Why Is My Philips Air Fryer Not Working? 6 Reasons & Solutions

why is my philips air fryer not working

You are probably a Philips air fryer user and facing some problems while using your air fryer. If so, this Philips air fryer-related article is for you.

Here we have discussed some Philips air fryer problems and gave their solution so that a Philips air fryer user can fix his air fryer problems at home.

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Why Is My Philips Air Fryer Not Working?

There are several reasons why you are facing such a problem. They are not specific by any means. But we have gathered all the possible reasons and their solutions for your Philips air fryer not working.

  1. Not plugged: If the air fryer gets no electricity, it won’t work, and we all understand that.

So make sure you have plugged in the air fryer and turned the switch on.

If it still doesn’t power up, try unplugging the air fry for a moment and re-plug it. After that, it will show signs of being connected and react according to it. Continue reading if that doesn’t work.

2. Not a working socket:

It might not be the fault of your air fryer, but rather it’s the fault of the socket.

It’s crucial to ensure that the socket is functioning. Plug in other devices; if it doesn’t power up, the socketing is not functioning.

Try another working socket or fix it with the help of an expert.

3. Not placing the basket:

The air fryer doesn’t work if the basket is not placed in the air fryer correctly.

You have to make sure you placed the basket correctly and that the air fryer is detecting the basket placed. Sometimes the basket comes loose, and the air fryer takes it as if no one placed a basket.

So, put your air fryer’s basket properly. Try to lift it with a butter knife or something else between the basket and the air fryer if it is loose.

4. Not a suitable cable:

Check if your Philips air fryer’s cable for damage. They can be tough, but they can wear and tear over the years. They can be damaged when stretched, bent, twisted, squashed, and moved around.

Check closely if any part of the cable’s part is exposed. If you find one, ask an expert to replace it.

Assuming that anything causes to break the cable head, Unscrew and replace it with a new original one. Be careful and avoid touching other than the insulation.

5. Not a working fuse:

When everything’s all right with the power supply, cable, and cable head, check if the fuse is in good condition or not.

In case of a blown fuse, it won’t work no matter how good your cable condition is.

Depending on different countries, you may or may not have a fuse.

If your plug has three pins, then it probably has a fuse. You can unscrew the plug and replace the fuse. If the plug has two pins, it doesn’t have any fuse.

6. Not having enough voltage: The Philips air fryer has 220 voltage. If the voltage is low, your air fryer will not work properly or even stop working.

So, wait until the voltage is stable in your house or call an expert to take proper steps to fix the voltage problem.

Why Is My Philips Air Fryer Not Working After Cleaning?

If your Philips air fryer is not working after cleaning, there might be two reasons.

  1. Too much water got in your air fryer for cleaning air fryer improperly or
  2. It may have some problem in something else like the question answered previously.

If you clean your Philips air fryer properly as instructed, there should be any problem regarding starting the air fryer. Check on you how to clean Philips air fryer.

But if you face any problem, try to solve it following the previously answered question about ‘Why is my Philips air fryer not working?’ or take it to an expert to solve it.

Why Is My Philips Air Fryer Not Working After A Power Outage?

A sudden power outage doesn’t harm your Philips air fryer or other devices. But when the power comes back suddenly, it can damage your Philips air fryer.

The sudden surge of electricity could damage the inner mechanisms of the Philips air fryer (even other electronic equipment too).

The inner mechanism is probably damaged if your Philips air fryer is not working after a power outage. It’ll be a good choice if you see an expert to fix your air fryer.

To avoid this problem in the future, when the power goes down, unplug your Philips air fryer (other electronic devices also).

Why Is My Philips Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working?

There are a couple of reasons for this to happen. Like unwanted grease, dropped from a height, low electricity, etc. Read our article on the air fryer touch screen not working. It will help you solve the problem.

Philips Air Fryer Timer Not Working

It can occur due to anything disrupting the software on your Philips air fryer. To solve this

  • Please unplug your Philips air fryer
  • Wait for 3 minutes
  • Plug it again.

It will solve the problem. Or you can Reset Philips air fryer. If the problem is still not solved, contact an expert to fix it for you.

Philips Air Fryer Fan Not Working!

Over time the fan’s power base of an air fryer becomes loose. But several problems can cause an air fryer non-workable. So if you want to fix it yourself, here is what to do.

  1. Figuring out the problem

Open the drawer of the air fryer and look carefully. Trying to take the drawer out and slide it with the air fryer plugged in and switched on. Check a few times if you can run the fan.

Assuming that the fan doesn’t work after attempting it a few times, there might be an issue with the safety switch.

2. Turning on the switch

Turning the safety switch on, you must use a butter knife or card. Slide the drawer into the device. Then make sure your air fryer switch is not on.

When the drawer is in place, slide the knife or card through the bottom of the drawer gap to trigger the switch. It will alternate the safety interlock.

3. Testing the result

After the previous step, make sure the knife or card is no longer in the machine, then turn the device on. You should hear the fan start-up.

But if following all the steps doesn’t work, then there might be a fault in an electrical connection. Contact a professional to fix it for you.

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Philips Air Fryer Troubleshooting

Philips Air Fryer Not Getting Hot!

There can be several reasons for your air fryer to get hot. We include the possible reasons for this and how to solve them below.

  1. Low temperature.

According to the Philips air fryer manual, setting your electric air fryer to cook at 40° C (100° F) or below may seem like it is not heating up, especially when the surrounding environment temperature is similar.

Check the temperature on your Philips air fryer and rise it necessarily.

2. Not fixing the time

Please check if you have set the time or not. Press the timer button and set the desired time for a digital air fryer with a touch screen.

In the case of an analog air fryer, turn the Philips air fryer timer knob to the desired time. If the cooking time is under 10 minutes, please set the timer to 15 minutes and then turn it back to desired shorter cooking time. (Check your Philips air fryer time chart)

3. Not closed drawer

Make sure your Philips air fryer drawer is closed completely. If your air fryer drawer is not closed completely, The air fryer will not deactivate the pan detection switch.

In the end, the air fryer won’t heat up.

4. Not plugged in

The air fryer might not be plugged in. Please make sure that the air fryer is getting electricity. So, Insert the air fryer plug correctly.

5. Broken heater

It is possible that all the previous solutions won’t work. So, we can assume that the heater is not working for some reason. Don’t hesitate to contact an expert to fix the heater.

Final Thoughts

We tried our best to fix all the possible problems throughout this article. If you face any other problem not included in this article, let us know about it.

We will make sure you get the solution to your problem. So take care of Philips air fryer and cook food with less oil. Thank you for reading.

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