Why Electric Kettle Stop Working? 5 Reasons & Solutions

why electric kettle stop working

Why Electric Kettle Stop Working? The loosened power connection is responsible primarily for not working our favorite electric kettle. But this is not the only issue to causes this problem.

However, an electric kettle can stop working for several reasons. But the solutions are not unknown if we can find the actual cause. So, let’s see the exact reasons for the proper answer.

Why Electric Kettle Stop Working? – Possible Reasons to Fix

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Whenever we want to know why our electric kettle is not working, the power supply problem is common. Besides, the power cord may be damaged, or we are doing something wrong with our kettle.

1. Interrupted Power Supply

The power supply may not connect properly to the kettle. Or the power cord is damaged by insects. So, to get rid of this situation, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Check whether you plugged in the kettle correctly. Then turn on the switch of the connection.

Step 2: Sometimes, the fuse may fire, so change the fired fuse with a new one.

Step 3: If still, your kettle is still not getting the power connection. Then check the cord of your electric kettle. If you find it damaged, replace it with a new one immediately. Otherwise, it can cause electric shock.

2. Improper Shut Down of the Lid

Sometimes an electric kettle won’t work if we do wrong with it. However, improper shutdown of the lid may cause this problem.

Many manufacturers design an important feature. When it is not correctly closed, it will not work. They develop this to avoid accident issues. So, before switching on the power, make sure you shut down the lid properly. If the power supply is okay, then it will definitely work.

3. Excessive Amount of Water Filled In

There is another main reason for not working your electric kettle. We pour too much water than its boundary. Therefore, most of the kettle does not start working if we fill over the electric kettle.

4. Damaged Base Part

If you find the previously mentioned reasons are all okay, then it is wrong with the base part of the kettle. Perhaps you see, there are so many small pins installed with the base part. Here a single broken nail may cause the electric kettle to fail. So, even if we live in a snow area, the kettle may face some challenging issues.

5. Rare Use of Kettle

We find it dead when we use our kettle after a long time. Yes, the kettle becomes older gradually. It is because the inside parts get damaged by that kettle.

Generally, the limescale becomes older than before, and the entire system gets lost. But maintaining some Electric kettle tips and using them frequently can keep the kettle in a better position.

What Do You Do When Your Kettle Stops Working?

Most of us face the problem with our electric kettle every day. But we do not know what we should do when the kettle stops. In an electric kettle, the base part contains the main machines inside.

There we can generally find heating elements, thermostats, and LED indicators. But mostly the thermostat is responsible for not working our kettle. We can quickly get that part in an Electric kettle replacement parts shop. It will save the service charge. So again, we will get our kettle alive.

Why Is My Electric Kettle Whistling?

Sometimes the kettle whistles. But we cannot find out the main reason. Actually, it is for inside Electric kettle parts, limescale. The inside limescale creates a whistling problem for the kettle.

The people who rarely use the kettle, face this kind of problem mostly.

Why Is My Electric Kettle Leaking?

Most of the Electric kettle user manual tells not to fill the kettle excessively. But when we do not follow the Electric kettle user guide, it starts to leak.

So, it is very important to fill the pot as determined. Otherwise, it can cause injury while boiling.

How to Maintain The Electric Kettle Properly?

It is very important to maintain the electric kettle properly. Thus we can go for a long with it. Moreover, wrongdoing may cause severe problems to it. The electric kettle is our everyday helping hand, especially when we are tea lovers.

Just following some Electric kettle instructions, we can have our favorite kettle for a long time.

  1. Do not let the kettle be powered on when it is empty.
  2. Properly shut down the lid before switching it on.
  3. Never give more water than its capacity.
  4. Please do not fill the electric kettle when you are not using it.
  5. Regularly wash the kettle and leave no water over the base part.
  6. Regularly check the power cord. Keep the electric kettle away from insects.

Why Is The Electric Kettle Not Boiling?

Internal issues are responsible for this problem. The limescale generally stops the kettle from functioning. But we can fix it by a simple descaling.

Why Is My Electric Kettle So Loud?

You may ask why Is My Electric Kettle So Noisy. It is not actually a problem with our electric kettle.

Generally, when the water starts to boil, it becomes hot gradually. Then the hot portion of the water makes bubbles. The bubbles continuously get out of the cold water. So the kettle sounds so loud.

Why Does My Electric Kettle Have White Stuff?

It is only because of the calcium carbonate released from the boiled water. It is because boiled water releases so many minerals into the kettle. That’s why we find white stuff inside our electric kettle often.

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Final Words:

Why Electric Kettle Stop Working? Perhaps it is no more a question of ours. Again, some ordinary electric kettle caring tips we should follow. It can keep our kettle healthy, which we have already got.

An electric kettle is an essential everyday appliance for all. For this fixing, common problems are also necessary. It is not always possible to go to an electrician. So, if we know the reasons for the common issues, it will help us to fix the upcoming problems with our electric kettle.

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