Blackstone Air Fryer Not Working! 7 Blackstone Air Problems Solutions

blackstone air fryer not working

Blackstone Air Fryer Not Working!

There is nothing more depressing than when your favorite cooking device stops working. And it’s frustrating when you don’t find any solid solution to those problems in the Blackstone air fryer manual. Here we have included all possible problems and solutions. Hope it helps you to deal with the issue.

Why Is Your Blackstone Air Fryer Not Working?

Power source connection:

It’s a simple yet common mistake made by people. Simply forgetting to plug your Blackstone air fryer can lead to having a “not working” problem. So, check if

  • It is plugged correctly into the power source.
  • The power source is working properly.
  • Turned on the power outlet.
  • Have proper electricity flow.

As the Blackstone air fryer combos are big, it requires much space. And as Blackstone has a griddle and air fryer combo, it is ideal to use outside the house. So, it is easy to forget the above points.

Ignition faults:

The ignition button of the Blackstone air fryer is a somewhat unique feature. The ignition can also be a problem causing a non-working air fryer. Check out the following problems (with solutions), and it should fix the problem.

  • Battery problem: The ignition needs a battery to work. It needs a double A battery in the battery socket, which is not included with the air fryer (you must buy one). Having a dead battery or no battery will lead to a not working air fryer. So, replace it with a new one. To replace or insert the double A battery,
  • Unscrew the ignition button.
  • Place or replace one double A battery in the battery socket.
  • Remember to place the battery with the positive side facing out and the negative side first into the battery slot.
  • Then tighten the ignition button. But don’t over-tighten it.
  • Damaged system: Non-working Blackstone air fry is probably because of the damaged ignition system. In that case, contact customer service for replacement parts. You can ask an expert but contacting customer service is much better.

Other faults: Another kind of fault would lead to this issue also. Such as,

  1. Damaged cable: The air fryer cable can be damaged due to rough or prolonged usage. But it is easily a replaceable element of the Blackstone air fryer.
  2. Fuse problem: Blackstone air fryer has an internal thermal fuse. Due to several reasons, a blown thermal fuse can occur. It mainly happens when an electrical device (or the air fryer) takes too much power from the circuit.
  3. Voltage problem: All electronics need a certain amount of voltage. If not met, the device won’t work. Sometimes it may turn on but won’t work correctly.

Blackstone Air Fryer Not Heating!

If your air fryer is not heating up, then it might be the problems mentioned below (with solutions for it)

Issue with Power:

There are many reasons your air fryer is not getting power or enough power. Due to this, the Blackstone air fryer’s fan doesn’t work. Some possible reasons are given below:

  1. Blown fuse: Easiest solution is a replacement. Blackstone air fryer fuse is available in the electronics spare parts shop, or call Blackstone customer support for these parts.
  2. Damaged cable: It’s the same way of fixing a blown fuse. You have to replace the cable.
  3. Not working socket: Check if the socket is working. If not, check with other sockets of your house or extension cord.
  4. Not plugged in or switched on: It is a common and straightforward mistake but easy to solve.

Issue with ignitor:

Blackstone provides a griddle and air fryer combo, which uses an ignitor to run the air fryer (the griddle too). So, it makes a unique air fryer in the market. The ignitor needs a battery in it to work. If the ignitor doesn’t work, it won’t heat up. Make sure you renew the battery and that the ignitor is working correctly.

How to check if it’s working? After setting your knob to the desired temperature, hit the ignitor. From the sides, you can see if it’s lit or not.

In the other scenario, not heating up after pressing the ignitor might be caused by no fuel. Check if your fuel tank is empty or not. Suppose you have attached a new fuel tank and if you still have the issue, check if the tank is attached correctly to the pipe.

Issue with Fans:
The Blackstone air fryer needs fans to direct the heat for the cooking process. If it doesn’t work, the heat won’t be appropriately directed, which results in “not heating up evenly”.
So, make sure you:

  1. Plugged your corded-in working socket.
  2. Hit the switch above the temperature knob.

If it doesn’t work, the fans might malfunction or be too old. Call Blackstone support for new fans or seek any expert help to replace the fan or fix it.

N.B.: Point to note that replacing dead Blackstone air fryer replacement parts has the advantage of saving you an overall amount of money and time because you don’t have to buy a new one for the issue. But if it requires more replacement than expected, it may be caused by faulty electric wiring of the device. It could cause accidents like a short circuit. A tech expert can help you fix this issue without much effort.

Issue with Temperature Setting:

Sometimes we forget to set the temperature and ignite the Blackstone air fryer, which can be the cause of no heating up. So, set the knob to your desired temperature range and ignite the air fryer. Switching the fan will do the rest of the job.

If the issue is still unresolved, you have a faulty temperature knob. It makes it hard to know which temperature is selected, and sometimes there might be no particular temperature. In this case, the knob is worn out due to usage or faulty. You can call Blackstone support for new sphere knobs in their store or seek an expert to fix this issue.

Issue with Usability:

From time to time, over rough usage, your Blackstone air fryer may become outdated. It falls apart eventually.

It might look new even after 5 or 7 years if you take good care. But the internal might be dead. The buttons, knobs, wiring, cables, fans, etc., may fall apart. Eventually, it won’t heat up properly or even heat up properly. The only solution to this problem is to buy a new one. To dispose of the dead device, check the instruction manual to do it correctly.

Blackstone Air Fryer Fan Not Working!

Despite how unique the Blackstone air fryer works, it is simple. Turn the knob, hit the ignitor, and switch on the fans while you have food for frying in the drawer. If you face that your air fryer fan is not working, check below for possible causes and solutions.

  1. Check if you plugged in a working socket or not. Make sure it gets electricity with enough voltage.
  2. Remember to flip the switch. Even if the fans don’t work, there is a chance that the switch is malfunctioning. If that’s the case, call Blackstone support or go to an expert to change or fix the switch.
  3. There is another possibility if the flipping switch doesn’t turn the fans on, which is a faulty motor. Other faulty or malfunctioning motor signs area noisy fan or ineffective heat circulation. It happens due to dry or worn-out bearings or just dead unusable motors. A simple replacement for the motor will fix the problem. Seek experts to help to solve the problem.

Blackstone Air Fryer Getting Hot!

Blackstone air fryer is a combo cooking device attached below or beside (depending on which type of griddle and air fryer combo you have) Griddles. When using both at the same time might get pretty hot than expected.

The Blackstone air fryer has three categories of heat range to select from, which are

  1. Low heat (between 300F to 375F)
  2. Medium heat (between 375F to 425F)
  3. High heat (between 425F to 475F)

So basically, the average temperature your air fryer should stay is between 300F to 475F. Or it may be more or less. And it usually takes 5 to 25 minutes to cook. As it is a combo device attached to the griddle, it is hard to accurately say how much hot it would get.

But if you don’t get your desired temperature (Meaning getting more heat or less heat), there may be an issue with the knob. Due to a malfunctioning knob, you won’t get the temperature you need. If that’s the case, call Blackstone support for a sphere knob or get help from an expert.

Another reason for having relatively hotter air fryers is a malfunctioning regulator. You can try and reset the regulator to fix the problem. To reset the regulator:

  1. Please turn off the fan switch, and unplug it from electricity.
  2. Turn every knob on your Blackstone griddle & air fryer combo to zero.
  3. Turn off the valve of your fuel tank.
  4. After that, safely remove the regulator.
  5. Then reattach the regulator after 30 seconds.
  6. Turn on the valve very slowly of your fuel tank. (If you don’t do it slowly, you will have to repeat the process. Because going too fast might trigger the regulator)
  7. Then turn on your griddle and air fryer knob to check if it’s doing fine.

After resetting your regulator, your burner will work appropriately with all-over flame control. If this doesn’t work, repeat the process. If it still doesn’t work, call Blackstone support or get help from an expert.

Blackstone Air Fryer Not Turning On!

There are many reasons for the Blackstone air fryer not turning on. But the possible problems and solutions are already mentioned in the “Blackstone air fryer not working”section.

Try all the solutions described in that part of this blog. It should be enough to fix the issue. If not, there is no other choice but to seek an expert’s help or call Blackstone support.

How To Turn On Blackstone Air Fryer?

Here are some Blackstone air fryer tips for you. Turning on the Blackstone air fryer is simple in an orderly way. There are three basic things you have to do to turn the air fryer on. Before turning on the air fryer, make sure:

  • The air fryer is plugged into a working socket with a proper flow of electricity.
  • The fuel tank is not empty.
  • The regulator is appropriately attached.
  • The ignitor doesn’t have a dead battery.

After making sure of their things, you can proceed to the next step. There is no argument that the ignitor button plays an essential role in the Blackstone air fryer. There are ways for the igniter button to work properly. Read and follow the following steps to do so.

  1. Please make sure the battery is correctly installed.
  2. See if the air fryer temperature knob is in the off position. If not, turn it off.
  3. Check if the fans are working correctly. Then turn the fans off before you light the air fryer burners.
  4. Take 20 seconds to turn the valve halfway and turn the gas on the L.P. cylinder.
  5. You must push and turn the air fryer temperature knob to the max to ignite.
  6. Then push and hold the ignition button till you have seen the burner lights of the air fryer.
  7. Check if the air fryer burner is on by looking into the burner chamber from the right side.
  8. After everything is done properly, flip the fan switch on, and you are ready to go.

It is the proper way to use the Blackstone air fryer. After successfully turning on the air fryer by proper ignition step, the air fryer temperature knob to the desired temperature.

Blackstone Air Fryer Making Loud Noise!

Typically air fryers make noises, and it is normal. They are the noises of the fans in them. Some expensive ones try to make the fan noises less audible. But other air fryers can be pretty noisy as it uses relatively powerful motor and fans to circulate the air to the food drawer. So, fortunately, the noise is normal.

But the Blackstone air fryer is making too much noise, and the noise doesn’t sound like a fan spinning; then, there might be a motor issue. A faulty or old motor in the Blackstone air fryer may make a loud noise. Simple replacement of the motors will solve the problem.

Buy a new one by calling Blackstone support or another third-party store. You can replace it yourself, but it is best to manage an expert to do it for you.

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