NuWave Air Fryer Not Turning On! Causes & Solutions


NuWave is a popular brand for air fryer ovens. The brand has many models and different sizes of air fryers in the present market. The air fryers look very nice, work very well, are super durable and are very easy to use. If you are a NuWave air fryer user, you have chosen the perfect brand air fryer for your family. 

NuWave Air Fryer Not Turning On!

Is your NuWave air fryer not turning on? Then you are in the right place. The entire article is dedicated to providing solutions for resolving such issues with your NuWave air fryer. 

Air fryers are one of the most useful inventions in modern kitchen appliances. It not only saves the quality and nutrients of the food but also makes it healthier due to less oil usage. However, having issues with your NuWave air fryer is not worth worrying about, as we have the solution for each situation. 

Why Is Your NuWavw Air Fryer Not Turning On?

Your NuWave air fryer is not turning on for several causes. The most common causes are power issues, the air fryer is not plugged in, damaged power cord, damaged power outlet, motor problems, overheating, and faulty heating element.

Also, your NuWave air fryer is not turning on for faulty power switch, internal wiring issues, defective thermostat, safety features, control panel malfunction, open basket, blown fuse, and manufacturing defects.

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Let’s discuses these causes and solutions in detail:

  1. The fryer is not plugged in.

Check if the air fryer is properly in contact with the power socket, as a loose cable will prevent the device from turning on. It is a very common issue as most of the air fryer is not plugged in the socket or is hanging out. 

2. Faulty socket

Sometimes the power socket is the reason your air fryer is not turning on. Moreover, due to voltage, the appliance will not start. That is why ensure the power socket voltage matches what your NuWave air fryers require to run. 

3. Damaged or broken cable

The power cable of an appliance allows the machine to get energy from the outlet of your house so that it can operate properly. However, it is also part of the device, which we often neglect. A damaged cable will not allow the voltage to flow and reach the air fryer causing it not to run. 

In that case, changing the cable is the only option to reuse the appliance at its full potential. 

4. Out of place basket and unset timer

If the basket we put food into to cook is not in place or locks properly, the appliance’s safety feature will prevent it from starting. So, make sure the basket clicks into place while putting it in the air fryer.

Another reason is the timer. If you do not properly set the timer, the device will not start. Make sure to select the timer before pressing the START button. 

5. Faulty power switch:

If there is a fault in your NuWave air fryer’s power switch, it can be a cause of your NuWave air fryer not turning on. Check the power switch of your NuWave air fryer and ensure it is there is no fault in it or make sure it is not damaged. Replace the faulty power switch immediately to make your NuWave air fryer back to work.

6. Faulty heating element:

Your NuWave air fryer has a heating element, and it heats food recipes. If there is a fault in the heating element, your NuWave air fryer won’t turn on. Check the heating element inside your NuWave air fryer and ensure it is not faulty and working well. Take your NuWave air fryer to a technician to fix the issue.

Learn More: Why An Air Fryer Heating Element Is Not Working & How To Fix?

7. Faulty control panel:

If there is any fault in the control panel of your NuWave air fryer, it may also cause your NuWave not to turn on. Check the control panel and ensure it is working well. Fix or replace the control panel if there is any faulty.

Checking, fixing, or replacing the air fryer control panel can be difficult for you or can be not possible for you. So, it would be better for you to take your air fryer to a qualified technician to check the control panel.

8. Defective thermostat:

If the thermostat inside your NuWave air fryer is faulty, it may not register the correct cooking temperature and prevent your NuWave air fryer from powering on. So, examine the thermostat and ensure it is not faulty.

9. Motor problems:

The motor is an important part of your NuWave air fryer. If there is any faulty in it or it becomes damaged, your NuWave air fryer may be turning on. So, examine your NuWave air fryer motor and ensure it is in good condition. If the motor becomes damaged, replace it as early as possible. You will find the replacement motor for your NuWave air fryer in the market.

10. Overheating/Safety features:

If your NuWave air fryer becomes overheated due to long-time use without any break, the safety features of the air fryer will prevent the air fryer from turning on. In this case, let your NuWave air fryer cool down for a few minutes, and then try to use it again.  

11. Blown fuse:

The fuse is an important part of your NuWave air fryer. It protects the NuWave air fryer from overheating and damage. If it becomes blown, then your NuWave air fryer may malfunction, like not turning on, not heating food, etc.

First, locate your NuWave air fryer fuse location, identify the fuse, and then examine if it is blown. If the fuse becomes blown, then replace it as soon as possible. Generally, the NuWave air fryer fuse is located near where you plug in your air fryer or near where the air fryer connects to a power source.

12. Internal issues:

If your NuWave air fryer oven has any internal issues like internal wiring issues, a broken fan, or a loose connection between the electrical components, your NuWave air fryer won’t turn on. In this case, open your NuWave air fryer and examine if there are any internal issues. Take the necessary steps if there are any internal issues as soon as possible to make your NuWave air fryer back to work.

13. Manufacturing defects:

If your NuWave is brand new and it is not turning on at the very first time you use it, you can be sure that your NuWave air fryer has come with manufacturing defects, which is why it is not turning on. If so, contact NuWave customer service and return your air fryer. Or contact the store from where you have purchased your air fryer and notify them about the issue.

14. Reset your air fryer:

Reset your NuWave air fryer. Sometimes, resetting will solve some issues of your NuWave air fryer, including not turning on. How to reset your NuWave air fryer information is given below, or read your NuWave air fryer user manual to find tips on how to reset NuWave air fryer.

NuWave Brio Air Fryer Fan Not Working!

The fan in your NuWave air fryer is one of the most important elements as it circulates the hot air inside the fryer to cook the food in the basket. However, it is also a fragile part that can go bad or show issues after using the device for a long time. Here are why your air fryer’s fan is not working and how you can solve it –

Why Is Your NuWave Brio Air Fryer Fan Not Working?

  1. Faulty connections

After using an appliance for a long time, dirt, debris, or gunk can build up in the connection preventing other parts from operating. It is also correct for the fan in your NuWave air fryer. Dirt and gunk can build up in the rotating part of the fan and can prevent it from spinning. 

In that case, you can take out the fan and clean all areas. 

2. Broken links

The circuit board of an air fryer is also very delicate and consists of thin copper layers that operate as links to other parts. If one line gets burnt, it will stop that part from working. 

Check for any broken or burnt lines of copper, and if there are any, then put another layer to resolve the issue. 

3. Broken fan

If you hear a sound when you run the air fryer, it probably comes from the fan. In that case, change or replace the part. 

NuWave Air Fryer Timer Not Working!

Every time you put any food in the basket of your NuWave air fryer, you will need to set the timer for the appliance to start cooking. What if the timer stops working? In that situation, you have the only option, and that is to reset the air fryer.

It happens due to corrupted software, which you can fix easily, and here is how –

  • Firstly, unplug the machine
  • Now wait for at least 3 to 5 minutes 
  • After that, plug the air fryer into the power socket and try to use the timer, and it will start working. 

NuWave Air Fryer Making Loud Noise!

Do you hear a loud rattling when you start cooking with your NuWave air fryer? There can be several reasons behind it; however, resolving the issues are not much of a hassle; here are the causes and solution below –

Why Is Your NuWave Air Fryer Making Loud Noise?


  • Loose or broken parts
  • The basket is touching the fan


  • Loose or broken parts can come in contact with the fan while running and can be the main reason behind the loud noise. Open the air fryer and check for any loose parts inside the appliance. Moreover, check which element the broken part came from and take the machine in for repairs. 
  • The basket or the metal rack can touch the fan while spinning if the basket is out of place. So, make sure to properly lock its position to reduce the chances for it to happen again. 

How To Reset Nuwave Air Fryer?

If your touch screen on your NuWave air fryer is stuck on a set and you cannot change it, then your option is to reset the device. However, resetting the NuwWave air fryer is a simple task, and here is how –

  • Turn ON the appliance and look for the reset switch, which will be on either side of the air fryer.
  • Press and hold that button for a few seconds till you see a “C” display on the screen.
  • After that, release the button and wait a minute to turn on the machine. It will reset all your settings to default. 

NuWave Air Fryer Won’t Power On!

It can happen with any branded air fryer, not only the NuWave fryers. Don’t worry if your NuWave air fryer is not turning on because the problem is solvable.

Let’s see why your NuWave Air Fryer Won’t Power On?


  • If your air fryer is not turning on, that may come from the disconnection to the power. Maybe your air fryer is not connected to the power source.
  • There may be an issue in the power socket where you have connected the wire. 
  • You can also find a broken wire which can cause the air fryer not to turn on; you have to look carefully to find the spot.
  • If you forget to properly put the food basket inside the fryer, the air fryer will not turn on without the basket.


  • Attach the power wire tightly to the socket so it doesn’t remain loose, and the air fryer can turn on well.
  • If the power socket is problematic, you should connect the fryer somewhere else; thus, it will turn on.
  • When you find a broken wire that supplies energy to the air fryer, you have to either repair it or replace the wire. Thus, the air fryer will get its old performance back.
  • Taking the food basket out when you dish wash the fryer is necessary, but you must put it back in its place. Otherwise, the air fryer will never turn on.

How To Change Temp On Nuwave Air Fryer?

Are you here to know how to change the temp on the NuWave air fryer? Then let me tell you that it is probably one of the easiest things you did on your NuWave air fryer. 

  • Firstly, turn on the appliance and press the temp button on the screen. That will display your current temp either in Celsius or Fahrenheit. 
  • Then press the Program button and the Temp button at the same time. 
  • Release it after a few seconds, and you will see that the screen is displaying another temp setting. 

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