Electric Kettle Switch Not Working? Here’s What To Do

electric kettle switch not working

A kettle that is electric can be described as an appliance that uses electricity with an inbuilt heating unit to heat water. It automatically shuts off when the water is at its boiling point or a predetermined temperature of fewer than 100 degrees Celsius.

Anyway, you are probably an electric kettle user and facing problems with your kettle’s switch. If your kettle’s switch does not work, not turning on, not staying on, not working after cleaning,  descaling, power outage, or replacing the filter, then this article is for you.

Here we have discussed the electric kettle switch’s problems and their solutions. This article will help you to solve your electric kettle switch’s all problems. So read the article unto the end to solve your kettle switch’s all problems.

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Electric Kettle Switch Not Working?

Calcium deposits may cause an electric kettle switch to stop working. You can follow these simple two steps to make it as a working switch.

  1. For cleaning the switch, please remove it from the kettle and soak it in vinegar for several minutes.
  2.  Use a small brush and scrub the calcium deposits with the toothbrush. 

If your switch is still not working efficiently, you need to change it. Most hardware stores carry electric kettle switches. These switches are also quite affordable. 

In this way, you can make your electric kettle work efficiently. You don’t need to hire a professional mechanic.

How To Fix Electric Kettle Switch?

You don’t need to replace your electric kettle switch if it has gone out. You can fix it with a little effort and with the help of some normal instruments. You can find them easily from your home. 

You need to turn off the switch first. Next, remove the screws holding the switch in place with a screwdriver. 

After the switch has been exposed, you can inspect the wire connections. You can tighten any loose wires by simply tightening them. You will need to remove any bent or damaged wires and attach the new wire. 

Then, screw the switch back in place and replace it. This is it! You can get your electric kettle back to working in no time!

Electric Kettle Switch Won’t Stay Down?

There are several possible reasons why your electric kettle won’t stay down. The most common reason is limescale buildup. 

Limescale builds up over time and makes it difficult to move. You should follow the electric kettle instructions to clean it. 

If this doesn’t resolve the problem, the switch may be damaged. In this case, you need to replace your switch with a new one. This might not be difficult, depending on the model of your kettle

If you’re not familiar with electrical work, it is best to seek help from an electrician licensed in your area, or you can read the electric kettle user guide. The issue can be in the plug of your electric kettle or any other electric kettle part. You will need to have your cord or plug replaced by an electrician.

Electric Kettle Switch Not Turning On?

If your electric kettle’s switch isn’t turning on, there are a couple of possible causes.

Check first to make certain that your kettle has been plugged into an outlet and that the outlet is operating.

Check the kettle’s plugs and cords for any signs of damage. If everything seems to be working appropriately, try turning the switch several times. If the switch continues to not work, then it is likely to be defective and should be replaced.

In certain instances, it could be a problem related to the circuit breaker. Therefore, check to determine whether it’s been turned off. If everything appears to be functioning appropriately, but you’re still experiencing difficulties getting help, consult a licensed mechanic for help.

Electric Kettle Switch Not Working After Cleaning.

If your electric kettle switch doesn’t work even after cleaning, you can do several things. First, you need to make sure that your electric kettle s plugged off, and your switch should be in the off position.

Next, you should check if the switch has become loose or damaged. You should repair your electric kettle’s switch if it is damaged or loose.

If the switch appears to be in good shape, you can clean it with a cloth that has been soaked in vinegar or alcohol. 

After cleaning the switch, plug in an electric kettle and flip the switch to test if it turns on. If the switch doesn’t work, contact a professional to get further assistance with the electrical kettle switch repair. You can also read the electric kettle user guide.

Electric Kettle Switch Not Working After A Power Outage?

After a power cut, the electric kettle switch will not work. There could be many reasons. The power outage could have caused damage to the electric kettle. If this kind of issue occurs, you need to change it.  

If the switch is in good condition, it could be the heating element. Fill the kettle with boiling water. The heating element may be replaced if it doesn’t heat up. 

The electric kettle switch could also Tripp. Locate the switch and turn it back to “on.” The power outage may have damaged the electrical outlet where the electric kettle is plugged in. An electrician may need to replace the outlet if this happens.

Electric Kettle Switch Not Working After Replacing The Filter?

The incorrectly seated filter could be why your electric kettle’s switch doesn’t work after you replace the filter. Ensure the filter is installed correctly and that your kettle is also sealed.

The electric kettle may not be getting enough power, which could cause the switch to stop working. If the outlet is powered, but the electric kettle still does not work, you can try plugging it into another outlet. 

If the options we told you are not working, you need to change your switch.

Electric Kettle Switch Not Working after Descaling?

There are many reasons your electric kettle switch might not work after descaling. At first, unplug the kettle and turn off the switch of it. Second, you should check that the switch of your kettle is working efficiently. 

If the switch appears damaged, you will need to replace it. Check for fray or lost wires if the switch isn’t damaged. If you find damaged wires, you will need to repair or replace them. 

After all these tricks, if your kettle is not working, you need to replace your kettle with a new one. The price of an electric kettle switch is not enough.

How Does An Electric Kettle Switch Off Automatically?

Many models have an automatic shut-off that shuts off the kettle once the water has reached the boiling point.

This security feature makes sure that the water doesn’t stay boiling or overheat, which could cause damage to the kettle. Electric kettles usually include a thermostat that controls the temperature of the water.

Once the water has reached the temperature of boiling, the thermostat transmits an alert to the heating element of the kettle that causes it to turn off.

Some kettles are also equipped with a float switch, which shuts off the power when the level of water gets too low. This helps to prevent heat from getting out and also ensures that there is plenty of water inside the kettle to ensure a safe operation.

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Hope that the above simple information helped you to solve your electric kettle switch’s all problem. But if you cannot solve the problems yet, then we recommend you to call your kettle’s manufacturer company or an expert mechanic.

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