Why Is My Nespresso Milk Frother Not Frothing Properly? 3 Reasons & Solutions


You are probably a Nespresso milk frother user, and your Nespresso milk frother not frothing properly, and red light is flashing. If so, the article is for you.

Here we have discussed Nespresso milk frother problems and solutions. So, read the article till the end if you really want to fix your favorite Nespresso milk frother machine and froth your milk properly.

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Why Is My Nespresso Milk Frother Not Frothing Properly?

The Nespresso milk frother is a stylish device at the disposal of any coffee enthusiast; however, facing the equipment not working is also a common problem, and in most cases, the reason is minimal and easily fixable. 

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  • The heating element of a Nespresso milk frother is a thin copper strip on a circuit board. That makes it easy to burn out and can cause the device to stop working. 
  • A damaged thermocouple can also be the reason it is a small electric sensor, and due to gunk or overpressure, it can burn out quickly. 
  • Dirt in the electrical contacts can also disrupt the equipment’s smooth operations. 


  • To check if there are any issues with the device’s heating element, you will have access to the PCB. Then check for any burned–up the track; if so, scrape away that part and solder another thin strip of copper over that portion. 
  • If the thermocouple is the cause of the problem, then replacing it is the best option. 
  • Use a toothbrush to clean any dirt near the connections and use isopropyl alcohol or methylated spirits to remove gunk easily. 

Why Is My Nespresso Frother Not Frothing Almond Milk?

Most almond milk is 98 percent water, and due to its lower protein content, it is pretty tricky to froth up quickly with a machine. Although, there can be other reasons behind why your Nespresso frother is not working with almond milk, and here is why


  • Issues or worn-out parts of the machine can also not allow you to froth any milk effectively. 
  • Almond milk tends to split easily at high temperatures. 


  • Nespresso offers a year warranty and shipping of parts from the manufacturers if there are any such issues. 
  • Get a good quality almond milk with a higher percentage of almonds and before using, give the milk carton a good shake. While frothing, the machine uses a high temperature to froth the milk, and it can easily split if not done correctly for almond milk. Moreover, remember to stop immediately when you see a creamy foaming texture. 

Why Is My Nespresso Milk Frother Not Frothing The Milk?

If your Nespresso milk frother is not working correctly, check out the reasons below and solve the issue instantly.


  • Gunk and dirt build up on the connections of the machine.
  • Damaged, broken, or unclean magnetic whisk.


  • Use a small toothbrush and clean places where dirt or gunk and check the connection. The electrical contacts are sensitive, and it is also easy to have dirt or gunk build up on them. In that case, using isopropyl alcohol or methylated spirits on a small toothbrush and rubbing the areas is the best solution. 
  • The milk whisk or magnetic whisk can have milk residue build up over time. Moreover, it can also be broken or damaged. If broken or damaged, replacing the part is the best solution. However, a simple cleaning with a brush can solve the problem in case of residue. 

Why Is My Nespresso Frother Not Making Foam?

Making creamy foam with frother is the only reason why people buy that equipment, but due to some reasons, it can stop foaming the milk, and here is why –


  • Damaging any electrical parts can make the device stop working or not allow you to make foam with milk.
  • A poor whisk positioning is another reason you cannot foam up the milk.


  • Nespresso offers a year warranty, so you can easily replace a broken device if it is in the warranty period. However, if the warranty is over, Nespresso also offers to ship parts.
  • Using appropriate ounces of milk and proper technique is the only option if you have poor whisk positioning. Moreover, you can also try cleaning the whisk with salt and vinegar mixture to clean out any residue preventing the hot air. 

Why Is My Nespresso Milk Frother Not Getting Hot?

Getting hot and foaming the milk is the only purpose of a milk frother. However, if that feature is not working, then here are some reasons which can be behind it –


  • Issues with the heating element
  • A damaged thermocouple sensor 
  • Loose or dirty electrical connections


  • The heating element allows the device to foam the milk, and if that issues, then the first thing to do is to access the PCB. Then check for any burned–up track; if so, scrape away that part and solder another thin strip of copper over that portion. 
  • A thermocouple is a sensor that detects if the foam is at the perfect temp. However, if that sensor stops working, the device will automatically shut off, not allowing you to make foam. Replacing is the best option in this case. 
  • Over time electrical connections get dirty, and there can be gunk build-up. Use a small brush and clean all the contacts. 

Why Is My Nespresso Milk Frother Not Getting Hot Enough?

Facing an issue where your Nespresso milk frother is not getting hot, then you are in the right place to find and solve the problem.


  • Burnout in the heating element of the machine.
  • The thermocouple stopped working.


  • To fix the heating element connection, clean the burned copper and replace it with another thin strip of copper. 
  • The thermocouple sensor requires replacements which are readily available from the manufacturers. 

Nespresso Milk Frother Not Working Red Light Flashing!

If you see the red light flashing on your Nespresso electric milk frother, then the device is heating up too fast, and here is why –


  • Traces of milk in the device
  • The thermostat prevents the machine


  • After usage, clean the machine and whisk with cold water to remove any leftover milk residue.
  • After the first use, the thermostat prevents the machine from spinning and heating milk to stop it from overheating. Before using it again, make sure to clean it properly with cold water, which also allows the device to cool off. 

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Final Thoughts

It is pretty standard for a milk frother to perform poorly; however, if you are a Nespresso milk frother user, the article is perfect for resolving any issues you have with the machine.

We have put forth the reasons behind every issue you might be facing and give solutions. If you follow the instructions and tips above, problems are easily fixed, and you can return to making delicious foamy coffees in no time.

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