Cosori Air Fryer Not Working! Here’s What To Do


A Cosori air fryer is a sturdy appliance in the kitchen; however, it is an electrical device and can show some issues or stop working due to such problems. In that case, here are some reasons why it is happening and some Cosori air fryer tips to resolve those issues.

Why Cosori Air Fryer Not Working?

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  • When your air fryer is not working, the first thing to check is the power socket. Most of the time, we forget to plug in the device and keep bashing our heads; why is it not frying the food inside. 
  • A damaged cable can also be the reason why the machine stopped working. 
  • The basket of the machine needs to make a clicking sound which indicates it is appropriate in the right place. If the air fryer’s basket is out of business, the device will not work. 
  • Internal malfunction.


  • If you do not see anything on the screen or there is no power, check the power outlet. Make sure the device is properly plugged in with the socket. 
  • The power cables are prone to damage as time goes by; moreover, it is part of the equipment that gets the least attention. Check the thread for any leak or damage; if so, change it, and you are good to go.
  • If the screen shows details and the device has power, then it is probably the basket that may be out of the palace. Air fryers detect all parts before cooking, and if the basket is not secured in place, the device will not work. 
  • It is an electrical device, and there can happen burnout or malfunction in the circuit. However, the Cosori air fryer parts are readily available through the manufacturers, and you also get a year warranty for total replacement. 

Cosori Air Fryer Not Turning On!

If your Cosori air fryer not turning on, there can be the reasons behind it below.

Why Is Your Cosori Air Fryer Not Turning On?


  • Issues with the power supply of the machine.
  • Dirt or gunk inside the connections, parts, and other places.
  • Short circuit or burnout.


  • Check if the device cables are ok and if there is no damage. Also, check if it is properly aligned with the power socket or if there are any issues with it. 
  • Over time dirt or gunk can build up inside a piece of equipment and disrupt the connection. So, check out the Cosori air fryer user guide on keeping your appliance clean and tidy. 
  • As it is an electrical device with a small circuit board, a short circuit can happen anytime for many reasons. In that case, replacing if it is the warranty is intelligent; however, if the warranty is over, then take it for repairs. 

Cosori Air Fryer Not Heating Up!

An air fryer heats up and cooks the food inside with that heat; however, the heating element can malfunction and stop working. Here are some reasons why it happens –

Why Is Your Cosori Air Fryer Not Heating Up?


  • Burnout in the circuit.
  • Too much dirt is the connection.
  • Copper wire is worn out. 


  • The circuit board is a thin piece that can easily be damaged. If there is burnout on the connections on the board, replace the connection and check if it works.
  • Using an appliance for a long time, dirt can build up on the wires, which does not allow the apparatus to perform correctly. Take a brush and clean those areas to remove any gunk or dirt blocking those areas. 
  • The circuit board will have a thin copper strip that allows the connection flow. If you see a burnt portion, clean it and put another layer of light copper to resolve the issue. 

Cosori Air Fryer Buttons Not Working!

The button on your Cossori air fryer is essential as it allows you to start, stop or set the appliance according to your cooking preferences. Although, it is the most frequently used part and can stop working due to –

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Why Cosori Air Fryer Buttons Not Working?


  • Loose connection or wire in the button.
  • Dirt build-up stops the button.
  • Broken button.


  • If the wire is loose or lost contact with the button or the circuit board, then rewiring or soldering it back in place will resolve the problem.
  • Dirt and debris from your hand can get into the gaps of the button, preventing you from fully pushing it in. In that case, use a brush to clean the areas around the button and then a damp cloth to wipe it clean. 
  • If the button is broken, then replacing it is the best option. 

Cosori Air Fryer Buttons Hard To Press!

One of the most common issues with an air fryer button is –

Why Is Your Air Fryer Buttons Hard To Press?


  • The dirt inside the button.
  • Broken button.


  • Use a clean brush and clean the areas to remove any gunk, dirt, or debris, which allows the button to move freely.
  • A broken button will be difficult to push in, and replacing it is the best alternative. 

Cosori Air Fryer Fan Not Working!

The fan inside the Cossori smart air fryer circulates the hot air. It blows the hot air from the heating coil onto the food allowing it to cook. But if the cook is not cooking or not cooking evenly, then there is an issue with the fan. 

Why Is Your Cosori Air Fryer Fan Not Working?


  • The drawer is out of place.
  • Overheating fan.
  • The central motor is not working.


  • If the drawer is out of place, the device may think it is already working, and the fans are still not spinning. It is a prevalent issue and quickly be fixed. Take the drawer out and put it in a few times, which should solve the problem. 
  • The fan might overheat due to excessive usage. In that case, allow the device to cool off for a few minutes and try using it again. If that does not work, then contact their support. 
  • The central motor allows the fan’s rotation; however, if there is a loose connection or motor failure, the fan will stop working. Check if there is loose wiring; if so, then soldier it back in place. However, replacing the part is the only option if the motor is not working. 

Cosori Smart Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working!

Almost every appliance nowadays has a touch screen which allows smooth operations. Although, it also leads to issues such as the screen not working properly or the buttons malfunctioning. Here is why –

Why Is Your Cosori Smart Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working?


  • Corrupted memory.
  • Dirty screen.


  • When you turn off the air fryer and forget to press the start button, there can be corruption in the device’s memory. You will see the air fryer is not working; however, the screen still shows everything. To bypass that, press the on button, and your air fryer touch screen will display all the correct data, such as time and temp. 
  • Over time the touch screen gets dirty and prevents connection when you press it. Take a damp cloth, wipe it, and then wipe it with a dry cloth or paper towel.

Cosori Air Fryer Basket Won’t Release!

The basket in your Cossori air fryer is where you put the food to cook. If you are finding it difficult to take it out or it is stuck, then it could be because of –

Why Your Cosori Air Fryer Basket Won’t Release?


  • Overfilling.
  • Stuck button.


  • If you overfill the basket with food, then after cooking, it will be difficult to pull out as the food will expand and prevent it from coming out. Check out the Cosori air fryer instructions manual to know exactly how much food you should put in the machine. 
  • The lock button can get stuck; in that case, you can use a butter knife or a card to manually push the button under the basket, which will release the basket. 

Where Is The Reset Button On A Cosori Air Fryer?

The CosoriWiFi air fryer may need resetting due to the router itself. In that case, you will need to reset the device to have it working at full speed. Manufacturers provide a VeSync app to reset the appliance for new and old users. 

The button is easily accessible from the app. 

How To Reset Cosori Air Fryer?

First, turn on the machine and refresh the VeSync app, and then you will see an option of reset in which you will delete the smart air fryer.

After that, press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds till you see the screen blink. The reset button will be on the device and easily visible and marked. Then reconfigure the appliance from the VeSync app. 

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