4 Common Tower Air Fryer Problems Solution!


Are you looking for the most effective and quickest solution for your Tower Air Fryer’s problem? Yes, you are in the right zone now. As you are a user of Tower air fryer, you may face several problems sometimes. 

These problems are falling you into difficult situations that you are not expecting right now. Don’t be upset anymore. In this article, you will get the most effective solutions. So, read the following article carefully and get your solutions. So, let’s dive into the article.

Tower Air Fryer Not Working!

Tower air fryer means an auto cook functional machine. It helps User’s to cook fries, steak, drumsticks, fish, shrimp, roast chicken, and dried fruits at the push of a button in a short time.

It saves the user’s time and energy. It makes the user’s life so easy and flexible.

Though it has many good sides, it causes some problems sometimes. As an electric device, sometimes it does not work. There are some reasons why it causes problems. We have enlisted some amazing solutions for you to cover your problem.

  1. Your Basket Is Set Inappropriately:

As a user of Tower Air fryer, you have the first and foremost duty. The duty is to look at your basket, whether it is set properly or not.

You will be surprised to know that there is a big chance for it to happen. If it is not set properly, it will not work perfectly, and you will face great problems.


 Check carefully that you have positioned your Air Fryer before operating it.

02. A Damaged Outlet:

In spite of setting your basket properly, your tower Air fryer still is not working! Now it is high time to follow the other most effective step, and that is to check your tower air fryer’s outlet whether it is damaged or functional.

A faulty wall outlet causes many problems. It does not cause not only disables but also trips your breakers and even causes dreadful short circuits. That is why you should be more careful about using it.

Solution: Let it cool down by unplugging the Tower air fryer.

03. Faulty Power Cord: 

You have already checked the previous two steps perfectly, and you did not get any fault. Now you are thinking, what can you do?

Here you will get a surprising solution. Look at the power cord very carefully because you are suffering due to a faulty Power cord.

It is the essential element that may hinder the operation of your air fryer properly. However, you think that the power cord supplies power easily. In fact, it is not like that. You should not take it as the slightest issue.

It creates several kinds of problems, ranging from a non-functional air fryer to short circuits and breakers tripping continuously.

If you suspect this is happening with your appliance, then don’t try to operate your kitchen appliance until you fix it. 

Otherwise, it may cause devastating damage. This is why you need to be more conscious about the power cord.

Solution: You had better try a different Power Cord.

04. Damaged Heating Equipment:

Is Your Tower Air Fryer not working still? Though there was no problem with the above mention reason.

The heating element can be mainly responsible for this issue now. It is one of the toughest issues to diagnose. Because the symptoms of this fault can vary greatly, ranging from no heat generation to overheating.


 Need to expose your appliance’s gut and locate your heating elements. You can find a replacement from your manufacturer.

05. A Blown Thermal Fuse:

Surely, you have already checked the above mention issues for solving the Tower Air Fryer problem.

Now you have confidence that there was no fault in the above mention issues but in frustration, why is my appliance not working?

There may be something wrong inside the appliance, and this is the Thermal Fuse. It plays an important role in sensing when it is overheating and blowing to prevent this from damaging your unit.

One thing you should know is that whenever it blows, it requires replacement.


Follow carefully the following steps to overcome your Tower Air Fryer issue.

  1. Let your appliance cool down by unplugging it.
  2. Depending on your model, you need to look for the screws at   the bottom or top.
  3. Undo them with the help of your screwdriver.
  4. Exclude the Plastic aid and expose the Tower Air Fryer’s gut
  5. Get easy access to the component by identifying the Thermal Fuse.

          06. Circuit Board Is Fried: 

Now you are in the last and final stage of fixing your issue. When you checked the previous 5 steps intensely, you did not get any trouble. Still, your machine is not working fine.

Now you must get your solution because this issue is linked with the circuit board’s problem, and why not?

Being one of the most important elements, Circuit Board plays a significant role in receiving input from its counterparts and controlling the way it operates.

Your Circuit Board is not only extremely delicate but also highly vulnerable to damage from power spikes caused by blackouts.


Check your warranty card.

In most cases, the majority of manufacturers take care of the repair free of cost when the tower air fryer is not working.

Besides that, It might be a good idea to get a new tower air fryer.

Why Is My Tower Air Fryer Not Heating Up?

Is your tower air fryer not heating up? Don’t worry. Here you will get some amazing solutions to fix your problem. So, don’t be late anymore.

Let’s get started and solve your problem quickly:

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  1. Faulty Power Cord:

This is considered one of the vital reasons for the heating issue. However, the power cable can be damaged by simple wear and tear.

Solution: Double-check your power cord carefully.

2. Set Manual Temperature:

Most of the users forget to set the temperature, or they don’t know according to their needs. They use it as a pre-designed setting. This is why your tower air fryer is not heating up according to your demand.

Solution: Set the temperature manually.

3. Set The Cooking Time:

It can happen simply. If you forget to set the cooking time, you have to face a problem. In fact, your appliance is not heating up due to this vital issue.


Set the cooking time perfectly.

4. Open Air Fryer’s Door:

This is another important factor for not heating up your kitchen appliance. If you put too much food in Your basket or pot, your appliance can not be closed perfectly. In this case, the tower air fryer will not start to heat up.

Solution: Never put too much food.

5. Heating Equipment:

In this stage, you are confident that all the above mention issues are not responsible for your problem. Now you can be sure that the heating element is not getting a power supply. This can be the main reason for not heating up your appliance.


Contact with Technician or go to the brand store.

Tower Air Fryer Is Not Turning On!

There are many reasons why your Tower air fryer is not Turning on. We have enlisted some most effective methods in this article to fix and to get your problem.

Read the following article carefully, which will cover your problem very swiftly.

So, Let’s dive into the article:

  1. The Activation Switch Is Broken:

It is your first and foremost duty to look at your appliance’s internal components. Whether it is functional or broken, basically, it is located at the front of your tower air fryer. 

It is known as a dial knob though it has few variations.

If your appliance is not turning on, then it is mainly responsible for this issue.

Don’t be upset because it has a fantastic solution.


Unplug your tower air fryer and let it cool down.

2. The Basket Is Not Set Properly:

This is a common fault, and it could be one of the main reasons why your Tower air fryer is not turning on. If your basket is not properly placed, it will not turn on. So, as a user of it, you should be more conscious about using it.

Solution: Place the basket properly.

3. Not Plugged Perfectly:

When you checked the above-mentioned two issues to fix your problem, you could not get errors in those two issues. Now it is high time for you to check your air fryer whether it is plugged in properly or not. Though it is a silly matter, it may happen sometimes.


Unplug and reinsert the plug again and switch it on.

4. Check The Cable’s Fuse:

This is also playing another important key factor in not turning on your tower air fryer. Check the cable’s fuse. If you notice that the fuse has blown, it does not matter, and you should not take it seriously. If your cable is in pristine condition, it will not work.


Replace it

5. A Bad Outlet:

If your tower air fryer is not starting or not turning on, you may have a fault, and this is a bad wall outlet. It causes various problems, ranging from general malfunction to short circuits and tripped breakers.


Test a different outlet.

6. Faulty Heating Elements:

It is last but not definitely least. It is the main culprit of your problem as you did not get any error in the previously described issue. It helps to transform the electrical energy drawn from your output into heat. It exists in most cooking appliances. Its normal shape is like a spiral.


Contact manufacturers as soon as possible.

Tower Air Fryer Fan Is Not Working!

There are several reasons why your tower air fryer fan is not working.

Don’t be upset. Cheer up!

This article will cover all of your problems and solutions.

So, let’s get started.

  1. Source Identification:

Firstly, what you need is to test the drawer. Pull out the drawer and slide in after you have connected and opened the fryer. Continue this activity several times and look at if you are able to turn on the fan.

If the fan does not turn on after attempting several times, be sure that the problem lies with safety.


Replace the safety switch.

2. Make Sure Your Switch Is Active:

You have already passed the first step, but still, your appliance’s fan is not working! Now it is high time to proceed with the second step. 

Take a butter knife to turn on the switch. Ensure that your tower air fryer is off while you are using the butter knife to avoid electrical problems like short circuits etc.

3. Set A Test On The Machine:

Make sure that the knife is no longer inside the machine. Then turn on your air fryer back. Now it is time to start your appliance’s fan right away.

When you are following these steps carefully, but your fan is not starting. Then there is no problem with the safety switch. There is an electrical issue.


Contact a professional electrician.

4. Consult With A Technician Or Professional:

It is a very simple matter to damage any electrical parts before the expiration date or after the expiration date. If you are unable to diagnose your problem, you have to suffer a lot.

Solution: Contact a professional or service provider.

5. Check Your Warranty:

It is the last option for you, not least. You checked manually above mentioned all ways to solve your problem, but unfortunately, your tower air fryer fan is not turning on!

Check your warranty card to see whether it has validity or is invalid. If it is invalid, all of your attempts will be in vain. This is why you should check it very carefully. If you get an invalid card, it is the prime and main responsibility for your problem.


Contact the manufacturer company.

Bottom Line:

We strongly believe that you have already got your final solution by reading this article. Apart from that, if you are still having problems with your Tower air fryer, feel free to contact us or leave a comment. Thank you for reading this useful article.

4 thoughts on “4 Common Tower Air Fryer Problems Solution!”

  1. jim fegan

    when the powr is switched on, the internal light comes on as do the timer and temperature selectors, (which can be altered) ,but the power on/off button does not illuminate, so you cannot start the frier, can you help please?

    1. Thanks for your comment. My advice is if your air fryer still is in under warranty, then you can contact the manufacturer customer service team. If your air fryer not in under warranty, then you can take your air fryer to the nearest kitchen appliance repair shop to fix your air fryer problem.
      You can visit this link: https://towerairfryer.com/pages/contact
      to contact with the tower air fryer customer support.

      1. gerry

        the basket is so stiff,i have to struggle to get it in..why ??

        1. Possible Reasons & Solutions
          Reason 1:
          There is food or debris stuck in the tracks or on the bottom of the air fryer basket. This can make it harder to slide the air fryer basket in and out of the air fryer.
          Reason 2:
          The air fryer basket may not be aligned properly with the tracks in the air fryer. Ensure that the basket is lined up correctly and that no obstruction prevents it from sliding in smoothly.
          Reason 3:
          Your tower air fryer basket may be warped or damaged, which could cause it to fit poorly in the air fryer. If so, you have to replace the air fryer basket.

          Suppose you are still facing problems with your tower air fryer basket to get it in. In that case, you can read your tower air fryer user manual for troubleshooting tips or you can contact the tower air fryer customer service team for assistance.

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