4 Common Ovente Electric Kettle Problems Solutions


Ovente Electric Kettle Not Working!

Ovente has a significant influence on the kettle market since its kettle has gained a lot of popularity. But some Ovente kettle customers, on the other hand, have reported problems with the device. One of the common problems is the Ovente electric kettle not working.

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So we have come up with a proper guideline to help you. Let’s look forward to the causes and solutions.

Not Getting Enough Power

When it comes to the Ovente kettle, they are electric devices and need to be plugged into a power source to work. So, if it stops working, keep in mind that it might not be plugged into the right power source. If the power supply doesn’t work, replace it or use a different power switch.

If the power supply is fine, on the other hand, the fuse has likely blown. Remember that the fuse needs to work for the kettle to work. In case you know how to work with such appliances, it shouldn’t be hard to change the fuse or get professional help.

Dry Boil Feature

The dry boil feature on the Ovente kettle makes it boil water faster. But when it is turned on, even if there is no water in the pot, the boil dry feature will turn on and cut power to the heating element; this is done to keep the kettle from getting an electric shock or being damaged in some other way.

So, if the kettle stops working, check to see if the “dry boil” setting is on. Just turn it off if it’s on, and you’ll be good to go.

On the other hand, if you can’t find the “boil dry” button on the kettle, remove it from the outlet. Now let it cool down for ten minutes. Then, plug the kettle back in and fill it up as needed. Or you can check the Ovente electric kettle user manual.

Damaged Heating Elements

Since we’re talking about the Ovente kettle, the heating element is a vital part of how the kettle works. The heating element being old or broken could affect how well the kettle works. A damaged heating element won’t function; as a result, your device won’t work.

Because of this, you need to call a repair person and ask them to check the heating element. When a heating element is broken, it’s better to replace it than to fix it because the fix won’t last.


Sometimes you overfill the Ovente kettle, irrespective of reading the guidelines. So, unplug the appliance and reduce the water quantity from it. Check the Ovente electric kettle recipes while making any new beverage. When the water level is slightly lower than the mark, plug it into the power again, and hopefully, you will be able to operate the kettle.

Clogged Filter

Another possible explanation for the kettle’s ineffectiveness is a clogged filter. The filter of the Ovente kettle ensures that the water is clean.

However, if the filter is blocked, the kettle will not work. Alternatively, try a new filter and see if the kettle works again. Remember that you may always contact the company’s official customer support.

Ovente Electric Kettle Stopped Working Suddenly!

There can be many reasons why your Ovente electric kettle stopped working suddenly. For example, you might have forgotten to seal the lid properly. When some fixes are easy on the other, you will need Ovente electric kettle replacement parts for some fixes. Without further ado, let’s look at the causes and solutions.

Not Sealing The Lid Properly

Anyone can get hurt using an electric kettle, so most manufacturers add extra safety and security features.

For example, the Ovente electric kettle will stop working if the lid isn’t on tightly. So, you should first look at the cover and ensure it’s in place. A small lock and a sensor are in place, and they must connect correctly for the kettle to work. In other words, put the lid back on the kettle and see if it starts to work.

Faulty Turn-Off System

Ovente electric kettles are made with safety features that turn them off if something goes wrong. But if there is a problem with the shutdown system, it could be one reason the kettle might stop working in the middle.

In this case, contact Ovente customer service. They might change your product if you have a warranty.

Broken Sensor

The device has a sensor on the inside that turns the kettle off when the water is hot enough. But if the sensor or thermostat is broken, it could send the wrong signal, which would cause the electric kettle to turn off by itself.

If possible, you should clean the kettle well from the inside. Often, problems can be caused by junk on top of the sensor. First, you should ensure the empty kettle and clean it well from the inside out.

Overfilled Kettle

There can be excessive water in the electric kettle. The kettle needs to be filled up to a certain point for it to work. Otherwise, it will stop working in the middle.

So, open the kettle’s lid and lower the water level. After you’ve reduced the water level, try turning on the kettle again to see if it works.

Damaged Power Outlet

You need a suitable power cable for the machine to work (if the cord is damaged, replacing the line is essential if you want to avoid any major issues). Make sure the base is on a stable surface.

Last but not least, you should check the switch to make sure it’s working right.

Ovente Electric Kettle Not Heating Water!

Faulty Outlet

Your Ovente electric kettle might be plugged into a faulty power outlet. A defective power outlet cannot provide enough power source to the appliance. As a result, your water won’t heat.

It might be wise to try the kettle in a different plug. Most of the time, the problem could be something as simple as a blown fuse.

That’s one of the main reasons you must take care of any outside problems first. Plug it into another appliance to ensure the socket isn’t broken. Once that is done, carefully look in the base connector to see if there are any bits of gunk in there. That might stop the electricity from getting to your kettle, making the water not heat well. Clean any dirt or debris on the connectors.

Clean The Kettle’s Scale

If your electric kettle is hard to heat up or hard to turn on, limescale could be to blame. Getting the scale off your kettle helps it last longer. The question can arise in your mind, how often should a kettle be descaled for users living in hard water areas? Check out the guidelines below for how a typical kettle is used (boiling five times a day).

  •  You should clean your kettle every three months if you have regular water.
  •  You should clean your kettle once a month If you use hard water.
  • If you use your kettle more than five times a day, you may need to clean it more often.

So, how do you clean the scale out of your kettle? Put some vinegar and water in it, and then let it boil. But how can you clean the scale off your kettle if it won’t turn on? Here’s what you need to do.

First, fill the kettle with half water and half white vinegar. Let the solution sit out for a night. Pour the solution in the morning and rinse the kettle a few times to eliminate the vinegar smell.

Look At The Temperature

If you turn on the Ovente electric kettle, but the water doesn’t heat up or boil, it could be because a wire inside the kettle is broken.

Unplug the kettle and stick your finger in the water to check how hot it is. If the temperature hasn’t gone up, you must fix the car’s wiring.

Now, this could be because the coils inside your kettle are broken. You can’t fix this on your own. A local appliance repair technician might be able to help. Or contact Ovente customer service.

Damaged Heating Element

If none of the reasons seem to be the culprit, it is possible that the heating element of your electric kettle is damaged.

Check your local stores for Ovente electric kettle parts. Replace your heating element.

Ovente Electric Kettle Beeping Noise!

Generally, the beeping signals that your hot cup of liquid is ready. But no need to worry if your Ovente electric kettle keeps beeping unusually. Most of the time, it is just a regular operation. Keep reading our article to understand why you Ovente electric kettle beeping noise.

Leaving Device Plugged

Did you forget to unplug your device from the main power outlet? If so, it can cause unnecessary beeping. Always remove your device from the power outlet after your work is done.

Dry Boil Protection

Ovente electric kettle comes with dry boil safety protection. Check if you have used an empty kettle. Always follow minimum and maximum levels for liquid usage. Check the Ovente electric kettle manual to measure how much liquid you have to use.

Faulty Memory

Faulty memory in Ovente electric kettle can cause a beeping noise as it will give the wrong signal to the control board. Replace the old one. Contact the Ovente customer service.

Getting Overheat

If Ovente electric kettle is overheated, it may cause a beeping noise. So first, unplug your device and check if it is too hot. Leave it empty for 20 minutes. Now connect your device to a different outlet and see if it makes any noise.

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