Cosori Electric Kettle Not Working! 7 Problems & Solutions


You are probably a Cosori electric kettle user and facing some problems while using your electric kettle. If so, this article about Cosori electric kettle troubleshooting is for you.

Here we have discussed some Cosori electric kettle problems and given their solution for you so that you can use your Cosori electric kettle without facing any problems.

Cosori Electric Kettle Not Working!

The electric kettle from Cosori may not function even if you have bought it after checking it properly. Let’s see what are the reasons for Cosori electric kettle not working?

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  • If the primary connection has any problem, such as an issue with the multi-plug or socket, you will see that the electric kettle is not working.
  • Sometimes, the power cord may create a problem starting the electric kettle. The wires inside the power cord may be broken inside, eventually failing to pass the electricity.
  • The built-in option in the kettle is a drill-boil option that controls the temperature inside. If there is any damage to the parts that hold the drill boil, the kettle may not work correctly.
  • Lack of cleanliness can also cause problems in an electric device because the dirt can become clogged. Thus, it may obstacle the electric machine from working correctly.
  • If you fill the kettle too much, that overload can malfunction.


  • Repair or replace the problematic socket or power source if you find any issues. Next, you have to check if the kettle is working again or not.
  • If possible, you can repair the worn-out wires so that the kettle works well and you can use it without any risk of accidents.
  • Once you have identified that the malfunction is due to the damage to the drill boil, you must avoid the boil option. Moreover, you have to keep the kettle cool to prevent any problems.
  • Clean and descale the electric kettle well because it’s a part of maintenance.
  • Do not fill the kettle too much.

Cosori Electric Kettle Not Working After Cleaning!

If your Cosori electric kettle is not working after a wash, then you are in the right place for a solution. Here are some reasons why that is happening –


  • The wire cord may be open or melt in any place. That can cause the Cosori kettle to stop heating up. 
  • Using something which conducts electricity for the device to malfunction. Materials like lemon and water mixture solution are a big no when cleaning an electric kettle. That conducts electricity and might be the reason for Cosori electric kettle parts to stop working.


  • First and foremost, go through the Cosori electric kettle user manual to know how to clean the device correctly and what to use. 
  • If you use lemon and water mixture to clean the kettle and after the wash, it is not working, heat some water on your stove and pour it into the device. That will rinse out the excess sugar from the lemon juice. 
  • Even after that, if the kettle is still not working, it is probably the parts that have gone bad. However, it is easy to find Cosori electric kettle replacement parts online or through the manufacturers. 

Cosori Electric Kettle Not Working After Power Outage!

When using an electric kettle and a power outage happens, sometimes the device might stop working. Here is the reason behind it and how to resolve that situation efficiently.


Cosori Electric kettles have a simple circuit, and a sudden power failure can disrupt the circuit, causing it to stop working. However, that can be a false signal as there might be issues with the power cord, which is not a huge problem and can be quickly resolved. 


  • Inspect the power cord for any damage, faulty wire, or even properly plugging in the cable with the outlet. In most cases, these are the issues that you can quickly solve by replacing the power cord or plugging it in correctly. 
  • Suppose there is an issue with a circuit board that you will have to take the device for repair. The warranty period of Cosori kettle comes with a two-year warranty. That means you can replace the appliance if necessary. 

Cosori Electric Kettle Not Working After Battery Change!

The Cosori kettle comes with a battery exceeding 80% capacity, which is more than sufficient in terms of performance. However, if there is a battery replacement, some issues might occur. 


  • The new battery does not match the old one. In most cases, after replacing the battery in your kettle, the device still does not boil the water. That is because the replacement battery model is different from the old one. 
  • There might be a loose connection. After a battery replacement, the links might not sit properly, which causes the heating element to stop working. 


  • Check if you have the correct battery model for the device. However, the easiest way is to contact the manufacturers as they offer services to their customers in case of such issues. 
  • A loose connection might become more considerable in the future as the device can short-circuit. So, take a closer look at all the connections. Check if those are appropriately attached to the contacts on the circuit board. 

Cosori Electric Kettle Not Working After Descaling!

Descaling prolongs the life of your electric kettle. A simple vinegar and water solution allows you to descale your kettle. Leave the solution overnight or boil for 5 minutes; you are good to go.

However, what if after descaling the kettle, it is not working? These can be the reasons behind it –


Limescale has a high calcium concentration, which can build up in the kettle when you heat it. Moreover, as you heat it more, the layers get even thicker, which does not allow the heat to pass through. That can cause the failure of the heating element, thermostat, and even the sensors. 


  • The best solution is to get a descaling solution for your kettle instead of using a homemade mixture. That will prevent the calcium build-up inside the device and solve the problem. 
  • A softener is also handy as you can use that in the solution, decreasing calcium effects. 

Cosori Electric Kettle Won’t Turn On!

Cosori electric kettle’s circuits are very efficient but still a circuit that can go wrong at any time. In that case, your electric kettle might stop working, and the reason behind it is as follows –


  • The number one issue can be the switch which can become faulty. We use the button more often while operating an electric kettle and becoming faulty is not rare. 
  • The Cosori kettle British STRIX thermostat technology allows auto shut off from overheating or dry runs. There might be calcium or other substance build-ups that can prevent the heating element from stopping working. When minerals build up on the elements, the sensor does not detect the water and shuts off.
  • The power cord can also be faulty. There can be a loose connection with the power socket, a defective cable wire, or anything else preventing the power from coming to the device.


  • If there is an issue with the switch, use a damp cloth to wipe the button and then a small brush to remove any gunk build-up. If that does not work, take it to a professional to replace the part. 
  • Cleaning the device is the best solution to eliminate any build-up of minerals or other substances. In the manual, you will find a section on Cosori electric kettle cleaning instructions which provides you with all the information on how to clean the device in those situations or in general. 
  • The power cord issue requires replacements if there is any fault within. 

Cosori Kettle Stopped Beeping!

The color electric kettle has a blue LED light which indicates if the water is ready to use after boiling or not. It produces a beeping sound when the water inside the device reaches a specific temperature. What if the beeping sound stopped working? 


  • Debris build-up in the hole prevents the sound from coming out. 
  • A burned-out heating coil can also cause such issues. 
  • Faulty internal connection or corrosion. 


  • Cleaning the sound hole is the way to go in case of debris build-up. 
  • If there is a burnt heating coil, replacing the part is the best solution.
  • In case of corrosion, take apart the device using a screwdriver and remove the three base screws. Then replace the connector. 

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