Tower Air Fryer Stopped Working! 7 Problems Solutions


Tower Air Fryer Stopped Working!

Air fryers are modern-day household appliance which helps to keep you healthy. It takes little to no oil to cook the food and allows you to maintain a healthy lifestyle without giving up your favorite food. Machines such as the Tower air fryer are one of the best in the market for these types of cooking. However, what if your Tower air fryer stopped working? 

Well, it is an electrical device, and anything can happen anytime. So, we should not provide you with a piece of in-depth information on why your Tower air fryer is not working and how you can resolve it. 

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  1. The power cord

The power cord is the first thing to check when your tower air fryer stops working. It is one of those parts we neglect most of the time, and in most cases, it is the culprit. Check for any damaged area or exposed wires on the power cord. 

The best option to fix the power cord of your tower air fryer is to replace it or get a professional to replace the line.

2. Power outlet or socket

The Tower air fryers, like all air fryers, require electricity to run and the power socket in your kitchen is the source. Sometimes, the socket malfunctions due to electrical issues, and the appliance cannot get the voltage to run. 

We recommend checking the voltage of the power socket and if there is any damage to the socket. A damaged socket can easily be replaced; however, if the voltage is the issue, then call a professional to check the power grid of your house. 

3. The basket is not in place.

If the basket of the air fryer we use to put the food in the machine is not in place properly, then the air fryer will not start cooking. It is a sensor that detects if the basket is in place; if not, it realizes that the cooking process is done or you have not started it yet. 

Take the basket out and place it back in; then, try again to start the cooking process. It should work now. 

4. Internal issues

Due to any reason, the circuit board can malfunction, and the device will stop working in that situation. If you are not getting any response from any of the above solutions, then the circuit board is probably the culprit. 

You have two options, and in that case, number one is to take it in for repairs which is the easiest option. Another option is that you repair it yourself. Take it apart, expose the air fryer’s guts, and check for any burnt line on the circuit board. If there is any, put another copper layer, and you should be good to go. 

Tower Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working!

The touch screen of an air fryer is what allows the user to operate the appliance. However, it is a compassionate part and can show some issues. Now, if you are a Tower air fryer user and your Tower air fryer touch screen not working, check the reasons below and how you can resolve it.

  1. Dirty screen

It is one of the minor issues which can cause the screen not to work. Using the device for a long time can build up dirt and gunk from your hands and being in the kitchen. That disrupts the connection between your finger and the screen.  

You can take a damp cloth, wipe the screen clean, and then wipe it again with a dry cloth to remove any excess water. 

2. Faulty wiring

The touch screen is connected to the circuit board with many tiny wires. Those wires relay the information to the motherboard you provide and perform according to that. However, if the cables are disrupted due to dirt or loosening up, then the screen will not work. 

The best option, in this case, is to get help from a professional for rewiring the screen. Moreover, if dirt or gunk on the wire is the issue, clean it up, and you are perfectly okay to operate the touch screen.

3. Corrupted memory

When the air fryer’s memory corrupts, the touch screen will malfunction and stop working. In that scenario, you have only one option: reset the device. It is a simple process. 

You should press and hold the reset button on your air fryer for 3 to 5 seconds or until you see the screen blip and start over. That will reset the appliance.

Tower Air Fryer Timer Not Working!

If your Tower air fryer timer not working, then there is only one reason behind it. That is a corrupted memory. Due to a deteriorated memory function, the timer or the temp control stops responding. So, can I solve it? Well, here is how –

  • First, locate the reset button on your Tower air fryer; it should be by either side of the device.
  • After that, press and hold it for 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Wait till the screen blips and starts over. 
  • The air fryer is set to its default settings, and you can efficiently operate the timer control. 

Tower Air Fryer Light Not Working!

The light on your Tower air fryer indicates a lot of things. Firstly, it suggests the device is on and ready for cooking, then it also shows sudden shut-off, triggering the safety features, and so on. Now, if your Tower air fryer light not working, then here is how to fix it –

  1. The fuse is blown of the power cord. 

If the power cord’s fuse is blown, the only option is to replace it as soon as possible or buy a new tower air fryer. 

2. Faulty power cord

Check the power cord for any damaged or exposed areas. That will indicate the power cord is the issue, and replacing it will resolve it. 

3. Internal issues

One way to know it is an internal issue to open up the device and see all the parts are working correctly. If not, contact the manufacturers if the device is under warranty or take it in for repairs.

Tower Air Fryer Light On And Off!

The Tower air fryer light on and off is not a common issue we come across daily; however, if your device is doing that, it is a major internal problem that needs your attention.

However, what we found from our research is that the appliance’s light is switching on and off, then there could be several reasons such as –

  1. Heating element

The device’s heating element are switching off while cooking can cause the light to turn on and off. It happens when the appliance tries to maintain the set temperature inside the air fryer. 

However, the only option is to contact the manufacturers to replace the air fryer. 

2. Faulty device

Another reason could be that your unit is faulty. One way to detect this is to try to operate the timer while cooking. If that still happens, that unit that you have in your passion is faulty, and replacing or getting a new one is the best option that you have available. 

Tower Air Fryer Not Getting Hot!

Is your Tower air fryer not getting hot? Then you are in the right place as we know exactly what is causing the problem and how you can solve it. Here is how –

  1. The heating element 

The heating element is responsible for providing hot air and cooking food. If the part is damaged, or faulty, or the wiring is off, the air fryer will not get hot. So what can you do?

One option is to take it in for repairs which can cost a lot depending on the brand. Another option is to open up the guts of the air fryer, putting another copper layer on the burnt connection leading to the heating element. However, if the part is broken, you will need to replace it. 

2. The Thermocouple 

It is the part that detects the heat inside your tower air fryer and stops the cooking process when it reaches the desired temp. If that stops working, the device will not detect heat; you guessed it, it will not heat up to cook the food. 

But the issue is that if the thermocouple is broken, you will have to replace it to continue using the air fryer

3. Thermal fuse

The thermal fuse is fragile and can blow out due to excessive heat inside the air fryer. You can check whether the fuse is burnt or not by accessing the guts of the air fryer. If it is blown out, remove it and add a new one. 

Tower Air Fryer Making Loud Noise!

Loud noises from your kitchen appliances are not a good sign, especially if it is an air fryer. If your Tower air fryer making loud noise, Then check out the below reasons, and if any of those check your box, we have a solution for that as well. 

  1. Broken part

Parts inside the air fryer can break at any time, and what makes the noise is the broken part rambling inside the air fryer. Sometimes, that broken part comes in contact with the fan and makes a loud sound. 

In that situation, you can open the device using a screwdriver and check for any broken parts. If there is any, then repair it, and it should be good to go. 

2. The fan is broken

If the fan is broken, it will rattle while spinning and make a very loud noise. Now, resolve that; you should open the device and check the fan. If it is indeed broken, then take it in for repairs. 

3. Debris

Loose debris can be another reason you hear a loud noise from your air fryer. What happens here is that debris can build up from crumbs of food or other small components after using the air fryer. 

We recommend cleaning the inside of the machine thoroughly, which should resolve the loud sound issue. 

8 thoughts on “Tower Air Fryer Stopped Working! 7 Problems Solutions”

  1. Michael Oates

    Our tower air fryer 4 litre T17067 just stopped working. It was a Christmas last year so I don’t have a recipe it was bought from Argos can you help. Have checked the fuse & the switch on the basket both ok?? Regards Michael

    1. Thanks for your comment. I think it would be better for you to take your fryer to a local kitchen appliance repair store or expert.

  2. Frederick

    I’ve had my Tower Air Frier since October and used it carefully cleaning it after every use etc. ….While I was making Chips, it suddenly, shorted and flamed at the base of where the handle contacts the base. It was frightening and the smell of burning was obvious and now needs fixing only after this short time of use which is very disappointing!

    1. It will be better to contact the retailer or manufacturer for replacing the air fryer if the air fryer is still under warranty. Or take your air fryer to the nearest kitchen appliance repair shop to fix the problem.

    2. carey

      Bought small Tower 717 yesterday working but bell does not ring,,?

      1. Very sad as your Tower 717 is working but its bell does not ring. As your Tower 717 is brand new, will be better for you to contact the shop where you bought it or contact Tower customer service for assistance. They will fix the issues or replace your Tower 717 with a new one.

  3. steve smith

    hi i have a tower 9ltr vortx duel basket airfryer after i have pre heated the fryer i set no 1 for chips then set no2 for pies at the right temperature and start the cooking after about 10 minuites both draws stop working fans turn off the fryer is 1 month old but have been unable to cook anything yet help thanks steve smith

    1. As you air fyer is still under warranty, better to contact the Customer service or the shop from where you have purchased the air fryer. Probably hey will replace the air fryer with a new one.

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