27 Common Viking Microwave Oven Problems Solutions!

Viking Microwave Troubleshooting [ 27 Problems Soluitons]

Viking Microwave Not Working!

The Viking microwave oven is the most used kitchen appliance by most families today. It is very easy to use and saves you a lot of your time in the kitchen, which makes you want to cook every type of food in the oven.

You can use the microwave oven for cooking lasagna or pasta or making a hot breakfast. It is often not until the microwave oven stops working that you realize how favorable and useful it is.

When your microwave oven has stopped working, you can fix it by referring to the user manual that comes with the oven when you purchase it.

Here as some of the reasons that explain why is your Viking microwave not working, which you may find highlighted in the Viking microwave user manual:

Why Is Your Viking Microwave Not Working?

  • The microwave oven might not be getting enough power supply. Carefully connect the power cord to the socket and ensure that power is transmitted to the oven to provide an adequate power supply to the microwave oven. In addition, always ensure that there is no blackout, as this could also lead to insufficient power being transferred to the oven.
  • Magnetron failure: A magnetron uses a lot of energy to emit microwave frequency to prepare food. When the oven is turned in while it’s empty, it causes the magnetron to burn out. A magnetron is very difficult to repair; therefore, if it burns out, the only solution is to replace it with a new one.
  • The main control board is malfunctioning: A control board controls the Viking microwave oven when its buttons are used to set the oven’s temperature. When your microwave is not working, this is a rare scenario with the control board; however, it is likely to be the case when your oven is not heating. When your control board is faulty, the best thing to do is to replace it with a new one since it is not easy to repair.
  • Blown main fuse: A blown main fuse is the most common case with microwaves not working. The microwave oven’s main fuse cuts the flow of electricity if too much power moves through.
  • Faulty door switch: If your Viking microwave oven door switch is faulty, buying a new one is the way to go since it saves you a lot of time and money compared to constantly visiting the repair shop.
  • You forgot to switch on the “start” button: The start button allows you to enable the intelligent features on the oven and prepare food. If you do not press the start button, you will not allow the smart features; hence your oven will not work.

After going through the Viking microwave oven user manual, if you still have problems with your oven or are afraid of fixing the oven by yourself because of the risk of electric shock, you can call a professional to look at your oven.

Viking Microwave Not Heating!

As the most used kitchen appliance in almost every household, the Viking microwave oven makes heating leftovers or preparing food fast and straightforward. Therefore, it can be inconvenient when your Viking microwave oven suddenly stops heating your food.

If your Viking microwave not heating your food, do not be in a rush to replace it with a new oven. However, first, go through the microwave instructions manual to figure out the actual cause of the problem.

Furthermore, the microwave instructions manual will enlighten you on how to fix your oven.

In the Viking microwave instructions manual, you are most likely to find the following reasons:

Why Is Your Viking Microwave Not Heating?

  • Burned-out diode: A diode is located behind the microwave front panel near the controls. The function of the diode is to channel and transmit power to the magnetron. If it’s burned out, the microwave won’t generate enough power to spin the magnetron and heat the food.
  • You may have left the door switch open: It is advisable for the microwave oven to operate when the door is closed for safety purposes. If the door switch is left open, it affects the normal operations of the oven and may cause it not to heat food.
  • Ensure you are heating foods that can be microwaved: As much as the Viking microwave is used for cooking in the kitchen, it is not recommended for all types of foods, i.e., dry food and fat-free foods. Always check the type of food you are placing in the oven.
  • Failed high-voltage transformer: The function of the high-voltage transformer is to channel power to the magnetron, so if the high voltage is faulty, the magnetron will have no power; hence the oven will not produce heat.
  • Blown thermometer fuse cavity: The function of the thermometer fuse is to turn off your oven if it overheats. Sometimes, when it happens, it can blow up the thermometer fuse cavity. The thermometer fuse is not accessible to repair, so when it blows up, you will have to replace it with a new one.

If you have put into practice all the steps highlighted above and your Viking microwave oven is still not heating, the problem could be that you are using an old microwave oven, and it may be time for a new one.

Viking Microwave Start Button Not Working!

One of the most frequent problems people face with their microwave ovens is the start button of the oven not working. If the start button is damaged, you wont to be able to use your oven as usual until you fix it. So annoying, right?

The best part is that the Viking microwave oven has a user guide that includes information about how to operate the Viking microwave oven, the basic parts of the oven, and how to solve some of the problems you may face while using the oven in the future.

Here is what you will seemingly come across in the Viking Microwave user guide:

Why Is Your Viking Microwave Start Button Not Working?

  • Faulty door switch: When your door switch is malfunctioning, it affects the performance of your oven’s door switch. The best way to know how your door switch functions are to use your ohmmeter to perform a continuity test. If you figure out that the door switch is faulty, consider replacing it with a new one since fixing it is very expensive. Furthermore, it will save you the money and time spent in the repair shop.
  • Malfunctioning touchpad: The touchpad, sometimes known as the membrane switch, transmits a signal to the other parts of the microwave oven so that they can commence heating. When the touchpad of your Viking oven malfunctions, it causes the start button of your oven to stop working. You can check the microwave oven’s user guide on how to fix a faulty touchpad. However, if you can still not fix the touchpad, you can take it to the repair shop.
  • Faulty control board: The control board transmits power to the membrane switch to keep the buttons functioning. When your control board is faulty, the buttons of your microwave oven won’t work. Therefore it is important to replace your faulty control board so your oven can operate as usual.
  • Defective control panel: This is one of the most common causes when the start buttons of your oven won’t work. The control panel is not easy to repair, and replacing it with a new one is the best option.

If you manage to detect the cause of the problem, you can do the necessary replacements by yourself. However, if you are still having some difficulty, you can do some search online or maybe ask your friends or family.

Viking Microwave Button Stuck!

There are so many things you can do with your Viking microwave oven apart from cooking food. You can heat your beauty products, make your citrus fruits juicier, etc. In addition, microwaves are very economical to use. They consume less energy compared to conventional ovens.

But what happens when your Viking microwave suddenly stops working, causing your microwave button to get stuck, affecting the oven door not to close?

Here’s what you can do:

Why Is Your Viking Microwave Button Stuck?

  • Check the door latch assembly: The function of the door latch assembly is to make the ovens door tighter and keep it closed. When the door latch assembly is faulty, it causes the oven door not to close. In most cases, broken door latch assembly is the main reason. Always take your time to check if the door latch assembly of your oven is in good working condition.
  • Take a look at the door latch: The door latch is a simple plastic hook that catches the door and releases it when you press the button. If the door latch is faulty, the door won’t open. If this is the problem, consider repairing it as soon as possible because they are very cheap.
  • The door spring is broken: The door spring allows your oven door to open smoothly. When the door spring is damaged, the door won’t open accordingly, although you can decide to open the door manually. As mentioned above, you need to check the door latch assembly. So, when you repair the door latch assembly, you will also improve the broken spring because they come in handy.
  • Scrutinize the door button: The easiest way to check if your door button is perfectly working is to press the button and see if it’s giving ample when pushing or if there’s a blockage. A tiny clip may have broken off if you have difficulty pressing the button. Try to look at the instrument behind the control panel and fix it.
  • Consider applying grease on the latch sides of the push button: In due course, you will notice that the push button will regain friction because grease causes lubrication resulting in friction.

Always handle your kitchen appliance carefully because single damage can affect other microwave parts.

Viking Microwave Not Turning On!

Nothing is more frustrating than your Viking microwave not turning on, especially when you want to prepare your favorite food recipe.

So, what brings about your Viking microwave not turning on?

Why Is Your Viking Microwave Not Turning On?

  • Defective door switch: A defective door switch comes about when the operating microwave oven is left open. It is recommended that the microwave oven be used when the door is closed.
  • Faulty ceramic fuse: The function of the ceramic fuse is to prevent the microwave from overheating by cutting its power. So when the ceramic is faulty, excess power is transmitted to the oven, which damages it; hence it won’t turn on.
  • Faulty thermal fuse: If your thermal fuse is faulty, ensure that you replace it with a new one as soon as possible since it prevents your microwave oven from turning on.
  • Inadequate power supply to the microwave: Take your time to connect your microwave oven to the oven to ensure that the oven is getting adequate power supply.

If your Viking microwave oven is still not turning on, consider taking it to the repair store to have it checked by an expert or contact Viking customer service for help.

Viking Microwave Not Spinning!

The number of times we use the microwave oven in the kitchen is uncountable, and because of this, the microwave oven is likely to experience some problems like not spinning.

When your Viking microwave oven is not spinning, this means that your food is not cooking evenly in the oven. Therefore, it is crucial to fix the oven for it to function back to normal as always. However, you cannot fix the oven without first knowing the cause of the problem.

Take your time to read through the Viking microwave user guide to know the cause of the problem.

In the user guide, you are presumably going to note the following:

Why Is Your Viking Microwave Not Spinning?

  • Faulty turntable motor: This is the one reason that causes the oven not to spin. It is costly to repair; hence buying a new one saves money.
  • The glass tray support is broken: The function of the glass tray is to hold and rotate food to ensure that it is evenly. When the glass tray is broken, it causes the oven not to spin; hence your food will be unevenly cooked by the oven.
  • Tray coupler damage: The tray coupler connects the motor to the turntable. So when it’s damaged, the motor won’t connect to the turntable causing the microwave oven not to spin.
  • Dirty microwave oven: Dirt or food buildup obstructs the tracks with interferes with your turntable spinning.

When you start experiencing problems with your Viking microwave oven, do not be in a rush to take it back and have it replaced with a new one just because it is still under warranty. However, take your time to figure out the main cause of the problem and how to fix it to avoid it shortly.

Viking Microwave Display Not Working!

The display on the oven enables you to have a glimpse at the time, temperature, etc. So, if the product stops working, you won’t be able to know the time you have left to cook, among other details.

The following could be why your Viking microwave display is not working.

  • Check the power supply: If the power supply coming to your oven is inadequate, it could lead to your oven’s display not working. You can try to plug in another appliance in the socket to see how the power supply is being transmitted to the device because maybe the problem could be the power socket.
  • Faulty control board: If the control board is faulty, this could be an issue with some missing lines. Try to detect the broken pipes, then fasten them with a soldering iron. However, if you are not able to do it, it should be done by a professional.
  • Blown temperature and monitor fuse: Always check if the temperature and monitor fuse is in good working condition.

When your display is not working, it creates a lot of issues for you. Always take your time to check if all the microwave parts are in good working condition.

Viking Microwave Display Light Not Working!

The Viking microwave display light’s function is to confirm that your pressed buttons have been keyed in.

So if your Viking microwave oven display light is not working, you can do the following:

Why Is Your Viking Microwave Oven Display Light Not Working?

  • Replace the control board: A faulty control board hinders your display light from working; therefore, replacing it with a new one will be the perfect solution as it is costly to repair.
  • Check if the power cable is getting enough power supply: Adequate power supply increases efficiency In your appliance. So if your oven is not getting enough power supply, it causes incompetence to your device. However, if the power supply is adequate, you can check if the socket is the problem. You can do this by trying another appliance and comparing how the appliance is responding to the power supply as compared to your oven.
  • Open the control panel: Carefully open the control panel and look for any loose wires. If you are too afraid to open the control panel, you can contact an expert to look into it.

The display light plays a significant role in cooking with the microwave oven; therefore, if it is not working, you can have many problems while cooking your food recipe.

Viking Microwave Stopped Working!

Since a Viking microwave oven is an electric kitchen appliance, a Viking microwave can stop working sometimes. It is usual and true for all other brands of microwave ovens available in the present market.

When your Viking microwave suddenly stops working, consider checking the following:

Why Is Your Viking Microwave Stooped Working & What To Do?

  • The door switch: You might not have closed the oven door properly hence why your Viking microwave might have stopped working. Therefore after placing your food in the oven, properly close the door to enable your oven to operate smoothly.
  • The power supply: Check to see if the oven is properly plugged into the socket because, at times, it detaches from the power source, hindering your oven from getting sufficient power supply hence why it might have stopped working.
  • The fuse: The fuse prevents your oven from overheating. Sometimes your oven gets too much electrical current, causing the fuse to blow up. Because of this, your range might stop working unless you restore the fuse with a much better one.
  • The magnetron: The magnetron generates electrical energy in your range to keep it running smoothly. However, this is sometimes impossible because the magnetron might malfunction, making it impossible for your oven to work as usual. In this case, try using another magnetron to enable your oven to run effectively.
  • The power source: Your oven might have stopped working due to a fault in the power source. In this case, consider using another power source.

If, after doing all the above steps and your Viking microwave oven is still not working, consider checking if it’s still under warranty. If your Viking microwave oven warranty still has, you need to take it back to where you purchased it to have it replaced with a much better one.

Viking Microwave Won’t Turn On!

Sometimes you may notice that your Viking microwave oven is not turning on as usual. If this happens, the following are some of the reasons why:

Why Your Viking Microwave Won’t Turn On & What To Do?

  • Faulty fuse: If the fuse is faulty, it limits your oven from getting sufficient energy it needs to operate hence why your oven might not be turning on.
  • Defective door switch: A defective door switch usually comes about when you have a habit of slamming the door whenever you want to close it. Because of this, your oven might not turn on. To prevent this, ensure that you close the oven door gently.
  • Inadequate power supply: You may have yet to realize it, but the power cord might have detached from the power source, inhibiting it from getting enough power to keep it running hence why your Viking microwave oven might not be turning on.
  • The start button is not turned on: The start button enables you to navigate through the oven’s programs. Failure to turn it on hinders your oven from turning on. Therefore after placing your food in the oven, you need to ensure that you turn on the start button.

If your oven is still not turning on, consider purchasing a new range.

Viking Microwave Fan Won’t Turn On!

The fan on your Viking microwave oven speeds up your food heating process by distributing heat adequately. However, this is not possible if it’s not turned on.

The following are some of the causes and solutions as to why your Viking microwave oven fan might not be able to turn on.

Why Is Your Viking Microwave Fan Won’t Turn On & What To Do

  • The grease filter might be clogged: The grease filter traps fats and oils from your food while it’s being heated, enabling the oven fan to operate smoothly. At times the fats and oils clog the grease filter obstructing it from working as usual and making it impossible for your oven fan to turn on. To fix you need to clean the grease filter properly.
  • Faulty fan motor: Your Viking microwave oven fan might not be turning on because the motor might be faulty. In this situation, you are left with only one option other than to replace the motor, as fixing it is very costly.
  • Malfunctioning charcoal filter: If you notice the charcoal filter malfunctioning, consider restoring it as fast as possible because it disrupts your oven fan from turning on.
  • Defective damper assembly: The damper assembly prevents air from outside from passing through the exhaust system. So if the damper is defective, it won’t be able to operate as usual, hindering your oven fan from turning on. To fix this, consider using another damper assembly.

If your Viking microwave oven still refuses to turn on, consider purchasing a replacement oven fan.

Viking Microwave Turntable Not Working!

The turntable rotates your food to improve its heating uniformity. Despite this, the turntable may still stop working.

If this happens, attempt the following:

Why Is Your Viking Microwave Turntable Not Working & What To Do?

  • Check the roller guide: if you realize the roller is faulty, consider replacing it as fast as possible because it makes it impossible for the turntable to operate effectively.
  • Inspect the motor: To check this use a multimeter to test for continuity. If there is no continuity, it indicates that the motor is faulty; therefore, you must restore it to enable the turntable to operate smoothly.
  • Look at the glass tray support: If you determine that the glass tray support is damaged, contemplate replacing it as fast as possible to enable your oven turntable to operate effectively.
  • Check for any signs of food spillage on your range: Some food particles tend to spill on your oven while it’s heating your food. The food particles end up settling underneath the turntable obstructing it from operating as usual.
  • Ascertain the tray coupler guide is in perfect condition: If you learn that the tray coupler guide is malfunctioning, try using another one to enable the turntable to work effectively.

If you cannot fix your oven, consider contacting Viking customer service.

Viking Microwave Turntable Won’t Turn On!

The following are some of the causes and solutions if your Viking microwave turntable is not turning on:

Why Your Viking Turntable Won’t Turn On & What To Do?

  • Faulty turntable motor: If your oven turntable is not turning on, it is most probably because it is defective. Because of this, you must replace the engine with a much better one.
  • Food debris: Some food particles may clog the turntable, preventing it from turning on. To prevent this, ascertain that any time you are done using your range, you leave it sparkling clean.
  • Defective roller guide: If inadequate, it also prevents your turntable from turning on. In this case, you need to restore it with a much better one.
  • Malfunctioning tray coupler: A malfunctioning tray coupler makes it impossible for your oven turntable to operate smoothly. To fix this, try using another malfunctioning tray coupler.
  • Damaged glass tray support: Your turntable is probably not turning on because the glass tray support is damaged. Therefore you must restore the glass tray support quickly to enable the turntable to operate smoothly.

Contemplate seeking a professional’s help if you still need help icing your oven.

Viking Microwave Reset Button!

The reset button on your Viking microwave is located on the control panel. It enables you to reset your range when the need arises easily.

How To Reset Viking Microwave?

To reset your Viking microwave:

  • Locate the reset switch on the control board.
  • Depress and clutch it for about three seconds.

Resetting your Viking microwave is very simple.

Viking Microwave Fuse Location!

The fuse is usually housed in its fuse holder. To locate the fuse effortlessly, you must first find the fuse holder.

To achieve this, do the following:

  • Disengage the microwave from the power source.
  • Gently disassemble the Viking microwave parts.
  • Locate the fuse holder.

After locating you, now replace it or check if it’s working in perfecting and replace it quickly if you notice it’s faulty.

Viking Oven Error Codes!

When you see error codes on your range, it indicates that your oven is malfunctioning. The best thing to do in this mess is to try to reset your oven.

Resetting is the perfect way to eliminate the error codes that might be causing your oven to malfunction.

What Does F08 Mean On Viking Oven?

F08 is a communication error code. It is usually due to a communication error between the control unit and the power board.

To fix this, try unplugging your oven from the power source.

What Does F03 Mean On A Viking Oven?

F03 is a sensor code. It usually indicates that the oven sensor is not working as usual. To fix this, attempt to detach the oven sensor from the control board to see if you will get positive.

If it gives you negative results, consider seeking a microwave oven expert’s opinion.

How To Set Clock On Viking Oven?

To set the clock on your Viking oven:

  • Identify the clock button.
  • Using the number pads, enter the appropriate time.
  • Finally, press the clock button to enable the changes to take effect.

Setting your oven clock lets you track your time in the kitchen.

How To Turn On Viking Microwave?

To turn on your Viking microwave:

  • Plug your range into the power source.
  • Turn on the start button.
  • Locate the temperature knob.
  • Using the temperature knob, set the appropriate temperature in your range.
  • Identify the timer button.
  • Set the correct time in your oven.

Turning on your Viking microwave is one of the easiest things to learn in terms of using a Viking microwave oven.

How To Turn Off Viking Oven?

To turn off your Viking oven:

  • Depress the start/stop switch on your oven.
  • Disconnect it from the power source.

After use, turning off your Viking microwave oven is another way to enhance its performance.

How To Unlock A Viking Oven?

To unlock your Viking microwave oven:

  • Detach it from the wall socket.
  • Patiently wait for about five to seven minutes before plugging it back again.
  • After that, depress the clear/off switch.

If you still have problems unlocking your oven, consider contacting Viking customer service.

How To Install A Viking Microwave?

Apart from learning how to use your range, you also need to learn how to install it to use it comfortably.

To install your Viking microwave:

  • Remove your range from its packaging.
  • Place it on a steady surface.
  • Connect it to the electrical box.
  • Slip the oven into the cabinet opening.
  • Use the mounting holes to screw the oven into the cabinet securely.
  • Ascertain that the screws are properly secured.
  • Plug your oven into the socket to get the energy it needs to operate.

If you still have problems installing your Viking microwave, peruse the Viking microwave manual for much more detailed information.

Is Viking Microwave Dishwasher Safe?

Yes, the Viking microwave dishwasher is safe. Furthermore, it removes residue that might clog the oven, preventing it from working efficiently.

How To Clean Viking Microwave?

When you read the Viking microwave manual, the following are some of the highlighted steps you need to take in terms of cleaning your Viking microwave oven:

  • Disconnect your oven from the power source.
  • Remove any food components in the range.
  • Use warm soapy water to wash the exterior part and dry it with a soft cloth after rinsing it.
  • Use a clean damp cloth to clean the oven door.
  • Use a cleaner of your choice to clean the interior part of your oven and the waveguide cover.

Cleaning your Viking microwave oven removes germs that might have settled on your range, which might result in infectious diseases.

How To Use Viking Microwave?

Among the first things that you must do after purchasing your range is learn how to use it. As much as it sounds like too much work on your list, it is a necessity that explains the need for your Viking microwave user manual.

The Viking microwave user manual will educate you on how to use your range and install it properly to enable it to run efficiently.

You are most likely to read the following steps in your Viking microwave user guide:

  • Press the clock button to enter the time of your choice.
  • Press the timer button to enter the correct time.
  • Press the “defrost by weight” button to defrost your food recipe with its weight.

Using your Viking microwave is very simple.

Bottom Line:

Viking microwaves are very user-friendly. Anyone, including your children, will find them convenient and easy to use. Furthermore, they have a user guide that gives you various solutions whenever you face problems with your microwave oven.

We think the Middle by Corporation, the manufacturer of Viking microwaves, should introduce colored photography in their microwave oven user guide to make it easier for people with low vision to read the user guide with ease.

Colored photography is easy to read and understand compared to the small typed letters in the user guide, making it convenient for everyone.

Furthermore, colored photography will grab the user’s attention, reducing the rate at which people ignore the user guide after buying their microwave oven.


As you continue using your Viking microwave oven, you will be able to understand that it’s normal for your oven to malfunction sometimes. Therefore, do not allow it to deter you from using it. Instead, take your time and understand how to fix these problems to enhance your oven’s efficiency easily.

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