5 Common Crux Air Fryer Problems Solutions


Crux Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working!

You are probably a Crux air fryer user and facing some problems while cooking. One of the very common issues is the Crux air fryer touch screen not working.

There can be many reasons your Crux air fryer touch screen is not working. The situation can be very frustrating as the air fryer won’t function properly without a working touch screen. Plus, monitoring ongoing activities in the air fryer will be hard.

So you can first try to unplug the air fryer for a few minutes and then again try the touch screen. But there can be more than one reason why the Crux air fryer touch screen not working. So let’s find the causes and solutions.

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  1. Debris or grease on the touch screen

Debris or dirt can quickly build up on the touch screen if you frequently use the air fryer but do not clean regularly.

It is a common cause of the Crux air fryer touch screen not working. Remove debris or grease from the surface with a cloth and dry off completely. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you must take your Crux air fryer in for repairs or replacement.

2. Broken touch screen

If the Crux air fryer slipped from your hand or somehow accidentally damaged the touch screen, the situation can arise. If you have broken your Crux air fryer touch screen, it will be necessary to replace it as there is no feasible way of fixing it yourself. You can contact an authorized service provider who will install a new one for you.

3. Water or damage from other foreign materials

Did you accidentally put the appliance into the dishwasher? Water can easily sip into the air fryer. If water or other foreign materials have damaged the touch screen, it will need to be replaced. 

Alternatively, you can try cleaning the surface with a dry cloth and a little rubbing alcohol. Check the Crux air fryer instruction manual to look for cleaning instructions. If none of these solutions works, your Crux air fryer may require repair or replacement.

4. Overused or old touch screen 

It is a prevalent reason why touch screens stop working. As they are machine over using or long time use can cause average damages. Especially if you have been using the air fryer for a long time, maybe this is time to replace your old air fryer touch screen.

Crux Air Fryer Not Working!

There can be many factors that can make your Crux air fryer not work. So the first thing you should do is check if you have plugged the cord properly into the outlet. In many situations, users do everything to fix it but forget to check the outlet. Let us look at the other causes and solutions.

  1. Damaged power outlet

If your Crux air fryer isn’t working, it could be because the power outlet is damaged. Check for any visible damage to the outlet; if so, replace it with a new one. If the outlet looks okay, try plugging something else into it to see if it’s working correctly.

2. Blown fuse in the device

Another possibility is that a fuse in the air fryer has blown. Check the Crux air fryer user manual to see where the fuse is located and how to replace it. You can also get help from professionals if you can’t do it alone.

3. Defective heating element

The heating element may be defective if the air fryer isn’t working after checking the power outlet and fuse. The air fryer won’t receive heat when the heating element doesn’t function properly. As a result, it will look like the air fryer is not working. Contact a qualified technician to replace the heating element.

4. Damaged parts inside the air fryer

Any damaged parts inside the air fryer, such as the heating element or thermostat, could prevent the air fryer from working correctly. Inspect the air fryer for any damage and replace any damaged parts

If your Crux air fryer isn’t working right, you can also check all of its parts to ensure nothing is broken. Look for loose parts, cracks in the equipment, or even missing pieces (especially if you have moved the air fryer multiple times).

5. Too many devices are connected to the outlet.

If there are too many devices plugged into the same power outlet, this can cause the air fryer not to work correctly. Unplug some of the devices and try again.

6. The air fryer is not receiving enough power.

Another possibility is that the air fryer isn’t receiving enough power. Ensure the power cord is plugged into a working outlet and the air fryer is turned on. If the air fryer isn’t working, try plugging it into a different outlet.

7. The air fryer may be defective.

If the Crux air fryer is still not working after trying all of the above troubleshooting tips, the air fryer may be defective. Please take it to the Crux customer service. They might exchange the device if you have a warranty.

Crux Air Fryer Fan Not Working!

The crux air fryer uses hot air to cook the food. But when the fan doesn’t work, the food will be incomplete. When this kind of problem arises, it is better not to use the device until it is fixed. So let’s look at the causes and solutions we have.

Why Is Crux Air Fryer Fan Not Working?

  1. Check the safety interlock.

A few things could be wrong with your air fryer’s fan. Check if the safety button on the bottom of the drawer has been pushed. If so, the fan won’t turn on because of the safety interlock. You will need a butter knife, an old gift card, or a credit card to turn on the switch. Be careful with the butter knife, and ensure the fryer is turned off to avoid an electric shock.

Put the drawer in your Crux air fryer and put the knife or card in the slot in the right place. The method will get around the safety lock, so the fryer fan should usually work.

2. Internal damages

If the safety switch works, there might be a problem with how the wires are connected. The fan’s power supply can sometimes become loose and needs to be adjusted to fix it.

There could even be a problem with the fan’s internal parts that stopped it from working.

3. Motor damage

When there is motor damage, the fan won’t operate even if it can create unnecessary loud noise. You can inspect if there is any burning smell inside the device. Replace any burnt or damaged motor.

4. Overheating:

If your Crux air fryer is too hot, you need to unplug it and let it cool down, as this can make the air fryer fan nonoperative. The problem will go away on its own after a while. The air fryer needs a new heating element or a fan if it doesn’t.

5. Loose parts

Over time, the power base of the fan may become loose and need to be tightened for the fan to work again. It’s also possible that one of the fan parts is broken. It is better to bring it to any professional electrician.

Crux Air Fryer Not Turning On!

We understand how frustrating it feels when you plan to cook something special, but your Crux air fryer not turning on. The cause and fixes depend on how big the problem is. Let’s head over to see the causes and solutions.

  1. Improper parts placement

First, check the basket placement. You might have improperly placed them or did not lock the door completely. The air fryer has built-in security, so the device won’t turn on when you miss placing the parts correctly.

Check the Crux air fryer instructions if you can’t figure out the part’s placements correctly, especially if you are a new user; this will be useful.

2. Using excessive food

Did you use too much food inside the air fryer? It can cause the device not to turn on. If you plan to cook a large amount of food, do it in small batches. Do not exceed the maximum level.

If you have added too much food inside the air fryer, remove some and see if it turns on.

3. The device may be overheating.

When the device is getting excessive power, this can happen. A faulty sensor can also give the wrong signal and lead to the device overheating. Contact your local kitchen appliance repair store to replace any faulty sensor. Call an electrician to check if the outlet is receiving excessive power voltage.

4. Not knowing general user guidelines.

Make sure that all parts are clean and not broken before every use. The cord, basket, tray, and pan will be part of these parts.

Second, make sure the air fryer is on a level surface and at least four inches away from the wall and any shelves above it. Make sure there is no food (or dust) in the basket. It is essential if you haven’t used the machine in a while.

Look for any visible damages. The device won’t turn on if damaged parts are inside the crux air fryer. Replace any parts if necessary or contact customer support.

Crux Air Fryer Not Turning Off!

When using an air fryer for cooking food, the machine not turning off can completely ruin the food. It can be a huge pain for people who use this appliance. A crux air fryer is automatically set up to shut down when the food is done. So when it does not turn off, it indicates that the appliance has an internal issue or damage.

Why Is Your Crux Air Fryer Not Turning On? ( Reasons & Solutions)

As it is not turning off, first unplug the device from the power outlet. Before you unplug, turn off the outlet’s power supply, then unplug the air fryer.

You might have added too much or significantly less food to the air fryer. Always check the recipe book.

Now check if the device is getting any heat. The device won’t heat properly when you have a damaged heating element. As a result, the control board won’t receive any signal. Replace any damaged heating element.

Look for any damages to the air fryer dialer. If it is damaged, then it can operate properly. Check if any debris or dirt has blocked the dialer. Clean it with soft fabric. For a damaged dialer, replace it immediately.

If your Crux air fryer is getting enough heat, then there might be an issue with the control panel or motherboard. It is beyond home repair. You can take help from an expert or bring it to Crux air fryer customer service.

2 thoughts on “5 Common Crux Air Fryer Problems Solutions”

  1. Larry Dapprich

    When fryer has been programmed with all settings illuminated I push the start button and it just shuts down.

    Any suggestions?

    It is a crux artisan series 4.6QT digital air fryer.

    Model EK-40XO7K1

    1. If your Crux air fryer shuts down immediately after you push the start button and all the settings are illuminated, there could be a few potential causes for this issue. Here are some suggestions to troubleshoot the problem:

      Check the power source: Make sure the air fryer is properly connected to a functioning power source. Ensure that the power cord is securely plugged in and not damaged.

      Reset the air fryer: Sometimes, a simple reset can resolve the issue. Unplug your Crux air fryer from the power source, wait for a few minutes, and then plug it back in. This can help clear any temporary glitches.

      Overload protection: Some air fryers have built-in overload protection mechanisms. If you are trying to operate your Crux air fryer with too many appliances connected to the same power source, it could cause an overload and trigger the shutdown. Disconnect any additional appliances sharing the same power outlet and try again.

      Check for error codes: Some Crux air fryer models display error codes when they encounter a problem. Consult the user manual or manufacturer’s website to identify the meaning of any error codes displayed. This information can help pinpoint the specific issue and guide you towards a solution.

      Contact customer support: If the above tips don’t resolve your Crux air fryer problem, it’s advisable to reach out to the customer support of the air fryer manufacturer. They can provide you with specific troubleshooting steps or assist you further with the issue you are experiencing.

      Remember, it is very important to refer to the user manual or contact the Crux customer service team for detailed instructions that are specific to your Cru air fryer model, as different models may have different troubleshooting steps.

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