Chefman Electric Kettle Not Working! Here’s Top 10 Reasons & Solution

chefman electric kettle not working

Chefman is a well-known brand of small electric kitchen appliances in North America. This article is all about the Chefman Electric Kettle because we have received many queries about the Chefman electric kettle not working.

So here we will give the effective solutions to why the Chefman kettle is not working and how to fix it.

The Chefman Electric Kettle is undoubtedly the best in its class because of its versatile performance. They have some advanced quality features that make them stand out from any other kitchen kettle brand. 

But what if the kettle is not working? Hassle, right? No worries! We are here to share the best solution for how to fix the kettle and how to make the electric kettle work. Read the entire article to get the best solutions to get the Chefman electric kettle to work again. 

Why Is My Chefman Kettle Not Working?

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Top Reasons:

  1. Probably your Chefman electric kettle didn’t turn on.
  2. Probably your kettle has become damaged.
  3. Probably you didn’t plug the kettle with the power source properly.
  4. Probably your kettle doesn’t get sufficient electricity.
  5. Probably your kettle’s cord has become damaged.
  6. Probably you didn’t set up the kettle’s all parts properly.
  7. Probably some parts of your Chefman kettle have become damaged.
  8. Probably you didn’t fit the lid of the kettle perfectly.
  9. Probably you have overfilled the kettle.
  10. Probably your electric kettle’s insides wires have been damaged.

Other reasons & Solutions:

Now it’s time to start the problem-solving part. So why is my Chefman kettle not working, and what’s the problem with this product? Before we start to make the kettle work and function properly, let us give you some hope! 

Chefman’s kettle is cETL approved, featuring the best Chefman electric kettle Parts, advanced safety technology for long-lasting durability, and a 1-year warranty. So you are always welcome to get the solution if you find any trouble with the kettle.

The first tip we want to share is to follow the Chefman electric kettle user manual (Chefman electric kettle user guide) because all the instructions and important details about the kitchen product are mentioned there. 

So if the electric kettle won’t turn on or if the kettle does not work, then the second thing you can do is to check the Chefman electric kettle instructions. You might probably miss the proper setup, or sometimes you need to pick the Chefman Electric Kettle Reset option to make it work again, or there might be some other issues that you need to fix.

How to reset? To reset the electric kettle, you have to unplug the kettle from the main switch for 5 seconds. Then plug the kettle back in, fill it with water, and turn it on. 

The most common reason for an electric kettle not working is a malfunctioning connector. It happens! No problem. If the kettle is not turning on, then it might be due to a poor plug socket.

Check the outlet face for ‘scorch’ signs. If you observe any darkening of the ‘finishing’ around the outlet holes, then you should replace the outlet as soon as possible!

In that case, you should double-check the connection to the main part. You can connect any electrical appliance to the kettle’s plug outlet to check whether it’s working or not.

After that, try filling the kettle with water. Connect the kettle to the electricity supply. Try to properly insert the power cord. Turn on the kettle. Hopefully, you will fix it.

Like the Chefman kettle, most of the kettles have an internal sensor that detects when the water is hot enough and turns the kettle off automatically.

So it’s not a big problem. But if there is a problem with the sensor or the thermostat, they will give you the incorrect signal, and it will turn off.

How To Fix It?

  1. First, read the user manual.
  2. Make sure you properly set up the kettle
  3. If it does not work, you can reset the kettle
  4. Check the outlet face for ‘scorch’ signs
  5. Make sure you connect the kettle with the power perfectly and there is electricity.
  6. Check the lid and make sure the lid is ok and fit perfectly.
  7. Make sure the kettle is not overfilled
  8. Make sure the kettle’s wires are ok.

Chefman Electric Kettle Won’t Turn On!

How to Fix It?

  1. Buy a good quality kettle that includes additional safety and security features
  2. Close the lid properly
  3. Make sure the kettle is not overfilled with minerals.
  4. Clean the kettle from the inside out
  5. Pick the ideal temperature.
  6. Make sure the wires inside the kettle are ok.
  7. Make sure your kettle is connected with the electricity properly and there is electricity is running.
  8. Make sure your kettle’s power cord is ok. 


Always try to buy a good quality kettle kitchen product, as they offer some versatile features. Some high-end brands include additional safety and security features in their kettles.

However, most of the time, the kettle will not function if there is an issue with the plugin or if the lid is not properly placed. 

You might have a kettle that doesn’t need to be closed before it starts working. It is entirely dependent on the kettle model.

If the Chefman kettle does not turn on or does not switch on, it is because the lid is not completely closed. So, you have to check the lid first. After that, the lid must be fixed in place. 

You will find a little lock and a sensor attached, and you have to properly link them for the kettle to run. Sometimes an overfilled kettle does not work, so try to put the perfect amount of water or minerals into the kettle.

Always try to clean the kettle from the inside out. Debris on top of the sensor can usually lead to problems. Some other simple issues turned the kettle off. So, don’t worry! Every problem has a solution!

Another important thing is the temperature. If the temperature is wrong, then the kettle will stop working. So make sure you pick the right temperature. 

Chefman Electric Kettle Lid Won’t Open!

How to Fix It?

  • Try to open the lid following your Chefman electric kettle user manual
  • Don’t push extra pressure while opening
  • Try to push the lid down so that the catch doesn’t hang up before pushing back on the button and dragging it upward
  • Check out the level indicator
  • Check if any part of the kettle is damaged
  • If you can, contact the manufacturer of your kettle
  • If the lid were damaged, then buy a new replacement lid


Isn’t it frustrating that you are trying to run the kettle, but it is not working? You just filled the kettle with water, placed it on the baseplate, and switched on the switch, but it’s not working!

The neon light on the ON/OFF switch does not activate, and no noise signals that the water is boiling. Ugh! What a terrible situation!

When this happens, you typically assume that the kettle is not correctly plugged in or that the outlet is not functioning normally. Sometimes you guess that the plug or cord is damaged, so the kettle is not sitting ‘solidly’ on the baseplate.

If your lid won’t open and is stuck, try pushing the lid down to ensure the catch doesn’t hang up before pushing back on the button and dragging it upward. 

If that doesn’t work, this could be due to a failing control circuit, a failing heating element, heavy mineral scale build-up, a cracked level indicator, a cracked washer, or inadequate voltage.

Sometimes your kettle will auto-shut off while working. If the lid doesn’t open, then try to fix the Chefman Electric Kettle parts that are damaged or try to solve the problems that made the kettle stop.

In those circumstances, Chefman electric kettle replacement parts should be used to turn on the Chefman kettle. You might also try following the Chefman electric kettle instructions as they have mentioned what you should do.

Chefman Electric Kettle Won’t Heat!

How to Fix it?

  1. Take the kettle to a local appliance repair professional, or if you have a warranty, then take it to the store
  2. Simply place your backhand against the side of the kettle. If you feel it’s ‘cold’, then the heating element won’t work. 
  3. If the heating element becomes damaged, then replace it.
  4. Make sure your kettle is operating
  5. Make sure sufficient electricity for the kettle
  6. Clean the outside, and descale the kettle with a mixture of water and white vinegar
  7. Using citric acid, lemon juice, water solution, and bicarbonate of soda to descale the kettle is also a good idea.
  8. If any of them does not work, then it’s better to buy a new kettle.


If the kettle is turned on, but the electric kettle is not heating or boiling, it happens due to a faulty cable inside the kettle. In that situation, you should take the kettle to a local appliance repair technician.

And if you have a warranty, it will be even easier because you can take the Chefman Electric Kettle to the store where you purchased it. They will fix it.

Another problem! Let’s fix it! You’re trying to heat and boil water, but the kettle isn’t working. You should simply place your backhand against the side of the kettle. If you feel it’s ‘cold’ to the touch, then the heating element won’t work. 

It is most likely to happen for two reasons. It could possibly happen when no voltage is being supplied to the heating element or when the heating element has completely broken. Sadly, this is not replaceable or fixable. So you have to buy a new kettle for the kitchen.

So, if you want your kettle to heat properly, you need to clean the outside of it. To keep your kettle clean, wipe it down with a wet cloth once a week. Then descale the kettle. To descale, fill half of the kettle with a mixture of water and white vinegar. 

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So we have shared all the information and the solution to the Chefman Electric Kettle problems. We fixed why the electric kettle does not work, why it won’t heat, why the lid does not open, and more. 

If you find any problems regarding the Chefman kettle, then we hope now you have the solution to fix the problem as this article is a Chefman troubleshooting guideline. Fix your kettle and get a cup of your favorite tea, coffee, or any other Chefman electric kettle recipes! 

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  1. Manuel C

    Used it less than 10 times, and it won’t turn on. I tried the basics and trashed it. Never buy that brand again!

    1. Contact the Chefman Customer Service for help, or take it to a kitchen appliance repair shop to fix.

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