped. If it has tripped, then reset the circuit breaker.

10. Defective thermal fuse or cut out:

The thermal fuse is also known as the thermal cutout. It prevents the microwave from overheating. If the thermal fuse is defective, the microwave won’t turn on. So check the thermal fuse using a multimeter and replace it by buying a new LG microwave thermal fuse if required.

11. Faulty magnetron:

The microwave magnetron is the most important part of a microwave. If the magnetron is faulty, the microwave will not heat the food properly; even the microwave will not turn on. So check the magnetron of your LG microwave and ensure it is functioning well. If the magnetron is faulty, then replace it early.

12. Defective high voltage capacitor:

If the high-voltage capacitor is defective, your LG microwave oven won’t turn on. Check the high-voltage and replace it if required.

13. The microwave door is open:

Your LG microwave is not turning on because you may have probably forgotten to close its door. If the door is not closed appropriately, the oven will not turn on. So, check your microwave oven door and make sure it is closed perfectly. 

14. Broken or worn out door latch:

If your LG microwave oven door latch is broken or worn out, your LG microwave oven won’t turn on. Replace the broken or worn-out microwave door latch as early as possible.

15. Faulty door switch:

Check the door switch of your LG microwave oven and ensure it is being appropriately engaged when the door is closed. If the door switch is not working correctly, it may prevent your LG microwave oven from turning on. Change the microwave door switch if it is defective.

16. Damaged motor:

If your LG microwave motor is defective or has become damaged, then it will prevent your LG microwave from turning on/powering on/starting.  Check the motor and make sure the motor is functioning properly. Replace the motor if required. The replacement microwave motor is available in online marketplaces.

17. Factory defects:

Some microwave oven comes with factory defects and is not turned on or even not working as usual. If your LG microwave is brand new and not turning on the very first attempt, you can be sure your microwave has come with factory defects. Return your microwave by contacting the shop from where you purchased it or LG customer service support.

18. Old Microwave:

Probably your LG microwave has become too old and cannot take the load, which is why your LG microwave is not turning on. In this case, buy a new model LG microwave.

19. Internal damage:

If the above causes and solutions do not work, you can be sure there are internal issues in your LG microwave oven preventing the LG microwave from turning on. Take your microwave oven to a microwave oven expert to inspect it, or contact LG customer service for assistance.

Bottom Line:

If your LG microwave is still not turning on/powering on/starting, check your LG microwave oven warranty. If its warranty still has, contact LG customer service support to replace the microwave. If its warranty goes over, take it to a kitchen appliance repair shop to fix the issue with the help of a licensed technician.

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