Chefman Electric Kettle Troubleshooting! 4 Chefman Electric Kettle Problems Solutions!

chefman electric kettle troubleshooting

Chefman Electric Kettle Troubleshooting!

An electric kettle is a very useful and essential kitchen appliance with self-contained heating elements.  When we use an electric kettle regularly or for a long time, we face some problems because it does not always go okay and gives the proper result. That’s why we feel the requirement to troubleshoot the kettle’s problems.

If you are a Chefman electric kettle user, undouble you have purchased one of the best electric kettle manufacturer brand’s kettle. We congrats you on that.

However, if you face any problem with your Chefman electric kettle and search for troubleshooting them, then you have clicked the right web page.

Here we will discuss the Chefman electric kettle’s problems and try to give their solution.  We assure you that, after reading our article, you will get a complete idea about Chefman Kettle Troubleshooting and can fix your Chefman kettle at home. You will not need to take your Chefman electric kettle to a professional technician to fix the kettle.

What To Do If Your Chefman Electric Kettle Not Boiling Water?

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Step 1:

Check your kettle’s side. If it is not warm, check your kettle’s control circuit. Maybe your kettle’s circuit is not directing the electricity to the kettle’s heating element. The only solution to this problem is you have to change your kettle’s heating element. Then, your kettle will start boiling the water.

Step 2:

Check the electric voltage of your house because if your Chefman electric kettle does not receive sufficient power or power voltage, it may lead to interrupted function. Call the electric power provider of your locality and ask them to increase the electric voltage.

Step 3:

Recheck your kettle’s control circuit because a useless or failing control circuit can lead to your kettle not boiling the water. If your kettle’s control circuit becomes useless or damaged, then repair it with the help of an electrician or replace it instantly.

Step 4:

If your Chefman electric kettle’s heating element becomes useless or damaged, then replace it, or we recommend you buy a new kettle as it is very expensive. Keep in mind that the heating elements cannot be repaired.

Step 5:

Check the mineral scale buildup of your Chefman electric kettle. Mineral scale buildup develops at the bottom of the electric kettle. So, open your electric kettle and check the mineral scale buildup. If you see there is mineral scale buildup, use a mixture of white vinegar and water to soften the mineral buildup and clean it thoroughly.

If your Chefman electric kettle is still not boiling water, check your kettle warranty. If it is still under warranty, contact Chefman customer service to fix it. If the warranty period is oven, then take your Chefman electric kettle to the nearest kitchen appliance repire shop to fix it by a qualified technician.


You will find the Chefman customer service number in your Chefman electric kettle user manual. If you lost your Chefman electric kettle user manual, search on Google writing “Chefman customer service number.” Hopefully, there you will find the contact number.

How to Reset Chefman Electric Kettle?

If the kettle does not work, you should give a quick reset

  1. First, unplug it from the power cord. Pull the power cable from the power supply and wait for 5 seconds.
  2. After that, you can reconnect the kettle to the power source. Your kettle will reset itself and be ready to work again.
  3. As the kettle is ready to run, you have to refill the kettle with cold water. Make sure you don’t overfill your Chefman electric kettle. Try to follow the “maximum” mark on the inside or outside of the kettle so that you don’t overpour water. 
  4. It’s time to turn the kettle on again. Press the power button. You are done resetting the kettle product. Hopefully, the kettle will work again! 

If it’s a smart kettle and you need to restart it, then you can just easily reset your electric kettle as it is effortless.

Let us share the best instructions that you can follow to reset your smart kettle.

1.  Press and hold the 100° or power button. Until the kettle beeps, hold the button for 5 seconds

2.  Release the 100° or power button after 5 seconds

3.  Unplug the power cord and wait again for at least 5 seconds

4.  Plugin the power cord again

5.  Fill the smart kettle with water

6.  Start the kettle again, and it will reset itself. 

So the resetting part is done! If you find out the kettle is still not working, you can either reset the kettle or turn off the mainline switch. After following our resetting idea, if you discover the kettle is dead, take it to a technician or, better yet, buy a new one.

 How to Turn On Chefman Electric Kettle?

If you want to turn on the Chefman Kettle, you have to follow a few instructions. All the important ideas before turning on the kettle are given below:

1.  Remove all the materials from the packing

2.  Remove the power cord and position the base on a flat surface

3.  Without the tea infuser, you have to fill the kettle to the MAX line 

4.  Put the kettle on the base, plug the kettle in, and fix the temperature to boiling (212°F)

5.  Plug the kettle properly

6.  Now, turn on the kettle. 

7.  Push the start button

8.  Do not pour water above the Max line

9.  After completing the boiling session, make sure the kettle is empty

10.  Use clean water to rinse the kettle.

If by any chance you face any trouble, like the electric kettle not turning on, then you have to fix it by following some important solutions. Let’s share the things you should follow if your kettle is not turning on.

  1. When you turn on your kettle, a large electric current runs through the coil, also known as the ‘heating element.’ Electrical resistance flows through the coil, and it turns energy into heat energy. The heat causes the inside water to boil. Some good quality kettles feature a thermostat, which turns off when the water in the kettle attains the ideal temperature.
  2. You should be careful to take the right safety precautions.
  3. To turn on the kettle, first, you have to close the lid and replace the kettle on the base unit.
  4. Then, connect it to a power outlet.
  5. After that, you have to switch on the kettle by pushing the “I” button. The blue LED light within the glass jar will activate to notify you that the water is heating. 
  6. Before following all these solutions, double-check the power cord, as the Chefman kettle has a metal case and a three-prong power cord. Try to use a good power cord that is not broken, check the power voltage & improve the electrical connection.
  7. Make sure you pull on the kettle or the power cord properly. Insert the plug carefully, hold it and move it into the outlet. Take the plug and pull it out of the outlet to disconnect the kettle machine. And never ever wrap the cord, or you will have to replace it.
  8. If the kettle’s base is sticky, it is unable to connect. So, you have to improve the electrical connection, clean the base of the kettle, and connect it to the baseplate to make the kettle work properly.

How To Turn Off Chefman Electric Kettle?

When we use an electric kettle, we should know how to turn the kettle on and how to turn the kettle off. Most often, your kettle does not turn off because you did not close the lid properly. 

If you notice the Chefman electric Kettle is not turning off, you have to follow some instructions. We are sharing the best solutions that you should follow:

  1. When the thermostat inside the kettle struggles to reach a boiling temperature. At that time, the auto shut-off function will not be activated. So the solution is to close the lid completely.
  2. If there is any remaining water or tea, return the kettle to the base to keep it warm for up to 1 hour. 
  3. Alternatively, you can turn off the kettle from the main switch to stop it.
  4. If your electric kettle is not switching off, it might happen for a few reasons. Whether the thermostatic switch will not operate once the water reaches boiling temperature, or probably the thermostat and switch have failed their capacity. As a result, you should read the ChefsChoice M677 Control Switch Replacement Guide and repair the damaged thermostatic switch.
  5. If the kettle lid is not properly closed, steam cannot build up inside the ‘dome’ of the kettle lid. So, the thermostat will not be able to reach the ideal temperature to activate the automatic shut-off feature. So close the lid or if it does not work, turn off the main switch.

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Final Thoughts

So, we hope that now you know how to troubleshoot Chefman electric kettle at home. We have tried our best to give you a complete idea. But still, if you find any trouble regarding your Chefman kettle, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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