Chefman Air Fryer Not Working! Here’s What To Do

chefman air fryer not working

Even though a Chefman fryer is a tough and simple cooking machine, when utilized for a long period may cause issues.

A Chefman air fryer isn’t outlined to appear mistake codes to let us know what precisely is the reason for not working.

In most cases, on the off chance that your air fryer isn’t working, it’s likely an issue with the wire or the attachment, but there may well be other reasons as well.

Why Is Your Chefman Air Fryer Not Working?


  • A plug isn’t settled appropriately to the attachment.
  • The socket to which your Chefman air fryer is associated is defective and not working.
  • The basket Isn’t set appropriately.
  • If the air fryer is not properly programmed, it will stop working
  • If your Chefman air fryer gets too hot, it shuts off automatically.
  • Probably your Chefman air fryer has internal issues like faulty wirings, damaged motor, a damaged heating element, a loose connection of the parts, and more.
  • If your Chefman air fryer is brand new, then it may come with factory defects, which is why it is not working.
  • Probably your Chefman air fryer fuse has blown.
  • Probably your Chefman air fryer has become overheated.
  • Probably you cannot use your Chefman air fryer properly.
  • There is a loose connection or faulty connection between the air fryer and the power cord.
  • Probably your air fryer parts are not assembled properly. Also, your air fryer is not closed properly.
  • Your Chefman air fryer power cord has become damaged.
  • Probably your Chefman air fryer control panel is not working properly. Also, your air fryer heating element or motor, or its wires has become faulty.


  • Check to see that the air fryer is properly plugged into the outlet.
  • Check to see if the socket is broken and if the air fryer will function in a different socket.
  • Examine the length of the power cord cable and the head for any damage or cuts.
  • Place the basket in the appropriate spot.
  • Turn off the power to the air fryer, wait 10-15 minutes, and then plug it back in.
  • Check if there are any internal issues inside your Chefman air fryer. If it has, then take the necessary steps to solve the issues. Better to contact the Chefman customer service team for assistance, if your Chefman air fryer is still under warranty.
  • Read your Chefman air fryer user manual to use your air fryer properly and avoid any accidents.
  • If your Chefman air fryer is not working at its very first use, then return it by contacting with the Chefman customer service or the show where you have purchased the air fryer.
  • If it still won’t switch on, contact the vendor or manufacturer and entrust your air fryer to the professionals.

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Chefman Air Fryer Not Heating Up

Air fryer clients frequently confront warming issues within the fryer. Chefman air fryer users moreover endure this problem.

Even after setting the temperature of the fryer, it isn’t warming. So first, let’s discuss the causes, and after that, we will see how we can set this problem.

Why Is Your Chefman Air Fryer Not Heating Up?


Here are some essential reasons why your Chefman air Fryer may not be getting hot.

  • Numerous times, your discuss fryer isn’t getting heated up due to an unreliable connection. The air fryer isn’t plugged in with the outlet.
  • The power cord connects your Chefman air fryer with the outlet. If this power cord is damaged, your fryer will not be able to heat up.
  • All fryers have a system where you can set the temperature. If your fryer is not heating, maybe it’s the temperature issue you set.
  • Your fryer’s door plays an important role. Its function is to save heat. If the fryer is not sealed tightly, it loses heat. In such a case, your fryer stops heating up.
  • How you organize food in your fryer is essential. If you overload your fryer, it disturbs the heat distribution of the fryer. Hence your fryer doesn’t heat up.
  • If your fryer has an internal issue, it also stops the heating process.
  • The most common problem is the potentiometer. When it gets out of order, the fryer’s heating ability decreases.


  • Make sure your fryer is plugged in with an outlet.
  • Replace the damaged power cord with a new one.
  • Be careful while setting the temperature.
  • While using the fryer, close its door completely.
  • Organize the food within the fryer. Be careful about the amount of food.
  • You can replace the potentiometer with a new one.
  • You can solve this problem mechanically by following the rules given below.

1. Take Off the Temperature Knob

  • Unplug the gadget and evacuate the broiling bushel from the device.
  • The clock knob and temperature knob must be confronting you.
  • To lift the temperature knob, slide the plastic opening.
  • Slide fingers between the aperture and take the temperature to handle off.

2. Remove Screws

  • Expel the two 4mm screws found beneath the temperature knob.
  • Lift the silver top-up with your fingers.
  • Now remove 3mm screws present on top of the black panel.
  • Blow off the black panel.

3. Replace New Potentiometer

  • Cut the cable rope securing wire strips
  • Disconnect the wires from the old potentiometer
  • Attach the wires with a new potentiometer.

Chefman Air Fryer Fan Not Working!

A non-working fan could be a common issue that numerous individuals confront with their air fryers. Sometimes this issue happens within several days, a few weeks, or months after obtaining the discussed fryer.

Why Is Your Chefman Air Fryer Fan Not Working?


  • Suspended emergency switch
  • Thermal fuse issues due to failed circuit
  • Power Supply issues
  • Disturbance in Internal Components
  • Faults in Manufacturing
  • Overheating is also responsible for fan disorders.
  • Central motor malfunction
  • Loose cable and broken connectors


  • Activate the emergency switch.
  • Adjust electrical connection of fan.
  • Unplug if there is overheating.
  • Try to find the manufacturing faults
  • Keep the fan clean as some debris blocks it.

Chefman Air Fryer Light Not Working!

The pointer lights must be working fine for legitimate cooking (or, may we say, the air-frying) encounter. Typically, the pointer lights are dependable for demonstrating if the nourishment is done or not. The light shows the cooker is pre-heating or warming up. It’s prepared to cook when the light goes off.

Why Is Your Chefman Air Fryer Light Not Working?


In case the marker light isn’t working, there could be two reasons.

  • There may be a fault in the wire connection. This disturbs the current supply. Based on this, the light does not work.
  • Often, the air fryer bulb burns out, causing the light to stop working.


  • Check the wires of your Chefman air fryer carefully.
  • Replace the faulty wire.
  • Change the burned bulb. For this, you need an expert air fryer technician.

Chefman Air Fryer Displays Not Working!

The display is critical in any air fryer. It permits you to control your air fryer. It encompasses a touch screen through which you’ll be able effectively to work it.

However, the display flaws are just too serious. These are common problems. The possible causes and solutions are listed below.

Why Is Your Chefman Air Fryer Displays Not Working?


  1. Power Failure

Power failure means that your device is not receiving current. When the power supply is cut off, the display will stop working. There are various reasons for this.

  • Any Fault in the socket
  • Due  to  a  Damaged  fuse
  • Faulty wires
  • Area power loss

These factors cause power loss, and the display stops working.

2. Defective membrane Switch

The layer switch is the center of operation for your control touch shriek. Its composition incorporates a conductive medium and numerous minor wires that entwine and permit communication between the screen and the controls after you touch your screen. Error in this switch causes the display problems.

3. Non-Functional Control Board

It is the center of an air fryer. Default in this means the entire unit is not executing. So it is a common reason for display issues.

4. Dead Touch Screen

Regular use of air fryer makes its touch screen dead. So it will not be able to execute according to your commands.


  • You must ensure the power supply for the display to run.
  • Remove any faulty wires and restore the secure connection.
  • Make sure before use that the membrane switch is communicating properly.
  • Take care of the display. Please always keep it clean and do not use it unnecessarily.
  • If still there is an error in the display, make sure your air fryer is ok?

Chefman Air Fryer Timer Not Working!

The Chefman air fryers are planned with a clock to guarantee that clients know that the cooking session is total. So, when the cooking cycle is wrapped up, but the watch doesn’t make a sound, it has three fundamental causes.

Why Is Your Chefman Air Fryer Timer Not Working?


  • Sometimes, the users forget to start the clock.
  • It’s possible that there’s a mechanical problem. The timer must be stacked for this to work. As a result of this flaw, the cycle does not complete properly.
  • Improper response of the timer is also a reason. The timer will not execute the cues of cycle completion properly.

How To Reset  Chefman Air Fryer Timer?

We can reset the Chefman air fryer timer by following the given steps:

  • People are more likely to turn on the temperature knob than the timer. So, make sure the timer is set.
  • Remove the timer from the equation. Check to see if anything is trapped on the timer. Wipe it down.
  • You’ll need to get a new timer to replace the broken one.

How To Reset Chefman Air Fryer?

The Chefman air fryer also has a reset button like other air fryers. This button is mainly located beneath the Digital screen. This button is for safety purposes.

If you have set your fryer high, this button turns your fryer off. Then restarts it at a pressure lower than the previous. This button aims to save your food from overcooking .you can also avoid errors through this button as you can reset the device by this.

  • Hunt for a reset button on your Chefman air fryer.
  • This button is present on the circuit board of your Chefman air fryer.
  • A reset button is a small square with a hole in it.
  • This square will have either an orange or blue wire staying through it.
  • Insert an unfurled paperclip into this gap for about 15 seconds.
  • On the off chance that the machine isn’t working appropriately, there may be a short that must be reset.
  • Once the paperclip is evacuated, you’ll be able to plug it in and test it once more.

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Final Verdict

Hope that the above simple information helped you to fix your Chefman airfryer issues. If you still face any problems with your air fryer, then feel free to comment in the comment box. We will help you to solve your electric air fryer’s problem.

2 thoughts on “Chefman Air Fryer Not Working! Here’s What To Do”

  1. We have a Chefman air fryer + oven RJ50-SS-T Series purchased 11/20/2022. The light bulb has gone out and I need to know to replace it. I removed the 3 screws holding the light socket and bulb but it wont fit through the opening. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. According to your statement, you purchased your air fryer on 11/20/2022 which means your Chefman air fryer + oven is still under warranty. So contact Chefman customer service for assistance or take your air fryer + oven to a kitchen appliance repair shop. Use this mail to contact Chefman customer service:

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