Bella Pro Series Air Fryer Troubleshooting! 9 Problem Solutions


Bella Pro Series Air Fryer Troubleshooting!

You are probably a Bella Pro air fryer user and facing technical problems while using it. Today, we will solve some common issues of a Bella Pro series air fryer. We tried to cover as many issues as possible and give solutions to you. So without further ado, let’s get to our topic.

Bella Pro Series Air Fryer Stopped Working!

If your Bella Pro series air fryer stopped working, there could be many reasons for the occurrence. Let’s look at causes and solutions without further stretching the topic.

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  • You may have a faulty power cable that is impacting the power transmission.
  • You may have plugged the Bella air fryer incorrectly into the power outlet.
  • When the electric air fryer basket is placed in the wrong position.
  • The heating element of the air fryer may have gone wrong.


Before you follow any step, check the continuity of the power cable using a multimeter. If this is the issue, replace the power cable, and the Bella air fryer will begin working properly.

  • Make sure that you have correctly plugged the appliance into the socket.
  • Your Air Fryer will stop working if the basket is not set correctly. It is one of the safety precautions in the Bella Pro series. Make sure the basket is fitted perfectly. You will hear a click sound when the basket is appropriately included.
  • If this does not solve your problem, then there is a chance that the heating element has gone wrong. In this case, this is beyond home repair. Consult with customer care.

Bella Pro Series Air Fryer Not Staying On!

You may be wondering why your Bella Pro series air fryer is shutting off in the middle of your cooking. We have shared possible causes and solutions for you.


  • You may have attached to many powerful devices in the same power outlet.
  • There can be damage to the air fryer cable or a blown fuse.
  • Your Bella Pro series air fryer’s lid is faulty or loose, and your device won’t function properly.
  • There can be an issue with the heating element, which makes your air fryer too hot and shutdowns in the middle.
  •  Your device may be overheating from a power surge or other sources.


Before you proceed to any step, ensure that the power outlet where your air fryer is connected has no power issues.

  • Remove all other devices from the outlet and leave them unplugged for 15 to 20 minutes. Now plug the Bella Pro series air fryer into the outlet only and see if any issues arise.
  • Examine the air fryer’s cable for any damage. Contact an electrician if the air fryer has internal damage. In case of cable damage, replace it.
  • Check if the closing door or lid is broken or loose. If there are loose wires, tighten them up with a screwdriver. If there is a broken lid, you have to replace it.
  • Before closing the lid, ensure the basket is in place, then turn the air fryer on.
  • If your air fryer is getting too hot, then unplug it and wait 15 to 20 minutes to cool it down. Now connect the air fryer to some other outlet. If the problem persists, then there is an issue with the device. Talk to customer care support.

Bella Pro Series Air Fryer Won’t Close!

There is no reason why closing an air fryer drawer shouldn’t be as easy as opening it. You should be concerned if yours doesn’t close or takes some effort. There are many possible causes of a rigid or unresponsive air fryer drawer.


  • You might not have filled the basket to the maximum level.
  • You might be unable to close your drawer if you do not arrange your basket perfectly to fit the drawer pan. 


  • Always use maximum food in your Bella Pro series electric air fryer. Check the air fryer manual. They have shared measurement guidelines there.
  • Also, make sure your basket is aligned correctly. If you cannot figure out how to do it. Check the manuals.

Bella Pro Series Air Fryer Door Won’t Close!

Let’s look at the issues why your Bella Pro series air fryer door won’t close and find the solutions.


  • You may have added too much food to the basket, preventing the door from being closed.
  • You may have misaligned the device parts.
  • Gunk or debris may have blocked the door.
  • You may have a broken Bella air fryer door.


  • Always read the Bella Pro series air fryer to measure the food amount. Remove some food from the air fryer and see if it works.
  • Again check the manual to see if you attached the parts correctly, especially the basket. If not, follow the manual instructions.
  • Use a sponge to clean any junk or debris blockage inside the door. Next, dry the air fryer door with a towel.
  • If you find any external damage to the door, then replace it.

Bella Pro Series Air Fryer Beeping Continuously!

Let’s find out why your Bella Pro series air fryer is beeping continuously and fix the issue.


  • There can be a bug inside the device system.
  • You may have kept the device plugged in for an extended period without any use.
  • The air fryer fan may have malfunctioned.
  • Your Bella Pro series air fryer may have a blown thermal fuse.
  • There can be a loose internal part.
  • The issue with heating elements.


  • If you leave your food in the air fryer for too long, it will still beep. You can restart your air fryer if this is the case.
  • Suppose your device has a digital bug. Try disconnecting and reconnecting it. It should fix the problem.
  • When the cooking is done, you should unplug your Bella Pro series air fryer if it is still plugged into the outlet. It could cause the appliance to beep.
  • When the device still keeps beeping, there can be an issue with the heating element, and you have to replace it.
  • If you cannot solve the problem, unplug it from the main outlet and take it to customer care support.

Bella Pro Series Air Fryer Making Loud Noise!

When your Bella Pro series air fryer makes a loud noise, it indicates danger, so do not continue using it with the loud sound. Now let’s look at the possible reasons and solutions.


  • If your Bella Pro series air fryer is making a loud noise, there are two primary reasons. Either there is a broken or loose part inside the fan of your air fryer that is broken or faulty, which is making a rattling sound.
  • Again if you have a broken heating element inside your air fryer, this will cause a loud sound.


First, try resetting the device. If it does not work, then follow the next steps.

  • First, disassemble your device or call a technician to check if there is any broken part inside. If you see any broken leg, you must either replace the feature or buy a new air fryer if the replacement is impossible.
  • If this is not the issue, your air fryer heating element may have gone wrong. Call customer care or replace it.
  • If you still hear a loud sound, there is a high chance that the fan is faulty or broken. It is time to replace.

Where Is The Bella Pro Series Air Fryer Reset Button? / Bella Pro Series Air Fryer Reset Button

There is no separate button for the Bella air fryer Pro series to reset the device. You have to reset the machine using the start button manually. The start button is on the left of the screen. If you still don’t understand, check the manual where they have described the power instructions with pictures.

How To Reset Bella Pro series Air Fryer?

You may have to reset your air fryer for various reasons. If you don’t know how to reset 

Bella Pro series air fryer, don’t worry. We have shared a step-by-step guideline.

Step one:

So first press the start or power button and hold it for a few seconds. Then It will cancel your current cooking session. 

Step two:

Now you will see the display end on the screen. After that, your Bella Pro series air fryer will shut within a few seconds.

Step three:

Now, press starts to restart your device. You can adjust the air frying TIME by pressing the TIME button and then the up/down button on the right side of the control panel to increase or decrease the time by 1-minute increments from 1 to 60 minutes. If this does not help, you can unplug it directly from the power outlet and take it to customer care support.

How To Reset Bella Pro Series Air Fryer Timer?

You may have to reset your timer when you have mistakenly set the wrong time for cooking or simply want to change the cooking time. If you don’t know how to fix the issue, you will have trouble cooking in the air fryer. So without further ado, let’s see the step-by-step guidelines we have shared.

Follow the steps below to set the time on your Bella Pro series air fryer toaster oven:

Step one: 

To reset the timer, ensure the LCD screen shows the time. Now navigate through the function menu to display the time if it isn’t visible on the LCD screen. 

Step two: 

Keep pressing the start button for a few seconds. It will restart the device. Now press the time button on the screen. It will cancel your current cooking timer.

Step three: 

You can now choose your desired time and set it on your appliance.

Final Thought:

That is the end of our article. We hope our article about Bella Pro Series Air Fryer Troubleshooting was informative and helpful for you. We tried to give solutions for common troubleshooting problems of the Bella Pro series air fryer. If you face difficulty solving any issue, contact the Bella air fryer customer service or get assistance from experts.

2 thoughts on “Bella Pro Series Air Fryer Troubleshooting! 9 Problem Solutions”

  1. Miss Jo

    I have a 2.9qt Bella Fryer with digital readout.

    One, why does my little pain spin in the basket? Food seems to be ok weight, but the little pan was spinning like a top.

    Two, why doesn’t the settings hold when I pause to check the food. Have to keep resetting the temp, time and cooking mode , even though I hit the pause button.

    Thank you

    1. I am really happy that you have read my article and also commented on it. Thanks for reading my article. I’m giving your two questions answers step by step.
      • Your first question is, why does my air fryer’s little fan spin in the basket?
      • Your second question is, why don’t the settings hold when you pause to check the food? Have you kept resetting the temperature, timer, and cooking mode even though you hit the pause button?
      1. Your first question’s answer:
      In an air fryer, the fan serves an important purpose in the cooking process. The air fryer fan is responsible for circulating hot air around the food ingredients to ensure even cooking and a crispy texture. The spinning of the fan is normal behavior, as it helps distribute the heated air inside the fryer’s cooking chamber.

      If you are noticing that the fan is spinning rapidly in the basket like a top, even when the food appears to be of the correct weight and positioned correctly, it could simply be the fan operating at the speed required to maintain the desired cooking conditions. However, if you suspect that the fan is spinning excessively or making unusual noises, it might indicate a mechanical issue with your air fryer.
      Here are three things you can consider:
      1. Overloading:
      Make sure you are not overloading your Bella air fryer basket. Overloading the basket can obstruct the air circulation and lead your air fryer to uneven cooking.
      2. Maintenance:
      Clean your Bella 2.9 quart air fryer regularly, including your air fryer’s fan area, as debris or grease buildup might affect your air fryer fan’s performance.
      3. Defect or Issue:
      If you continue to notice unusual behavior, such as the fan spinning excessively fast even when there’s no visible problem with the food or the air fryer, it could be a defect or mechanical issue with your air fryer. In such cases, it will be better to contact the Bella air fryer customer support for assistance if your Bella air fryer is still under warranty or consider having your Bella air fryer checked by a professional technician.

      Remember, an air fryer fan spinning during the cooking process is normal, but if you have concerns about its behavior, it’s always a good idea to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines or seek assistance from their customer support.
      2. Your second question’s answer:
      If your air fryer settings are not holding when you pause to check the food and you need to keep resetting the temperature, time, and cooking mode, it could be due to a few reasons:
      • Design or Software Limitation:
      Some air fryer models are designed in a way that when you pause the cooking process, they reset the settings to default as a safety feature. This is intended to prevent accidental overcooking or overheating when the cooking process is paused and then resumed. In such cases, you would need to manually re-enter the settings after pausing.
      • User Error:
      Make sure you are using the pause button correctly. If you’re accidentally pressing other buttons or not fully engaging the pause function, the settings might reset when you attempt to check the food.
      • Malfunction or Glitch:
      If the settings consistently reset even when you are using the pause function correctly, there might be a malfunction or glitch in your air fryer’s control system. This could be due to a technical issue. In such cases, you might need to contact the Bella air fryer customer support team for assistance or consider having the unit inspected.
      To troubleshoot the issue:

      Carefully review the user manual of your air fryer to ensure you are using the pause function correctly.
      If the air fryer’s design or safety features reset settings upon pausing, there might not be much you can do to change this behavior. In this case, you should to reset the settings manually after pausing.

      If you are sure you are using the pause function correctly and the settings are still not holding, contact the Bella customer support team for guidance. The Bella customer service team can provide specific information based on your air fryer model and help you diagnose potential issues.

      Remember that specific air fryer models can have different features and behaviors, so consulting the air fryer user manual and contacting the air fryer manufacturer’s support can provide you with the most accurate information for your situation.

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