8 Common Power XL Air Fryer Problems Solutions


Power XL Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working!

Most air fryers nowadays come with a fully automated touch screen that allows the users to operate the appliance with their fingers. Air fryers such as the Power xl have a fully automated large display as a touch screen to use the device. What if your Power xl air fryer touch screen not working, then what can you do to resolve it? 

That is why we thought to provide you with a complete guideline on how you can identify and resolve the not working touch screen issue in no time.

Here are some of the issues that can cause the touch screen to malfunction and how you can solve it –

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  1. Power problem 

The first thing to check when your Power XL air fryer malfunctions are the power supply, whether the socket is faulty, if there are broken wires, or even a damaged fuse. Power failure is the number one reason the touch screen on your air fryers does not respond. 

You will need to check for these, and if there are any issues with the socket, then replace it; if the fuse is damaged, then change the fuse, and a broken cable is replaceable. 

2. The control board is out of order.

The control board is the motherboard of an air fryer which collects your data from the input and puts it forward to other parts so that it can provide output. Any issues with the control board mean the entire device is shut off, and you will need to take it in for repairs or replacement if it is in the warranty period. 

3. The membrane switch is defective. 

The Power xl’s touchscreen’s center of operation is the membrane switch. It is a combination of tiny wires that communicate between the screen and the control board. 

In the case of wear out or blockage, you will need to consult a professional for a proper diagnosis and repair or replacement. 

4. Dead screen

The touch screen dying is a pervasive issue for an appliance. When the touch screen wears out over time, it requires a replacement, and there is no other option but to do so. 

5. Internal Issues

If your air fryer has any internal issues like broken or loose wires, the air fryer touch screen will not work. Open your air fryer and check the internal settings of the air fryer and make sure everything is functioning perfectly.

6. Obstacle between the touch screen and your finger

If there are any obstacles between the air fryer touch screen and your finger, the air fryer will not respond. Wipe the air fryer touch screen and your fingers using a dry towel and make sure there are no obstacles between the touchscreen and your finger.

7. The Air Fryer Parts Are Not Assembled Properly

If your Power XL air fryer touchscreen is still not working, probably your air fryer parts are not assembled properly. So make sure all parts of your air fryer are assembled properly.

If your Power XL air fryer touchscreen is still not working, check your air fryer warranty. If it is still under warranty, contact the Power customer service team for assistance. If it is not under warranty, then take your Power XL air fryer to the nearest electric kitchen appliance repair shop to fix it by a qualified technician.

Power XL Air Fryer Not Working!

It isn’t reassuring when you are in the middle of air frying your favorite meal, and suddenly the device stops working, or your Power xl air fryer not working from the start. That is very frustrating for users; however, what can you do to solve the problem? 

Here are some of the reasons and how you can solve them –


  1. Loss of power 
  2. Disrupted cable
  3. Broken appliance


  1. If there is a loss of power, wait for the power to come back or check your house’s main board for any broken or blown-out fuse. 
  2. The cable is a very important part of any appliance as it helps to provide the necessary power to the device. Check for any damaged area or broken zone and replace or repair the power cable as soon as possible.
  3. The appliance can break down as an electronic device, and any fault in any part can make the machine malfunction. In that case, replacing it is the only option. 

Why Did My Power XL Air Fryer Stop Working?

Did your air fryer stop working in the middle of cooking? So, why did my Power xl air fryer stop working? There can be several reasons why it happened. Here are those and how you can solve the issue so that you can get back to cooking your favorite dishes –

  1. A blown fuse

Due to the overpressure of electricity, the fuse can blow out anytime. It is a pervasive problem for any household; however, it is also easily fixable. Remove the old one and replace it with a new one. 

2. Damaged cable

The cable transfers the power from the socket of your house to the air fryer. However, it is also one part to which we pay significantly less attention. So, when your Power xl air fryer stops working, check the cable for any broken or damaged areas. Then replace if necessary. 

3. Out-of-place basket

If the food basket is not in place properly, the appliance will identify the end of the cooking process and stop working. In that case, please take out the basket and put it back in so you hear a clicking sound. That is an indication that the basket is properly in place. 

Power XL Air Fryer Displays Not Working!

The display is a very important part of your Power xl air fryer as it allows you to operate the appliance on the fly. However, it is susceptible and can malfunction due to insufficient care. Moreover, there are other reasons and solutions –


  1. Dirty screen
  2. Broken internal wires
  3. Defective part


  1. Over time the touch screen gets dirty and prevents your touch from operating the appliance. In that case, take a slightly wet cloth and wipe it clean, and after that, use a dry cloth to wipe off excess water. 
  2. The display has many tiny wires behind it, allowing for the screen’s smooth operation. When the wires break or get damaged, the display will stop working, and replacing it is the only option you have. 
  3. It is an electrical device, and getting a defective piece is a common problem. , contact their support and get it replaced. 

Power XL Air Fryer Fan Not Working!

In an air fryer, the fan is responsible for circulating hot air throughout the device’s interior so that your food cooks evenly and crisps properly. The fan can stop working, resulting in unevenly cooked or wet food. But what is the reason my Power xl air fryer fan not working 

  1. The fan’s power base is loose.

The power base of the fan provides the part with the necessary energy to rotate and circulate hot air inside. However, if the power base is loose or broken, you need to take immediate action to tighten it up or replace it. 

  • Defective component

The part itself can be faulty, which can cause the fan not to work correctly. You will need to keep it in check to prevent any breakage; moreover, we recommend talking to a technician to replace the part.

Power XL Air Fryer Not Heating Up! 

Heating up is what an air fryer is best known for, which is what it’s meant to do. However, if you see that your appliance is not cooking the food properly or there is no heat from the device, then your Power xl air fryer not heating up, and there must be two possible reasons behind it. 

  1. Faulty heating element

The heating element is responsible for providing the necessary hot air so that you can cook your food in the basket properly. If no heat comes from the air fryer, then the heating element is probably the reason. 

So, you can open up the PCB and check for any burnt connection on the circuit board. If there is any, put another copper layer, and you are good to go. 

  • The thermocouple is gone bad.

The thermocouple converts thermal heat to electric energy, allowing oil to heat up and cook the food in the basket. If that part is faulty, the only option is to replace the part. 

Power XL Air Fryer Timer Not Working!

If your Power xl air fryer timer not working, then you are in the right place. The timer is what keeps track of how much longer the device will run to cook the food inside. Most of the time, it is the timer buttons that can cause the timer to stop working. You can replace the switches in that case, and you are good. 

However, you must reset the device to clear the memory if it is not functioning correctly. Every air fryer now comes with a reset switch, and you will have to press and hold it for at least 3 to 5 seconds or till you see the light bleep on the screen. Then the appliance will be set to factory settings. 

Power XL Air Fryer Grill Not Working!

The Power xl grill is one of the best options in the appliance, as it allows you to switch between 8 different cooking settings. It is one of those accessories that allows any home cook to make what their heart desire. 

But what if the Power xl air fryer grill is not working? Well, there can be a few reasons why you are facing the issue, and here are their solutions –


  1. Dirty grill
  2. Out of place grill plate


  1. A dirty grill will prevent heat from going to the food and result in a soggy outcome. That is why you will need to clean with a wet and dry cloth after use. 
  2. If the place does not sit properly inside, the appliance will not allow you to start the cooking process. Check if the grill plate is in place; if necessary, take it out and put it back inside the air fryer

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