6 Common NuWave Air Fryer Problems Solutions!


NuWave Air Fryer Not Working!

Air fryers are one of the most convenient appliances you can get for your kitchen, which is a much healthier option for any home cook. NuWave air fryers are one of these appliances we recommend due to their stability and performance. If your NuWave air fryer not working, then you are in the right place. However, being an electrical device, anything can happen. 

The article will provide a depth overview of the possible reasons why your NuWave air fryer is not working as it should and how you can resolve those issues. 

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  1. Faulty socket

Sometimes the power socket is the reason your NuWave air fryer is not turning on. Moreover, due to voltage, the air fryer will not start. That is why ensure the power socket voltage matches what your air fryers require to run. 

2. Damaged or broken cable

The power cable of a NuWave air fryer allows the machine to get power from the outlet of your house so that it can operate properly. However, it is also part of the air fryer, which we often neglect. A damaged cable will not allow the voltage to flow and reach the air fryer causing it not to run. 

In that case, changing the cable is the only option to reuse the air fryer at its full potential. 

3. The fryer is not plugged in.

Check if the air fryer is properly in contact with the power socket, as a loose cable will prevent the air fryer from turning on. It is a very common issue as most of the electric air fryer is not plugged into the socket or is hanging out. 

4. Out-of-place basket and unset timer

If the basket we put food into to cook is not in place or locks properly, the appliance’s safety feature will prevent it from starting. So, make sure the basket clicks into place while putting it in the air fryer.

Another reason is the cooking timer. If you do not properly set the cooking timer, your Nuwave air fryer will not start. Make sure to select the cooking timer before pressing the START button.

NuWave Air Fryer Not Heating Up!

One of the most important Nuwave air fryer parts are the heating element and the thermocouple. These two important parts are responsible for heating the Nuwave air fryer to cook food and monitoring the temperature so that it does not overheat.

However, the Nuwave air fryer might stop heating up due to issues in these parts. In that case, you can follow the below suggestions to resolve it –

Why Is Your NuWave Air Fryer Not Heating Up?

  1. Heating element 

If your NuWave air fryer heating element is not working, as indicated by the machine not heating up, you will need to access the PCB. Then check for any broken or burnt copper layer on the board. If any layer is burnt or broken, put another copper layer on it, which should solve the issue. 

2. The thermocouple

There is no option but to replace the part if there are any issues with the thermocouple of your NuWave air fryer. 

NuWave Air Fryer Stopped Working!

NuWave air fryers are one of the most stable and durable appliances you can find on the market. However, as it is an electrical device, issues with the circuit might lead to the NuWave air fryer stopping working. Moreover, several reasons could be behind why the NuWave air fryer stopped working:


  • Faulty cable
  • Faulty circuit
  • Dirty connections


  • Most of the cables behind a NuWave air fryer stop working because it is damaged or broken, the cord prevents power from getting to the air fryer. In that case, you will have to change the power cable of the air fryer or take it in for replacement using the Nuwave air fryer warranty.
  • The circuit board in the NuWave electric air fryer is very fragile, and the connections are made with a thin copper layer. Check for any burnt or broken layer, which is probably the cause for your NuWave air fryer to stop working, and put another layer to resolve the issue. 
  • Over time, the NuWave air fryer’s internal and external connections get dirty and prevent it from making a flawless performance. Take a clean small brush and clean all the areas where there is dirt, gunk, or debris well. 

NuWave Air Fryer Fan Not Working!

The fan in your NuWave air fryer is one of the most important elements as it circulates the hot air inside the air fryer to cook the food in the basket.

However, it is also a fragile part that can go bad or show issues after using the air fryer for a long time. Here are why your NuWave air fryer’s fan is not working and how you can solve it –

Why NuWave Air Fryer Fan Not Working?

  1. Faulty connections

After using a NuWave Air Fryer for a long time, dirt, debris, or gunk can build up in the connection preventing other parts from operating. It is also correct for the fan in your NuWave air fryer. Dirt and gunk can build up in the rotating part of the fan and can prevent it from spinning. In that case, you can take out your NuWave air fryer fan and clean all areas. 

2. Broken links

The circuit board of a NuWave air fryer is also very delicate and consists of thin copper layers that operate as links to other parts. If one line gets burnt, it will stop that part from working.

Check for any broken or burnt lines of copper and if there are any, then put another layer to resolve the problem. 

3. Broken fan

If you hear a sound when you run your NuWave air fryer, it probably comes from the fan. In that case, change or replace the part.

NuWave Air Fryer Fan Stopped Working!

As mentioned above, the NuWave air fryer fan is one of the most important parts of a NuWave air fryer. It helps circulate the air and allows the heat to reach every corner of the food recipes for an even cooking experience. 

However, the NuWave air fryer fan can stop working mostly due to a broken link with the fan or the part being broken. You can solve the broken link problem by putting another copper layer on the burnt area. But for a broken part, replacing is the only option.

Moreover, Nuwave air fryer replacement parts are easily available, so that will make much of a hassle. 

NuWave Air Fryer Buttons Not Working!

It is not common for the NuWave air fryer’s button to not work; however, if that so happens, it could be because of problems that will require professional help. 


  • Bad control panel 
  • Mechanical error
  • Corrupted memory


  • Due to excessive heat or loose wiring, the control panel of your NuWave air fryer can malfunction. In that case, you will have to contact NuWave air fryer customer support or consult a professional. 
  • The mechanical error happens due to a faulty part; the only option is to replace it or take it in for repairs. 
  • For a corrupted memory, you will need to reset your NuWave kitchen appliance. Press the reset button and hold it for a few seconds. Then wait for the “C” to appear on the screen, and the air fryer will reset to its default settings. 

NuWave Air Fryer Stopped Working While Cooking!

It is highly unlikely for a NuWave air fryer to stop working while cooking; however, if that happens, we recommend going through the Nuwave air fryer user manual guide. That should have the solution in those types of situations. 

On the other hand, the core reason a NuWave air fryer stops working while cooking is overheating. Modern air fryers have a safety feature to prevent the air fryer from overheating. When you are using the air fryer for a long time, it can significantly raise its internal temperature.

In that case, the safety feature kicks in and shuts off the air fryer for it to cool off what you can do to let the air fryer sit for a while and try using it again. 

Another reason is putting too much food in the basket and preventing the fryer from stopping while cooking. Check out the Nuwave air fryer user manual to know how much food you should put in the basket. 

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