Air Fryer Light Not Working! 6 Air Fryer Problems Solutions


Air Fryer Light Not Working! Causes And Solutions

Air fryers are sturdy appliances and one of the most valuable machines in any household kitchen. Things like the light stopping working or not heating up are not very common; however, if your air fryer light not working, you are in the right place for a solution. 

We decided to provide you with an article that will guide you on how to resolve each possible reason behind the light stops working. 

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Why Is The Air Fryer Light Not Working?

  1. The power source is the issue.

9 out of 10 times, the power source is the main reason an appliance stops working. Check if the device is correctly plugged into the socket, and check the power cord for any damages. Moreover, we also recommend checking the socket to know if that malfunctioned or not.

In these cases, you can resolve the issue by adequately plugging it in or changing the power cord. 

2. The power cord fuse is blown.

If there is no problem with the socket or the power cord, then it is the fuse of the power cord. The option is to replace or repair the fuse; however, it depends on the model to choose whether to replace or repair it. 

3. The basket is not in place.

When the air fryer’s basket is not correctly in place, the device will detect the cooking process is done, or the light will not work as the sensors will detect no basket. We recommend taking out the basket and pushing it back in place till you hear a clicking sound. 

4. Internal technical defects 

It is not common to get a defective product, but it can happen when an appliance is mass-produced. If the above reasons are not the cause of the air fryer light not working, then it is probably an internal technical defect, and you will have to contact the manufacturers. 

Air Fryer Light On But Not Working!

An air fryer is a must-have electric kitchen appliance for those who love to eat healthily. However, it is an electrical machine, and anything can happen to its wiring preventing the appliance from working properly. So, if the air fryer light on but not working, there can be many possible reasons, and here they are with their solutions.

  1. The basket is out of place.

The device will not start the cooking process if the basket is not appropriately placed. So check if the food basket is clicked correctly; if not, the light will show on, but the appliance will not work. Take the basket out and put it back in to get a click sound, indicating that it is appropriately in place inside the air fryer. 

  1. Corrupted memory

In case of corrupted memory, the device may show the light is on but will not work. In that case, you will have to reset the appliance. To do that, press and hold the reset button on your air fryer for 3 to 5 seconds till you see the screen flashlights and restarting. 

  1. Issues with the circuit board

The circuit board is the motherboard of your air fryer, and if there are any issues with that, the machine will start to function weirdly, such as if the light is on, but the air fryer is not working. In that case, contact the manufacturer or a professional. 

Air Fryer Sensor Not Working!

The sensors in your electric air fryer are essential as they detect heat inside the device and many other things that help in the cooking process and the safety of your kitchen. It is also responsible for your safety while using the air fryer.

However, suppose the air fryer sensor not working. In that case, you are in trouble as the appliance is compromised with a significant feature. 

Here are why the air fryer sensor is not working and how you can solve it –

  1. The part is faulty

If the part is faulty, it will not be able to detect if the basket, heat inside the air fryer, when to stop the cooking process, and many more. The best option is to take it to a professional or contact the manufacturers. 

2. Damaged sensors

If the sensors are somehow damaged, they will not work correctly and show indications on the screen that the sensors are damaged. In that case, take the help of a professional to replace the part, as it is imperative, and we do not recommend using an air fryer with a damaged sensor. 

3. Dirt or gunk on the sensors

Over time the sensors can get dirty as they are almost exposed to the air fryer. It is exposed to detect everything that happens inside the device. Open up the machine with a screwdriver and check if there is dirt or gunk build-up on the sensors. 

If there is any, then take a damp cloth and gently wipe it clean and then take a dry cloth and wipe it again to remove any excess water. 

Air Fryer Not Blowing Hot Air!

The hot air is what cooks the food inside your air fryer. What if the air fryer not blowing hot air? Then you will be unable to cook food with your air fryer. So, what caused such a problem, and how can you resolve it? Well, here are the reasons and solutions in brief –

  1. Damaged thermocouple 

The thermocouple is the part that detects the heat in the air fryer; if that part goes wrong, then there is no option but to replace it as soon as possible.

  1. Bad heating element

The heating element is what provides the hot air, and it is the hardest culprit to diagnose. One possible and easy indication is that hot air is coming from above your air fryer’s basket.

In case of a faulty heating element, open up the guts of your air fryer and check for any burnt-out spots or lines on the circuit. If there is any, then put another thin copper layer, which should solve the issue. 

  1. Blown-out thermal fuse

The thermal fuse helps the thermocouple work properly, and if that is the issue, the first thing to do is to expose the PCB and replace the fuse. 

Air Fryer Won’t Turn On When Plugged In!

There can be many reasons your air fryer won’t turn on when plugged in; here are some possible reasons and how you can resolve them. 

  1. Bad power source

Check your kitchen’s power outlet to ensure it is working correctly and provides the necessary voltage to run the appliance. If the air fryer is plugged in and still does not work, then it could be the power source that is the culprit. If the power source is the issue, you can change the fuses of the house kitchen or bring in a professional to help you out. 

2. The power cord 

In most cases, the air fryer won’t turn on because the power cord is damaged or broken in some parts. Check the cable for any damaged or exposed areas and change it if there are any such issues with your power cord. 

3. Blown fuse

A blown-out fuse can be why the air fryer is not turning on. In that case, check the fuse by exposing the mainframe of the air fryer. Check if the fuse is burnt and if it is, then change it as soon as possible. 

4. Out-of-place basket 

We said it before and repeated it, if the basket is not correctly in place, the air fryer will not start cooking. Take the basket out and push it back in to hear a click, indicating that the basket is locked in place properly.

Why Isn’t My Air Fryer Getting Hot?

There are a few reasons for your question: Why isn’t my air fryer getting hot? Here are those reasons and how you can resolve them so that you can get back to cooking with your air fryer.

  1. Number one is the thermocouple, which is responsible for detecting and initiating the heating process in your device. However, the only option for a bad thermocouple is to replace it as soon as possible. 
  2. The second and maybe the most important one is the heating element. It is responsible for providing that hot air. If your air fryer isn’t getting hot, then it is probably the heating element that is the culprit. Here is how you can solve it –
  • Open up the guts of the air fryer using a screwdriver.
  • Now, look for burnt-out copper lines on the circuit board leading to the heating element. 
  • After that, put another copper layer on top of the burnt one to resolve the issue. 
  1. The third one is the thermal fuse. It is responsible for detecting high temp and shuts off for safety. If the thermal fuse is blown, the appliance will not get hot. The procedure is the same as before, open the back part and replace the fuse.
  2. Another reason may be your temp switch is broken or malfunctioning. In that case, you will need to access the mainframe of the air fryer and change the button. Moreover, change and soldier a new wire for the temp switch if the wiring is the issue.

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