Bodum Electric Kettle Troubleshooting! 10 Problems Solutions

bodum electric kettle troubleshooting

Electric kettles have become an indisputable part of our everyday lives. This is because it helps to swiftly warm the water, allowing us to brew coffee or tea.

Anyway, you are probably a Bodum electric kettle user and facing some problems while using your kettle. If so, this article about Bodum electric kettle troubleshooting is for you.

In this article, we will discuss Bodum electric kettle problems and suggest solutions that will help you determine the cause and troubleshoot the problems.

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Bodum Electric Kettle Not Working

There are many causes for your Bodum electric kettle not working. Below we have mentioned the reasons and given their solutions.


  • It’s possible that your kettle isn’t operating because it’s overfilled with water. As a result, if you have over the limit, it will reduce the heating capacity.
  • Your kettle will not operate if you do not cover it with the lid.
  • Second, if you’ve already secured the lid but it’s still not working, the lid may have been damaged. So, remove the lid and inspect it for any cracks.
  • Exterior damages frequently cause the water kettle’s activity or usefulness to be hampered. For example, if the water kettle was bumped, the internal wires or circuits could have been destroyed.
  • Frill connections can antagonistically impact the association. Not to neglect, such connections can prompt electric shocks. Accessory connection sometimes is the reason.


  • Make sure the lid is securely fastened.  If you discover any fault in the lid, you must replace it to ensure that the water kettle works properly.
  • You must unplug the water kettle and reduce the water level. 
  • If you are utilizing accessory connections, detach them and attempt to utilize the water pot once more.  So watch out. Utilizing extra connections isn’t suggested by the Bodum organization.
  • The first step is to look for any visible or physical damage (any damage that you can see). Also, examine for exterior damage and call the technician if you see any.

Electric Kettle Not Working After Cleaning

Failure to follow some essential instructions while cleaning the electric kettle can cause problems in its working. Let’s take a look at its causes and solutions.


  • Damage to heating elements is the most important cause when cleaning.
  • A thermal burn is another reason. It occurs when cleaning the kettle when it is very hot.
  • Water entering the internal circuits during cleaning causes the circuits to burn out, and the electric kettle becomes faulty.


  • Try to keep heating elements safe during cleaning.
  • Clean the kettle after it has cooled well.
  • Take care of all sensitive parts and clean them carefully.

Bodum Electric Kettle Not Working After Battery Change

Battery-powered kettles are beneficial in many ways. But often, they stop working when their batteries are replaced. Here are some simple reasons, which are as follows:


  • The power of the new battery does not match the required power. Due to which the kettle is not turning on.
  • A minor fault in any attachment can cause a problem when replacing the battery.
  • Excessive battery power also occasionally causes the kettle to burn.


  • When replacing the battery, make sure that the power of the new battery is equal to the power of the kettle. More or less power can cause problems. Therefore, use only the required battery.
  • Take care of all attachments when changing the battery. Connect each wire properly.

Bodum Electric Kettle Not Working After Descaling

The descaling of the electric kettle is very important for its smooth working.

But errors after descaling are also an uncommon problem that can be annoying for some users.


  • The lack of proper removal of limescale during descaling is a simple factor.
  • Damage to the heating element also causes this problem.
  • Damage to the water-sensing elements during de-scaling can stop the kettle from working.


  • Try to keep all sensitive parts like heating sensors safe during KD scaling.
  • Complete cleaning of the lime scale is very important for the working of the kettle. Therefore, ensure complete de-scaling.

Bodum Electric Kettle Not Working After Power Outage!

There are many causes for your Bodum electric kettle not working after power outage. Below we have mentioned the reasons and given their solutions.


  • When the power was restored, the circuit breaker may have tripped due to a surge in electricity.
  • The wiring to the electric kettle could have been accidentally damaged or burned owing to overheating. When the power was restored, the kettle was unable to operate due to the damaged wiring.
  • The problem could be with the switchboard that powers the kettle. It’s possible that the earthing isn’t done correctly or that the connection isn’t secure.
  • The kettle’s thermostat may have failed.
  • If your kettle isn’t getting enough power, it’s most likely due to an issue with your home’s electrical system.


  • To take a look at the stumbled circuit, you should push the stumbled electrical switch back to the “On” position. Whenever that is finished, your kettle ought to begin working typically.
  • Eliminating switchboard issues isn’t difficult. You can look at it on the off chance that you have a little knowledge. Otherwise, look for the assistance of a specialist.
  • Have a go at resetting the thermostat by first bringing it down to nothing. Sit tight for two or three minutes and take it to the ideal temperature.
  • You want to take a look at your home power promptly by a trusted and qualified circuit repairman.

Bodum Electric Kettle Not Turning On?

If your Bodum electric kettle is not turning on, there are a few specific reasons behind this. Below we have mentioned the reasons and given their solutions to you.


  • Faulty connection or broken wire.
  • Improper transmission of power to the electric kettle.
  • Any problem with the lid of the electric kettle?
  • Increase or decrease in voltage supply.
  • Defective internal parts can also cause this problem.


  • Check all connections and wires. Fix any faults.
  • Properly adjust the lid of the kettle before using it.
  • Use the kettle after a power outage or any other possible voltage transmission is possible.
  • Contact an expert in case of any internal problems.

Bodum Electric Kettle Stopped Working

Like the above-mentioned Bodum electric kettle problems, there are also a few specific reasons why your Bodum electric kettle stopped working. Below we have mentioned the reasons and given the solutions.


  • Any problem with the main connection can interfere with your kettle working.
  • Faulty power cords such as wire bands and broken plastic casings are also important factors.
  • Dry boiling can cause kettle nail fungus.
  • The electric kettle stops working in the presence of limescale.
  • Dirty contacts and lack of cleanliness are the factors that cause problems in the working of an electric kettle.


  • Check all the main connection problems.
  • Remove all faulty power cords or wires
  • Make sure there is water in the kettle when boiling.
  • Remove the limescale from descaling and keep the kettle clean.

Bodum Electric Kettle Switch Not Working

The electric kettle switch stop working due to some reason. By solving them, you can get rid of this problem.


  • The first reason may be that your electric kettle is not getting the right power.
  • Faulty circuits or wires can be the cause of this problem.
  • Failure of the switch is the most serious problem causing the switch to stop working.


  • Check all connections. Make sure the kettle is getting the required voltage.
  • Replace all faulty wires and cords.
  • Remove or repair the faulty switch and make it usable.

Bodum Electric Kettle Not Heating Water

An electric kettle is a stylish heating appliance. But sometimes, it deviates from its function and stops heating water. Here are some of the reasons and their solution.


  • The presence of limescale is a major cause of problems in the kettle’s healing process.
  • The failure of the thermostat stops the heating process of the kettle.
  • Dirty contacts and lack of cleanliness are also important reasons.


  • Remove the limescale from your electric kettle by descaling your kettle.
  • Replace the faulty thermostat with a new one.
  • Keep your kettle clean. Ensure smooth working by cleaning any dirty contact as soon as possible.

Bodum Electric Kettle Staying On

There are the following reasons why your Bodum electric kettle stays on

Open lid

  • The most common reason is that you have not closed the lid of your kettle.
  • The kettle will continue to boil if it is not closed.
  • This is because the water will take longer to reach the boiling point.
  • The automatic shut-off feature will not be activated if the kettle’s thermostat struggles to achieve boiling temperature.


We’ll begin with probably the most straightforward thing you can do to tackle your kettle-bubbling issue. That is, to ensure that you have shut the top appropriately.  Click it shut while heating the kettle.

 Developed limescale:

  • Another justification for why your kettle is on the longest bubbling long-distance race could be expected to limescale.
  • Assuming there is limescale around the cover that will prevent it from shutting appropriately. This is because it will take much longer for the water to boil.
  • On the off chance that your kettle has a ton of limescale developed inside, it could start to influence its activity.
  • Probably the cover doesn’t close well. The kettle will bubble an excess.


  • You should look at your kettle’s top for limescale development.
  • To fix this issue, you ought to descale your kettle routinely.

Overfilled kettle:

An overfilled kettle is another reason why your kettle does not shut off. If water gets inside the steam tube, it may prevent the kettle from shutting off properly.


  • On the inside or exterior of your kettle, there should be a maximum line.
  • Make sure your kettle isn’t overfilled to prevent it from boiling excessively.
  • There should be a maximum line.
  • To avoid malfunctions, do not fill your kettle above this mark.
  • Remove the kettle from the outlet.
  • Remove the kettle’s lid.
  • Remove the kettle’s water and empty it.
  • Using a cloth, dry the interior of the kettle as much as possible.

Malfunctioned Thermostat:

  • When the thermostat tells your kettle to switch off, it does so. If there is any fault in the thermostat, your kettle continues to boil without stopping. The thermostat may have failed.
  • The pin is the part of the thermostat that is most likely to fail. The thermostat will not work properly if the pin melts, and your kettle will continue to boil.


Check to determine whether the pin has melted on the thermostat. If that’s the case, you’ll need to get a new thermostat.

Final Thoughts

We hope our article about Bodum milk frother troubleshooting helped you to solve your kettle’s all problems.

If you are still facing any problems with your Bodum electric kettle, then you can let us know by leaving a comment, or you can call the Bodum Customer Service Team.

2 thoughts on “Bodum Electric Kettle Troubleshooting! 10 Problems Solutions”

  1. Gemma Billany

    My electric kettle cuts out before it boils then cuts back in again. It does this 4-5 times before it finally boils. Sometimes it clicks off and doesn’t boil.

    1. If your electric kettle (any brand/any model) is cutting out before it boils and then cycling back on multiple times before finally boiling, there could be a few possible reasons for this behavior. Here are some common causes and solutions:

      Overheating: To prevent overheating, the electric kettle may have a built-in safety feature that automatically shuts it off when it reaches a certain temperature. If the electric kettle continuously cycles on and off, it could indicate a faulty thermostat or temperature sensor. In this case, it is best to contact the manufacturer or a professional technician to diagnose and repair the issue.

      Electrical issues: Faulty wiring or a loose connection within the electric kettle’s electrical system could cause it to cut out intermittently. Check the power cord and make sure it is securely plugged into a working outlet. If you suspect an internal electrical issue, it is advisable to have it inspected and repaired by a qualified professional.

      Scale buildup: Mineral deposits or scale can accumulate on the heating element over time, hindering its ability to heat the water efficiently. This can result in the electric kettle cutting out prematurely. Try descaling the electric kettle by filling it with equal parts water and vinegar or using a commercial descaling solution according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Allow the solution to sit for a while, then rinse thoroughly. Repeat this process if necessary.

      Insufficient power supply: If the electric kettle is connected to an overloaded circuit, it may not receive enough power to boil the water consistently. Ensure that the electric kettle is the only high-power device plugged into the circuit, or try using it on a different circuit to see if the problem persists.

      Defective heating element: If none of the above solutions work, there could be an issue with the heating element itself. Over time, heating elements can degrade or develop faults, leading to inconsistent heating. In this case, contacting the manufacturer for further assistance or considering replacing the electric kettle is recommended.

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