How To Use Bodum Milk Frother And Clean It? Simple Tips & Tricks

how to use bodum milk frother

Probably you are a new Bodum milk frother user and looking for instructions on how to use the Bodum milk frother and clean it. If so, you are on the webpage.

In this article, we will give you a complete guideline about using and cleaning Bodum milk frother. Here we will also give your some frequently asked questions about Bodum milk frother that will help you to use and clean your milk frother easily and find the best results from your milk frother for a long time. So stay with us until the last word of this article.

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How To Use A Bodum Milk Frother?

You can read the Bodum milk frother user manual/guide before using it. However, understanding the manual is really difficult and tedious. So if you want to know how to use it easily without any hassle, follow the following guidelines.

User Guide:

Before the first use, fill the maximum with cold water and heat entirely. Repeat the operation one more time with the exception of water, and then start using it like other appliances in your daily life.

Bodum Milk Frother Using Instructions:

If you use a Bistro electric frother, the process of frothing milk will be easier. It is by no means useless in giving you the feeling of being a professional Barista. It takes less time and effort to create small bubbles in milk with a firm and creamy texture.

Follow the following instructions for using Bodum milk frother.

  1. Take a minimum of 60 milliliters (¼ cups) of milk in a glass.
  2. Simply pour it into the frother.
  3. Put the frother lid on.
  4. Activate the frother by pressing the button.
  5. Done! Leave the frother on for a few minutes; you’ll have nice frothed milk.  It can heat 1 cup/ 300ml of milk at a time.

Is Bodum Milk Frother Dishwasher Safe?

Probably Bodum milk frother is not dishwasher safe.

You need to clean a Bodum model after each use. As a user of Bodum milk frother, you may think of cleaning it via dishwasher.

However, the cleaning process depends on what kind of frother you’re using. Most of Bodum’s appliances are dishwasher safe though.

Is Bodum milk frother water safe?

Yes, It’s water safe. However, don’t use water sources for cleaning. The machine is not compatible with rough wash. It will be wise if you give it a soft wash.  In the following section, we have a proper Bodum milk frother cleaning instruction.

How To Clean Bodum Milk Frother?

Cleaning a Bodum milk frother is very easy. You just have to know the right process of cleaning it properly. Follow the below instructions to clean your favorite milk frother easily and perfectly.

 1. Clean The Lid:

Turn the frother off and unplug it. Wait until the milk frother is cool. Dismant all the removable parts and place them out of the way. Remove the rubber seal from the lid. Exclude the milk jug from the base and keep detaching other removable parts, including the frothing– and heating disks.

2. Wash Off The Detached Parts:

After removing the small parts from the device, wash them lightly. Take all the parts together and soak in warm and soapy water for a few minutes.

After a few minutes, start cleaning them with a sponge or part of a smooth cloth. Use a smooth and soft brush to clean the frothing discs. Keep all small parts in a clean place where these parts can dry quickly.

3. Clean The Carafe Inside:

Use a soft sponge or toothbrush and scrub the inside of your frother while dipped in warm, soapy water. The milk frother has a ceramic layer.

So, cleaning with a hard or rough brush- or tools like steel wool can easily damage and scratch the inner surface of your milk frother.

4. Clean Milk Residue:

If you see any caked milk at the bottom of the carafe, scrub it with a non-abrasive sponge and rinse the bottom of the carafe with warm and running water.

6. Clean The Outer Surface:

There is an electrical connection on the outside where water should not enter. Don’t use any water to clean the exterior surface. Simply wipe and clean the exterior surface with a damp cloth.

Is Bodum Milk Frother Vinegar Safe?

Yes. It is 100% safe to consider that you can use vinegar to clean an electric milk frother.

You can use vinegar on most of the appliances as a cleaning material. Washing Bodum frother with vinegar will do no harm. However, the cleaning process comes with a guideline.

Most of the Bodum milk frother is washable with vinegar, though. But the condition is that you have to clean the device while making sure that the liquid does not get into the section where the battery is installed. Otherwise, you will need to start repairing instead of cleaning.

How To Clean Bodum Milk Frother With Vinegar?

Fortunately, we know how to clean a Bodum milk frother with vinegar. Follow the steps below to remove bottle residue to eliminate that odor.

  • You can use vinegar with either citric acid or lemon and create an ideal solution to rid your Bodum Frother of harmful deposits of limescale.
  • Take some citric acid/lemon juice and ½ or 1 tablespoon of vinegar and mix them together.
  • Pour the mixture into the jug.
  • Leave the pitcher as it is for half/one hour.
  • Now, rinse it with clean running water and rinse well.

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Final Verdict

A Bodum Bistro electric milk frother gives you the best opportunity to get away from making boring morning coffees, cupachino, cold foam, cold brew, latte, and more. It makes you a professional in making the best morning coffee with a soft and creamy texture in the milk.

However, most people find difficulties while cleaning a milk frother. That’s why with the right instructions and guidelines, we’ve included all the information you need to be a professional at keeping your milk frother hygienic.

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