Bella Pro Series Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working! Here’s What To Do


Bella Pro Series Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working!

When the touch screen of your Bella Pro series fryer is not working, especially if the device is new, several thoughts come to mind. Might there be a breakdown? Is the issue resolvable, or did you just spend money on a useless piece of equipment? With air fryers, there are a lot more difficulties.

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There are many possible reasons why your Bella Pro series air fryer touch screen not working.

Why Is Your Bella Pro Series Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working?


  • Your device won’t respond to touch if there is a power outage. There are numerous reasons for power outages, including:
    • Defective socket
    • Faulty fuse
    • Faulty wires
    • Regional power outages
  • Any of the aforementioned functions will stop power from entering your gadget.
  • Before you have power getting into your apparatus, nothing will flicker, power on, or respond to your touch.
  • The control or mother plate is where all programs obtain their information.
  • Any flaw prevents the touch screen and the entire unit from executing commands. And for that reason, it is inoperable or unresponsive.
  • The high voltage of the air fryer prevents the switch from functioning.
  • The mother plate had to control the voltage to a safe level as a result. When this doesn’t occur, the membrane switch shuts off, which has an impact on the touch screen.
  • Its touch screen is no longer touch-sensitive.
  • Your screen’s touch functionality may stop operating due to obsolescence, among other diagnostics.


  • When everything is set up, and your Bella air fryer is powered on, the touch screen ought to respond. Otherwise, a faulty membrane switch is the cause of a more complex problem.
  • Bring your kitchen appliance to a repair facility or hire a skilled electronic specialist who will examine the control board and identify the issue.
  • The only options when the screen breaks are to replace it or use the appliance manually.
  • A recent Bella air fryer model that boasts should be sought out.

Bella Pro Series air fryer Not Working!

There are some specific reasons why is your Bella Pro series air fryer not working. Below we have mentioned the reasons and given the solutions to the problems.

Why Is Your Bella Pro Series Air Fryer Not Working?


  • The socket to which your Bella air fryer is connected is broken and inoperable.
  • A plug that isn’t properly attached to the attachment.
  • The basket is not properly positioned.
  • The air fryer will stop working if Bella Pro series air fryer settings are not properly programmed.
  • Your fryer shuts off automatically if it becomes too hot.
  • If the basket is not properly placed, the fryer will stop working.
  • There may be some electrical or technological issues.


  • Verify that the kitchen gadget is plugged into the socket correctly.
  • Verify whether the socket is broken and whether the Air fryer will work in another socket.
  • Replace the damaged power cord with a new one. Be careful while setting the temperature. While using the fryer, close its door completely.
  • Look for any cuts or damage along the length of the power cord cable and the head.
  • Set the basket in the proper location.
  • Unplug the air fryer, wait for ten to fifteen minutes, and then plug it back in.
  • You need the manufacturer’s assistance if you have tried all the above-mentioned causes and nothing has worked.
  • To speak with the manufacturer directly, get in touch with the retailer or seller from whom you made the purchase.
  • You can get Bella Pro series air fryer parts from a retail shop or online.

Bella Pro Series Air Fryer Fan Not Working!

A non-functioning fan is a common problem that many people have with their air fryers. This problem can occur several days, weeks, or months after purchasing the discussed fryer. For a variety of reasons, your Bella Pro series air fryer’s fan may not be working.

Why Is Your Bella Pro Series Air Fryer Fan Not Working?


  • If the safety button functions as it should, there can be an issue with the electrical connection.
  • Issues with the power supply, the thermal fuse, and the suspended emergency switch.
  • An issue with the internal components of the fryer.
  • Manufacturing Errors sometimes are the reasons as well.
  • Fan issues are also caused by overheating.
  • An issue with the central motor.
  • Broken connectors and loose cables cause faults in the functioning of your fan.


  • Press the emergency button.
  • Modify the fan’s electrical connection.
  • If the device is overheated, unplug it.
  • Look for production flaws.
  • Keep the fan clear of obstructions like debris.

Bella Pro Series Air Fryer Not Turning On!

There are some specific reasons why is your Bella Pro series air fryer not turning on. Below we have mentioned the reasons and given the solutions to the problems.

Why Is Your Bella Pro Series Air Fryer Not Turning On?


  • Your air fryer’s inability to switch on is most likely due to a problem with the power cord.
  • Most deep fryer power cords are magnetically attached to the appliance and are easily breakable if the fryer is moved or banged.
  • Before assuming your power cord is defective, make sure it is connected properly.
  • The internal conductors of the cord may be faulty, or the cord contacts may be worn out or unclean, which would produce a poor connection to the air fryer.


  • No disassembly is necessary; all it takes to replace the power cable on your air fryer is to order a new one that is compatible with your model.
  • A problem with the control assembly, which houses the electrical components, could prevent your deep fryer from turning on.

How To Turn On The Bella Pro Series Air Fryer?

  • Once the air fryer displays on the screen, press MENU. To start the device, press the white POWER/START button.
  • Choose between 175°F and 400°F for air frying. If the air fryer is cold, set the timer to the specified air frying duration + 3 minutes for warming.
  • The air fryer will start heating when the orange HEAT ON indicator turns on.
  • The orange HEAT ON LED will switch off when the desired temperature is reached.
  • If the frying basket is not completely closed, the air fryer will not operate.

How To Turn Off The Bella Pro Series Air Fryer?

  • Simply click the white POWER () button whenever you want to turn the Air Convection Fryer OFF or reset the time.
  • You can remove the frying basket drawer from the body at any time to stop air frying immediately.
  • By setting the timer dial to 0, the Air Fryer can be turned off whenever desired.
  • When the predetermined air frying time has passed, a buzzer will beep.
  • Automatic shut-off of the air fryer will occur.

Final Thoughts

We hope that the above article about Bella Pro series air fryer problems and solutions helped you to make active your air fryer again.

If you still face any problems, you can let us know by leaving a comment or you contact the Bella customer service team.

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