10 Common Galanz Microwave Problems Solutions

Galanz Microwave Not Working!

My best friend Anita was so obsessed with the Galanz microwave. She cooked almost everything in the microwave. I don’t know how but she convinced me about how convenient it is to use the microwave.

So, I decided to try it out.

When I first bought my Galanz microwave, it was not working. I failed to understand what I did wrong. After all, I followed the Galanz microwave user manual in detail. In addition, I bought it at the same place Anita bought hers.

I then decided to call the customer, and here is what they advised me to do:

Why Is Your Galanz Microwave Not Working?

  • You forgot to press the “start”  button: This is the most important thing you need to do after you put your food in the microwave because the microwave has no feature that enables it to turn itself on.
  • Check if the microwave is getting power: Vividly connect the microwave to the socket and ensure that power is transmitted to the microwave oven. Also, ensure that there is no blackout, as this could be the case.
  • The microwave door may not be entirely shut: Ensure that you have completely shut the microwave door after placing food in it. Do not slam the door but rather close the door.

I managed to sort out my issue, which got me smiling again. In addition, the customer care service I received was top-notch, and I would not mind convincing more than ten people in a day to buy a Galanz microwave.

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Galanz Microwave Buttons Not Working!

For the past few months, after I contacted Galanz microwave customer care, my microwave oven has been working fine.

Until one Friday morning when I was preparing burgers for breakfast for my kids. After placing the burgers in the oven, I noticed the buttons were not working.

I went to my bedroom to look where I had placed the Galanz microwave user guide.

It took me a short time since I had placed it in the chest of drawers where I usually keep my personal belongings.

I went through the Galanz microwave user manual repeatedly to comprehend what I was missing.

Here’s what I found out:

  • Faulty control panel: This is one of the most frequent causes of your microwave oven buttons not working. One thing about control panels is that they are very hard to repair. Therefore when some of the buttons on your oven are working, luck is on your side, my friend.
  • The touchpad might be malfunctioning: The touchpad has various mini switches that transmit a signal to the control board when pressed. However, sometimes the switch can become faulty, stopping your Galanz microwave oven buttons from functioning.

I realized that it is very important to keep your Galanz microwave instruction manual intact, as you may not know when you might need it.

Galanz Microwave Start Button Not Working!

After one week, my ally Anita also started experiencing the same problem. But in her case, it was the start button not working.

I could tell from the look on her face how disappointed she was. She cooked every food in the microwave, from burgers to egg-fried rice to macaroni and cheese. The list is just endless.

You could tell from how she handled her microwave how much she loved her Galanz microwave oven, and the thought of her replacing her microwave broke her heart.

I immediately advised Anita to check in the Galanz microwave user guide that came along with the oven when she bought it.

When she read through the user guide, she discovered that it might be because the safety switch on the door latch was not operating. If the door is not shut properly, it’s dangerous to allow it to start.

What a relief Anita felt. She was sweating from all the stress she had about her Galanz microwave.

There was no way Anita could afford to buy another microwave with the current economic crisis in the country. She could not do it.

Galanz Microwave Not Spinning!

The primary function of the spinning plate on the microwave is to distribute heat evenly and absorb any excess energy emitted.

So when your Galanz microwave is not spinning, your food will cook unequally.

Here are some of the reasons why your Galanz microwave may not be spinning:

  • Food particles may obstruct the track: Ensure you clean your microwave correctly.
  • An issue with the roller guide: Take out the glass tray and scrutinize for cracks so that when they are busted, you can replace them.
  • Tray coupler damage: Take out your microwave plate and check if the tray coupler is dirty and clean it. If this does not solve your problem, you must install a new tray coupler that fits well in your microwave plate.
  • Ruptured turntable motor: If your turntable is broken, it will slow down the microwave spinning making it unreliable. As a result, you will need to replace your turntable motor as soon as possible.

Knowing the cause of the problem gives you ample time to find the necessary solutions.

Galanz Microwave Stopped Working!

There’s nothing I fear more than my microwave suddenly stopping working. I would rather encounter endless problems with my microwave than it not working.

When your microwave oven suddenly stops working, this means that you will have to replace your microwave.

I know you may think that replacing some of the microwave parts might be helpful but in a real sense buying a new microwave is the real deal.

Your microwave might stop working due to the following reasons:

  • Blown main fuse: The fuse will blow due to a faulty door switch or power flux. Knowing what causes the main fuse to blow is important to prevent the same case scenario soon.
  • Other fuses: In addition to the main fuse, the Galanz microwave is made of other fuses such as thermal fuses and thermal protectors. The main function of these fuses is to shut down the power supply to the microwave if it overheats. Unlike the main fuse, these fuses will have to be restored if blown.
  • Faulty door switch: The microwave only operates when the door is completely shut. So, if a door switch is faulty, the microwave will not work.

Like other microwave brands, the Galanz microwave sometimes works for the reasons mentioned above. Do not rush to replace your microwave oven; instead, take your time to identify the root of the problem.

Galanz Microwave Not Heating!

Nothing is as humiliating as having a guest starving because your microwave is not heating your food.

So embarrassing, right? Yet you are curious as to what the problem could be.

Well, if your Galanz microwave is not heating your food, it could be that the magnetron device has failed.

If your Galanz microwave is not heating your food, it could be that the magneton appliance has failed.

The magnetron is responsible for generating microwave energy.

Unfortunately, once the magnetron is damaged, you can not mend it but replace it.

Other issues that could cause your microwave not to heat food include:

  • Burned out diode
  • Defective door switch
  • Defective high voltage capacitor
  • Failed high-voltage transformer
  • Blown thermometer fuse cavity.

When faced with such an incident, the best thing you can do is buy a new microwave.

Galanz Microwave Not Turning On!

Is your Galanz microwave not turning on? Here are some steps that might help you fix your microwave oven when it’s not turning on.

  1. Carefully plug in the microwave since it is possible for the cork to get nudged.
  2. Press the start button-The microwave can not turn itself on unless you press the start button.
  3. What if the start button still does not work even after pressing it? You can try to clear and reboot the display by pressing the stop switch.
  4. Check if the door switch is functioning properly because a faulty door switch will hinder the microwave oven from functioning properly.

If you are still unsure about what is preventing your microwave from turning on, you can take it to the nearest microwave repair shop for the experts to look at your oven.

Galanz Microwave Not Heating Food But Runs!

Galanz microwave is a stunning kitchen appliance that saves the users time and energy; therefore, having a problem with your device, such as your microwave oven can sometimes be hectic.

Below I have enlisted the common causes and their solution for why your Galanz microwave is not heating food but runs.

  1. Burnt diode: Even if your diode has burnt out, it may still have the energy to run but not the energy to heat.
  2. Magnetron: If your magnetron has exited, it will not be able to produce heat, meaning that the condensation stays charged for long periods, which is very murderous.
  3. Door switch: Microwaves have various door switches. If one door switch goes faulty, the microwave may run, but it may stop the heat from kicking in.

Identifying what causes your microwave oven not to heat but run saves you from unnecessary stress and expenses.

Galanz Microwave Timer Not Working!

The previous Saturday, I decided to bake a chocolate cake for my husband as he celebrated his 40th birthday.

I know how much my husband loves chocolate cakes, so I wanted to surprise him after getting home from work.

When I placed the cake in the microwave to heat and set the time it needed to bake, it dawned on me that my microwave timer was not working.

I freaked out and tried doing everything that came to my mind, from checking the power cords.

I figured that I had set kitchen time instead of cooking time.

Oh my! what a relief it was.

Galanz Microwave Making Loud Noise!

When your Galanz microwave makes a loud noise or starts to beep, this is a signal that your food is ready.

Noise from the microwave can sometimes be so annoying. Sometimes I wish I knew my Galanz microwave had these loud noises; I would not have bought it.

Worse is having a kid with autism in the house. The noise from the microwave drives him crazy.

Autistic spectrum disorder is a developmental disorder that affects verbal and non-verbal communication and socialization. One thing about autistic people that are not known to many is that they are susceptible to their environments.

Some are sensitive to light or taste and smell(sensory stimuli). However, when it comes to my lastborn son John, is hypersensitive to noise. He generally hates the beeping sound of microwaves.

Whenever he hears the beeping of my Galanz microwave, he prefers to go and stand on the other side of the kitchen rather than go near the microwave.

Loud noise triggers John’s concentration ability, making him a slow learner, while in silence, he is a swift learner.

As an autistic mum, I think the Chinese manufacturers of the Galanz microwave oven should make it so that it can send notifications whenever your food is ready instead of making a loud noise. This way, it makes the environment friendly for everyone.

One of the best things I love most about my Galanz microwave is that it is fast and easy to heat packaged food or reheat leftovers. Accidents and pain are inevitable in the same way microwave appliances are prone to damage.

When you are experiencing problems with your microwave oven, do not be in a rush to buy a new appliance. Instead, take your time and understand what the problem could be to avoid the same mistakes in the future.

6 thoughts on “10 Common Galanz Microwave Problems Solutions”

  1. JOHN

    Ours has never worked and still waiting to hear from customer service.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Don’t tension, the Galanz microwave support team will take necessary steps and solve your issues as your microwave warranty is still has.

  2. darlene mallory

    My microwave stopped cooking food. It’s still comes on and makes a loud noise but doesn’t heat the food

    1. If your Galanz microwave turns on and makes noise but doesn’t heat the food can have several potential causes. Here are some common issues and their possible solutions:

      1. Magnetron Failure:
      The magnetron is the component that generates microwave radiation to cook food. If the magnetron in your Galanz microwave is malfunctioning, then your Galanz microwave won’t heat food. Repairing or replacing a magnetron can be complex and expensive, so it will be more cost-effective for you to replace your microwave with a new one.

      2. High Voltage Diode:
      The high-voltage diode in the microwave can sometimes fail. If this happens, it can prevent the microwave from producing heat. Only replacing the diode can solve the problem.

      3. Faulty Capacitor:
      Capacitors store electrical energy for the microwave. If the capacitor is defective, it can disrupt the microwave’s heating ability. Check your Galanz microwave capacitor and ensure it is working well. If it is malfunctioning, then replace it to fix your issues.

      4. Door Interlock Switch:
      Galanz microwave ovens have multiple interlock switches to ensure the door is closed properly before it starts. If any of these switches are faulty or misaligned, the microwave may not start heating. Check the door and its latch to ensure they are properly aligned and functioning. If not, you may need to replace the switches.

      5. Burnt-out Fuse:
      Your Galanz microwaves have fuses that can blow if there’s a power surge or other electrical issues. If the fuse is blown, your Galanz microwave won’t heat. Check the fuse and replace it if necessary. Take a technician’s help if needed.

      6. Control Board Issues:
      If the control board of your Galazn microwave oven has a problem, it might not send the correct signals to the magnetron to produce heat to cook your food. Take your Galanz microwave oven to a kitchen appliances shop or contact Galanz customer service for assistance.

      7. Overheating:
      If your Galanz microwave overheats due to excessive use or continuous use, then its safety features may shut down the magnetron to prevent damage or any unexpected accident. Allow your Galanz microwave oven to cool down for some time (15-20 minutes) and then try using it again. Plus, ensure there is proper ventilation around your microwave to prevent overheating.

      8. Food Debris:
      Sometimes, food debris or grease can accumulate inside your Galanz microwave oven and cause issues. Carefully clean the interior of your microwave, including the walls, ceiling, and turntable. If needed, read your Galanz microwave user manual to clean your Galanz microwave parts properly.

      9. Age and Wear:
      If your Galanz microwave oven is very old and has seen a lot of use, it may simply be at the end of its lifespan. In such cases, it might be more economical to replace your old Galanz microwave oven with a new model Galanz microwave oven.

      Before attempting any repairs, it’s important to consider your Galanz microwave oven’s warranty. If it’s still under warranty, contact the Galanz customer service team or the shop where you have purchased it for assistance.
      If you are not comfortable troubleshooting or repairing your Galanz microwave oven yourself, it will be better for you to consult a professional appliance repair technician to diagnose and fix the problem safely. Keep in mind, that microwave repairs can involve high-voltage components, so safety precautions are crucial.

      Some Special causes of your Galanz microwave making loud noise:
      • Stirrer Blade Issues
      • Damaged Turntable
      • Loose Items Inside
      • Faulty Microwave Turntable Motor
      • Damaged Microwave Components
      • Vibrations and Loose Panels
      • Fan Issues
      • Transformer Humming
      Check these issues to fix your Galanz microwave noise.

  3. thxs for your advise

    have atm a delongi galantz micro wave in bit
    working light on turntable ok switches on no heat
    thus far chk thn changed the diode try to change main relay on borad as it seems loose maybe have contacts failure
    however needs another board due to printed circuit brokrn my fault so gonna replace see what happens
    thxs for your help

  4. Donna Evans

    My Galanz makes a popping sound when I microwave something. It’s brand new.

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