12 Common Air Fryer Problems (Troubleshooting)


Air Fryer Not Working!

By and large, in case your air fryer isn’t working, it’s due to improper functioning of the wire or poor connection. In addition to these, there are some other reasons why your air fryer not working.

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Why Is My Air Fryer Not Working?


  • A fitting isn’t settled suitably to the connection.
  • The attachment to which your air fryer is related is deficient and not working.
  • The bushel isn’t set appropriately.
  • If the air fryer isn’t as expected customized, it will quit working.

On the off chance that your fryer gets excessively hot, it stops naturally.


  • Verify that the apparatus is appropriately connected to the power source.
  • Verify whether the attachment is broken and if the Air fryer will work in an alternate attachment.
  • Look at the length of the power string link and the head for any harm or cuts.
  • Place the bushel in the proper spot.
  • Switch off the capacity to the Air fryer, stand for 10-15 minutes, and afterward plug it back in.
  • On the off chance that it actually won’t turn on, contact the merchant or maker and share your Air fryer with the experts.

Air Fryer Not Cooking Properly!

Air fryers are famous for making food tasty. Electric air fryers make your food crispy and decrease the amount of fat from it. But sometimes fryers fail to cook the food properly. We are going to mention those reasons why food remains uncooked in the air fryer.

Why Is My Air Fryer Not Cooking Properly?


  • The fault of your air fryer is caused by overflowing your basket.
  • Blockages brought on by improper air fryer cleaning.
  • Failure to properly warm your air fryer is yet another factor that could be causing uneven frying of your food.
  • You are not properly rotating your meals.


  • Clean your appliance of any extra food traces. To ensure the best cleaning, combine dish soap, a semi-soft brush, and warm water.
  • Verify that the appliance’s internal temperature has reached the desired levels.
  • To ensure that all angles are covered, try setting a reminder for every 5 minutes and gently rotating your food.

Air Fryer Not Heating Up!

We know air fryers as the best heating appliances, but due to some reasons, fryers stop heating which is quite disturbing for fryer users. If you have a new model, you should check your appliance rather than changing your air fryer. Following are the reasons which could cause this issue.

Why Is My Air Fryer Not Heating Up?


  • Your air fryer is not heating up due to a faulty cable.
  • A blown fuse could be another reason.
  • If the heating elements of your air fryer are not getting a power supply, the air fryer will not heat up.
  • Maybe you are not setting the temperature manually.
  • If the doors of the air fryer are not properly closed, heat leakage will lead to this problem.


  • Replace all the faulty cables. All the cables are working accurately.
  • Remove the blown fuses.
  • Make sure the heating elements of your air fryer are working without any fault.
  • Be careful while setting the temperature.
  • To avoid heat leakage, close your air fryer doors properly.

Air Fryer Not Turning On!

This is one of the common issues which air fryer users face. You can avoid this issue if you are aware of the air fryer user manual. But still, you need to know about some reasons which cause this problem.

Why Is My Air Fryer Not Turning On?


  • The outlet is not connected to the air fryer.
  • Your air fryer is connected to the socket by the power cord. If the power cable is faulty.
  • The air fryer won’t operate if the basket is not properly positioned.
  • Some significant causes include
    • Suspended emergency switch
    • Fuse problems caused by a damaged circuit
    • The problem with the voltage supply


  • Maintain proper basket positioning to prevent air fryer disruption.
  • Ensure that the outlet on your air fryer is plugged in.
  • Obtain a new power cord and replace the damaged one.
  • Switch on the emergency light.
  • Consult a professional for assistance if there are any more issues.

Air Fryer Fan Not Working!

A frequent problem that many people experience with their air fryers may be a broken fan. Sometimes this error appears a few days, a few weeks, or even a few months after purchasing the mentioned air fryer.

Why Is My Air Fryer Fan Not Working?


  • Emergency switch suspended
  • Thermal fuse problems brought on by faulty circuits
  • Power supply problems
  • An issue with internal components
  • Manufacturing Errors
  • Fan diseases are also caused by overheating.
  • An issue with the central motor
  • Broken connectors and loose cables


  • Press the emergency button.
  • Modify the fan’s electrical connection.
  • If the device is overheated, unplug it.
  • Look for production flaws.
  • Keep the fan clear of obstructions like debris.

Air Fryer Timer Not Working!

Timer present on-air fryer is important for air fryer’s users. This tells about the duration your food is going to be cooked. Any kind of error in the timer results in the burning of food or food which is not according to your will.

An error in a timer means it will not execute the instruction you give. The following reasons should be solved for the proper working of your air fryer timer.

Why Is My Air Fryer Timer Not Working?


  • Your Air fryer’s software could experience a disruption.
  • There could be a mechanical issue.
  • Users occasionally fail to start the clock. For this to function.
  • The timer’s improper response is another factor.


  • The timer needs to be stacked. This error prevents the cycle from concluding correctly.
  • The temperature knob is more likely to be turned on than the timer. Check that the timer is set.
  • Unplug the air fryer and wait three minutes before plugging it back in to better the issue.
  • Take the timer out of the calculation and clean it if there is some dirt.
  • To replace the broken timer, you’ll need to buy a new one, so wipe it down.
  •  Get in touch with the air fryer customer support team if the timer still does not begin to count down.

Air Fryer Stopped Working While Cooking!

Air fryers work smoothly, but for some reason, they suddenly stop working. This is due to any unpleasant element disturbing the air fryer’s functioning. Though it is a precautionary measure, this could damage your air fryer.

Here we will highlight some of the important reasons and try to understand what possible solutions could be.

Why Is My Air Fryer Stopped Working While Cooking?


  • Your air fryer can be overheated as a cause. The air fryer can abruptly stop off as a result of this.
  • If the basket of your electric air fryer is not properly positioned, the air fryer stops operating.
  • When there is a lot of food inside the fryer at once, the air fryer will cease operating.
  • The presence of oil or fat in the food being used could also be a cause.


  • To start, it’s advisable to disconnect your air fryer and give it 30 minutes to cool down before you attempt any repairs.
  • You should take off as much grease as possible before cooking because air fryers use hot air for cooking food. For this, rub your meal with a paper towel or soak it all night in salt water.
  • Avoid loading your air fryer with too much food at once.
  • You should verify that your basket is properly inserted.
  • You require a replacement part if everything else is fine, but it still won’t work. For more details, only get in touch with a nearby repair service.

Air Fryer Making Loud Noise!

Air fryers usually produce noise which is due to their fan. But this noise is not disturbing. The air fryer’s fan produces a noise up to 65 decibels.

Any noise more than this will be due to an abnormality within the air fryer. Some important reasons are given below.

Why Is My Air Fryer Making Loud Noise?


  • A loose component is typically to blame for the noise that is created. A rattling sound can be produced even if the smallest component is loose.
  • The amount of noise your air fryer makes can also depend on its model.
  • Loose material near the air fryer’s base is another potential source of rattles within an air fryer.


  • Through proper cleaning, you can avoid this. 
  • Before utilizing and positioning your air fryer in an open space, be sure nothing is loose.
  • If you are using the old model air fryer, then replace it with the new model. Because when air fryers get old, it makes noise.

Air Fryer Making Smoke

Some users experience smoke production from their air fryers. It is irritating, but smoke production means your air fryer is not operating properly. Why does this happen? What are the reasons, and how to solve them? Let’s discuss.

Why Is My Air Fryer Making Smoke?


  • You can blame too much fat, a buildup of food, or too much food for the smoke emanating from your air fryer.
  • Dirty heating coils or crumbs from expired food.
  • Even if your dish has little oil, but you cook a lot at once, oil/food particles may still spray on the heating element and become a cause of smoking.
  • The frying basket of your air fryer might be too small for cooking at higher temperatures.


  • Attempt using a smaller basket less often or invest in a larger one.
  • Cook the dish for a longer period at a lower temperature.
  • Don’t overfill your air fryer’s basket or rack with food.
  • Clean up after your air fryer! When everything is perfectly cool.
  • To remove old grease or food trapped on it, gently wipe the interior and the heating components or coils.

Air Fryer Smells Like Plastic!

 Cooking in an air fryer has relatively few drawbacks. However, some customers claim that the plastic-like odor coming from their air fryers gives their food a bad odor and aftertaste. Don’t worry; there is a simple solution for this.

Why Is My Air Fryer Smalls Like Plastic?


  • Plastic-smelling air fryers all have one thing in common: they were just taken out of the packing and haven’t had time to breathe or be spotless.
  • In essence, the “inner walls” of the machine and other mechanical parts are composed of plastic, and they frequently have a “protective coating” on them.
  • The scent of plastic can contaminate your food when those components are exposed to heat (i.e., when you use an air fryer).


  • Manufacturers are required to test fryers before packing them to prevent this.
  • You should start by spotless all the mechanical components, including the tray and venting fans.
  • The correct cleaning instructions ought to be included in your unit.
  • Before turning on the fryer, try sprinkling some oil on the interior walls.
  • Think about using “one part distilled vinegar and one part lemon juice” to make an odor remover. Put the food inside your air fryer and let it run for two minutes.
  • Alternatively, run your air fryer for 15 to 20 minutes after unboxing. Any emitted gases won’t end up in the food this way.

Air Fryer Smells Like Burning!

While using any type of electric appliance, a burning smell is not a pleasant thing. It is an indication of some destruction. But what are the reasons why your air fryer smells like burning? Let’s discuss 

Why Is My Air Fryer Smells Like Burning?


  • If your air fryer is the most recent addition to your collection of kitchen appliances, the fragrance you smell is likely just the protective coating of the equipment deteriorating.
  • Most likely, the source of the offensive burning smell is if you do not clean your air fryer after each usage.
  • If your kitchen appliance is burning with a distinct plastic scent, it may be overheating.
  • Your air fryer’s burning odor could be coming from the power connection.


  • If your air fryer is fresh new, simply allow it to run a few times, and the problem should disappear completely.
  • Purchase a new power cord to replace the current one.
  • Keep your basket clean. If you discover that some food particles are difficult to remove, you might let the item for a few minutes to soak in warm water and dish soap.
  • To avoid further damage, turn off your air fryer as soon as it starts to heat up.

Air Fryer Not Crispy!

Nowadays, nobody wants to eat uncooked food or food with oil or fat. For this reason, we all use air fryers, as they make crispy food for us.

But like all-electric appliances, fryers also have limitations. Their functioning stops if they are used carelessly. If your fryer is not making crispy food, it could be due to:

Why Is My Air Fryer Not Crispy?


  • Too many snacks or items cooked at once
  • Fresh homemade fries are not cooked properly.
  • Non-oven-ready foods, snacks, or fries were used.
  • The temperature is incorrectly set.
  • The time allotted for preparation is incorrect.
  • Oil or fat was not used properly.
  • There could be a problem with your air fryer’s heating elements.


  • Cooking many snacks or too much food at once is not recommended. Smaller portions are more evenly air-fried.
  • Use oven-ready products with your Air fryer for the best results. When you cook oven-ready snacks in your air fryer, they turn golden brown and crispy.
  • Select the appropriate temperature.
  • All snacks, except those made with pastry, should be prepared at 200°C (400°F).
  • If you make greater amounts of food, shake the basket two to three times for an evener outcome.
  • Don’t forget to incorporate the oil into the bread crumbs while making homemade breaded snacks.
  • Whenever possible, choose low-fat snack options.

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