Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working? Here’s  Why & How To Fix It?

air fryer touch screen not working

Emma felt hungry after watching a youtube shorts about ‘How to cook the best fried chicken wings in an air fryer’. She prepares everything and marinates the wings and everything.

Now all she has to do is put it on the air fryer. But when Emma puts the fried chicken in the air fryer, she notices something off.

The air fryer touch screen not working! She is frustrated with not having delicious fried wings and a broken air fryer touch screen.

If you click on this article, we believe you are facing the same issue here. Rest assure! We are going to cover:

Why is your air fryer touch screen not working, and how to fix it.

So follow along and don’t have a day without a fried wing craving.

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Why Is My Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working?

The touch screen is one of the revolutionary changes of this modern era. Although the touch screen was only for high-end devices back then, it is available in almost all electric devices.

But as everything faces some problems regarding being unresponsive to touch, it still requires some fixes.

The air fryer touch screen is not an expectation; it can and will eventually won’t work. But the lucky one doesn’t count here.

There can be several reasons why your air fryer touch screen is not working. We have included some common reasons why the air fryer touch screen is not working.

  • Unwanted grease: Sometimes, unwanted grease on the touch panel makes the touch sensor unresponsive. And it’s pretty normal while cooking something oily.
  • Dropped from a certain height: Accidents happen. If the air fryer dropped from a height, it might be the only reason the touch panel is unresponsive.
  • No electricity: Due to socket fault, damaged fuse, broken wire, no electricity in your area, etc. causes, your air fryer not respond to your touches.
  • Low electricity: When the electricity is not flowing enough in the electric air fry or at low voltage, the touch becomes laggy or sometimes unresponsive.
  • Obstacle between touch screen and finger: It depends on what type of touch screen is used on your air fryer. But for the most popularly used touch screen (Projected capacitive touchscreen), you need to make sure you don’t have any obstacle (gloves, cloth, etc.) between your finger and the touch screen.

The modern and popular touch screen requires something (in a simple word) conductive to work, which is your finger.

  • Lose door of the air fryer: Sometimes, the door of your air fryer or the basket where you put your food to fry doesn’t correctly fit in, and it becomes a little loose. (It may cause by dropping it from a height or being old.)

When the door is loose, it doesn’t push the button that is meant to be pushed and tells the air fryer that it is properly fitted and ready to cook.

  • Problem with Membrane switch: The membrane switch is the central part of your air fryer’s touch screen (almost every air fryer has it). Mylar plastic and many tiny wires intertwine and establish communication between the screen and control you when you give a command through the touch panel. The tiny wires can wear out and block the information. For this, the unresponsive touch screen problem happens.
  • Defects in Control board: The control board is the center of your air fryer. All types of programs get the necessary information from it. Any deficiency can cause not executing any kind of commands, including the touch commands.
  • High voltage to membrane switch: The control board generates a low voltage electric circuit for the membrane switch. This switch can not work with high voltage. So, the control board transforms the voltage to a safe level.

But when this doesn’t happen, the membrane switch stops causing problems with the touch panel.

  • Fake air fryer: It’s not a new thing in this age of electronics. Nowadays, People use cheap and fake products and try to build phony air fryers, leading to different problems while using them, including touch problems.
  • Poorly assembly: It happens often but not all the time. The company where they assembled them makes mistakes and completes badly, leading to some faults in the air fryer. And this could also be a reason for your air fryer touch screen to be unresponsive.
  • Became old: A touch screen may not work due to being old. Time and how many times it was used can wear out the touch screen.

How To Fix My Air Fryer Touch Screen?

Now we know why the air fryer touchscreen doesn’t work. This section of the article will help you deal with this problem and fix it.

We will cover types of solutions within three categories.

  1. Basic fix
  2. Intermediate fix
  3. Professional fix

We believe it will cover your problems with your air fryer touch screen. So, let’s talk about fixing the air fryer touchscreen.

1. Basic Solution

Clean the touch screen with tissue paper or cloth: Try keeping your touch screen clean if it’s unresponsive.

Try re-plugging your air fryer: Replugging could help if the touch doesn’t work. It is a simple but effective way for any device.

Try checking if there is a power outage in the area of your house. And check if the electricity is flowing correctly in your air fryer.

Remove any obstacles between the screen and your finger: Obstacles like gloves, cloth, etc. Keep your hands dry and clean while using the touch screen. See what happens.

2. Intermediate Solution

Dry it out if it gets wet: If the air fryer drops in your sink. Try drying it. If any significant damage doesn’t happen, the touch will work properly.

Tap the edges: The touch panel might come loose if dropped from a certain height. Tap the edges of the touch panel and try it again.

Supporting the Door: If your air fryer becomes old or dropped from a height, the door might become loose when you close it.

Then all you need to do is push up on the door, and you’ll see the lights go off (depending on what type of air fryer you are using), and the touch panel with work again. It occurs when the door or basket doesn’t fit in the air fryer.

That’s one thing. Suppose the door doesn’t stay up when it’s doing its job. Use something like a butter knife or paper fold to hold the door in place. 

3. Professional Solution

If all the solution above doesn’t work, it might have some internal problems. For that, you must disassemble your air fry, see what’s the problem, and fix that problem.

We don’t recommend it done this way because it will save so much time if you just give it to the experts to fix it for you. Because there are a lot of reasons for a touch screen to stop responding, and surprisingly most of them can be challenging to figure out, let alone fix them.

It is also possible that your touch screen is dead (if you are a regular user). Old touchscreen phones also face the same problem. And that’s also similar to your air fryer too. Its touch panel is no longer sensitive to touch.

When this happens to your air fryer, the only solution is to replace it or operate the appliance manually (if possible).

Look! Not all the above solutions may be working. So, if that happens, take your air fryer to an expert. Their recommendation will help resolve the issue more effectively, saving a lot of effort and time. They will peel off and put a new one or do the necessary fixes to make your touchpad work again. It’ll save a lot of time.


An air fryer is an amazing device for cooking your delicious food. It’s great and everything, but it still requires care and attention to its workability.

We strongly believe that this article helped you know why your air fryer touch screen is not working and how to fix them properly. We made quite an effort to deliver this article to you, so we would appreciate it if you could comment and share it with those who need it.

If you have any further questions about your air fryer, do let us know. We will try to answer them or might write an article about it. So, enjoy your fried wings with your air fryer.

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