8 Common Kalorik Air Fryer Problems Solutions!


Kalorik Air Fryer Not Working!

If your favorite Kalorik air fryer is not working, it could be for many reasons, from something simple similar to a defective power cable to more technical issues like a fried circuit board.

Whatsoever the case, you require solutions to get back to making delicious meals in it. The most acceptable way to go about this is to investigate every possibility separately and in the correct order.

If your Kalorik air fryer is not working, these are the phases we would go through!

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Why Is Your Kalorik Air Fryer Not Working?

  1. Door components

Your air fryer’s door might be falling away without your knowledge. If you experience tightness or looseness that is not standard, the components, comprising the screws and the lock, might be damaged or loose. Get an expert to resolve the mystery for you to stop additional problems.

2. Stuck Air Fry Basket

A trapped, misplaced or slipped air fryer basket would not let the door work or else close correctly. Check the Kalorik air fryer parts to rule out obstacles if the door is not working fine.

3. Obstruction

Spilled food, grime, grease, and food juices could make your Kalorik air fryer door not function fine. The base becomes adhesive with loads of food bits. That is unsanitary and reasons obstruction and damage to your air fryer door. Clean your air fryer afterward every use to confirm that the drawer slides spontaneously without pushing it.

4. You Have a Bad Outlet

Maybe there is nothing wrong with your Kalorik air fryer; perhaps the difficulties lie with its power source.

Sometimes, a bad outlet would confuse people with faulty machines, as it’s really easy to blunder one for the other. A defective wall outlet could not only reason your air fryer to appear non-functional and trip your breakers and even reason short circuits. Be cautious.

Unplug your Kalorik air fryer, let it cool down, and test it on different outlets, if possible, in a different segment of the house.

5. Power Cable Is Damaged

A damaged power cord could cause a fault.

You would think that power cables would be just as robust as the machines they supply power to, but they are not. Harmless conduct, for example, keeping them twisted or pressed against a wall at peculiar angles, might be enough to mutilate them irreparably.

It generates various problems, from a non-functional air fryer to short circuits and breakers constantly tripping. If you suspect this to be the problem, try not to work your appliance till you fix it, as doing else could reason it to become even more impaired.

6. Try a different power cord.

We know not everyone has a spare cable lying around, but if you do, you could use it to determine if this is the problem; just ensure you’re also using a changed outlet to rule out any external issues.

If this fixes the problem, your Kalorik air fryer must normally be working now.

Air fryers are a great means to cook pleasant food without lots of oil. If your air fryer has stopped working, these phases can help you fix it as well as get back to cooking.

Kalorik Air Fryer Not Heating!

In several cases, your Kalorik air fryer might not heat up, and this is one of the common glitches air fryers run into. There are loads of causes that could reason your air fryer was not heating up. In this blog, we will go through several of the most common causes why your Kalorik air fryer might not heat up. Once you distinguish the problem, you could be able to fix the problem. 

Why Is Kalorik Air Fryer Not Heating?

  1. It Is Not Plugged In Correctly

Check if the power cord has been plugged in properly both in the socket as well as in the air fryer. If you notice a power cable that is not plugged in properly, please repair the fault and see if your air fryer will heat up. 

Sometimes, there is a chance that the socket might be overloaded. You must always check your Kalorik air fryer cable and check if the voltage matches the socket. There are examples when your socket could handle too little or too much voltage. Check the Kalorik air fryer user manual and see how many watts your air fryer ingests.

2. Kalorik air fryer settings are not Adjusted Properly.

You may have looked at the power source, lid, cable, and everything else recommended, but your Kalorik air fryer cannot heat up yet. In this situation, it would aid if you checked Kalorik air fryer settings to see if there might be a setting that has not been adjusted correctly.

Check if the temperature is too low, as well as if it is, you need to adjust it suitably. You can do this by restarting the air fryer and adjusting to a higher heat before proceeding with the cooking. In most circumstances, this solution must work; in any case, if it does not work, you need to check other settings to see what might be the problem.  

3. Heating Component May Damaged

There is an acute module in your Kalorik air fryer, and that is the heating module. In some cases, it might be scratched, and you never know. Check and settle if the heating element is impaired; if it is, you must call the manufacturer instantly to help out. In cases where you still have a valid warranty, it would be best to reach out to the shop to see if they could help. 

Typically, the manufacturer must be incapable of helping you with the problem. If your warranty has finished, you will have to resort to an electrical application technician to see how they might help you fix the issue of the heating module.

4. What About The Air Fryer Timer? 

Failing not to adjust the timer setting might make the fryer not heat up, which might mess up your frying experience. In place of blaming the maker, check the machine for any time that needs to be tuned. In most cases, Kalorik air fryer instructions must help you since it could be challenging to find the right time to set your timer. 

It is vital to check out from your manufacturer to know the suggested timer setting. It will help you avoid needless errors that you might make. At least, doing this must help solve the problem of your air fryer not heating up. 

Air fryers are quite useful both in commercial settings as well as at home. They furthermore do need much care to guarantee that they serve you fine.

Kalorik Air Fryer Fan Not Working!

The fan on your Kalorik air fryer might not be working for several reasons. Inspect if the safety button on the drawer’s base has been triggered. If so, the safety interlock stops the fan from turning on.

If the safety button is in the correct working order, there might be a problem with the electrical connection.

The fan’s power base might become loose over time and must be tightened for the fan to work again. It is also possible that an error with the fan’s modules is to blame.

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Why Is Your KaloriK Air Fryer Fan Not Working?

  1. Identify the Source of the Problem

Open the drawer of the air fryer as well as inspect it. Take the drawer out, plus slide it in with the air fryer plugged in and turned on. Repeat the process a few times to check if you could get the fan to run.

If the fan does not turn on afterward trying this, the issue is probably the safety switch. Keep on to the next stage.

2. Activate the Switch

You could use a butter knife, a credit card, or an old gift card to turn on the switch. Then slide the drawer into the apparatus. Ensure you switch the apparatus off if you are using a butter knife to evade electrocution.

When the drawer is in the correct location, slide the card or knife over the gap to activate the switch. It would bypass the safety interconnect, and the air fryer must work again.

3. Conduct a Test on the Machine

Turn the Kalorik air fryer back on afterward, confirming the knife is not in the machine. You could hear the fan start up immediately. If you followed step two precisely, but the fan does not turn on, the safety switch is not the problem. 

Experts can assist you if there is an electrical connection error. You should not try to resolve these glitches alone, as this would cause mishaps.

4. Consult the Technician

Any problems connected to electrical connections or other technical faults will need the help of experts. You must contact the manufacturer or a competent technician to analyze and repair the issue.

Manufacturers typically provide free technical support for a limited time; afterward, you buy their product. They can also recommend any Kalorik air fryer replacement parts you need or issue a reimbursement if the machine is faulty.

5. Safety Precautions in Air Fryers

The Kalorik air fryer has an array of safety features to avoid unanticipated risks. An opening on the top permits fresh air to enter.

A back exhaust ejects any extra hot air to counter internal pressure spikes triggered by higher temperatures.

The LED display panel would light up as soon as you switch the power to the Kalorik air fryer. It displays details about the temperature as well as timer settings.

The cooking controls, for example, the temperature and the timer setting, will not show up until you slide the drawer in.

The temperature + timer settings could be adjusted using either the handles or the keypads, depending on which is existing. The cooking period would start once the set is complete.

For the food to cook correctly, the heating element and the fan inside the cooking chamber must work well.


Different factors might reason your air fryer’s fan not to work. The phases provided above would assist you in fixing any problem related to your Kalorik air fryer’s fan.

You can try to resolve the difficulty or consult professionals depending on the condition. 

Kalorik Air Fryer Not Turning On!

If your air fryer will not turn on or has stopped functioning, there are a few things you could do to troubleshoot the problem.

First, check to ensure the Kalorik air fryer is plugged in as well as that the outlet is working. Afterward, check that the cord and fuses are working. Also, ensure the basket is tightly in place, the door is closed, and a program has been selected. If none of these solutions work, contact the maker for further help.

Keep reading below for more comprehensive info on the most common difficulties with air fryers, possible reasons, and most prominently, how to get your Kalorik air fryer functioning again!

Why Is Kalorik Air Fryer Not Turning On?

  1. Check the Air Fryer Instruction Manual

It does not matter if it is your first or fiftieth time using the Kalorik air fryer; if you are having trouble turning it on and cannot find out how to fix it, the first thing to do is study the Kalorik air fryer manual.

There are so many diverse air fryer models; thus, for the best results while troubleshooting, checking the manual is the finest way to review for common problems.

Read over the use directions and safety and care guidelines to rule out the option of any incorrect usage or accidental impairment. You can also find the maker’s contact info there.

2. Ensure the Air Fryer Is Plugged In

It’s possible that the air fryer cable isn’t plugged decisively into the power socket, so ensure to double-check.

3. Make Sure the Power Source Is Working

Another cause why your Kalorik air fryer won’t turn on might be that the power outlet is defective. You can check it by plugging another machine into the same wall socket and seeing if it works.

Otherwise, you could try connecting your air fryer to a diverse socket. If the socket is faulty, as a safety precaution, contact an expert to repair it for you.

4. Check the Air Fryer Cable for Damage

Another simple, however vital thing to check is the cable of your Kalorik air fryer for any marks of physical impairment. It might look similar to a torn or melted outer covering, impaired head, or loose pins.

Cables on electrical machines have to withstand lots of wear and tear; thus, they could get damaged easily, particularly if they get trapped in a cabinet door, curved while storing the Kalorik air fryer, or exposed to a very high temperature.

If your Kalorik air fryer is new, you may have a faulty power cable. If you suspect this is the situation, contacting the maker is a good idea.

For safety reasons and to avoid the risk of electric shock, be confirm to comprehensively investigate these problems and repair or replace any defective components.

5. Check for a Blown Fuse

The fuse is probably blown even if your cable seems undamaged from the external. The fuse is a safety measure to detach from the heating component in case of a fault like a power surge that might cause a fire.

You would need to swap the blown a fuse to get it working again. Contact a proficient repair shop for this if you do not have the essential expertise.

6. Be Sure the Air Fryer Basket Is in Place and The Door Is Closed

Air fryers have special hooks or latches that fit into place when you fix them on the body. It anchors the basket and confirms safety by stopping any designs from occurring.

It also means that your Kalorik air fryer will not start until the frying basket is fixed or locked in correctly.

Also, check that the air fryer’s door is shut and completed as well as latched.

7. Contact The Manufacturer

If you have made certain that the air fryer is correctly fixed and plugged into a socket, has no physical impairment on either the cable or body, and has gone over the user manual, it is time to contact the maker. 

You can find info about the industrialist on the box or in the Kalorikairfryerinstructions manual. They will typically have a phone number for client service listed.

Remember to check if you have a guarantee claim for the product. If your Kalorik air fryer problems happen during the warranty time, you might be able to get a new air fryer or several replacement parts.

Kalorik Air Fryer Making Noise!

While you are cooking with an air oven which always makes noise, they typically make noise during operation since their mechanical fan creates a sound to make hot air flow inside the device.

Standard noise typically specified is among 60 and 65 decibels. Therefore, if in some circumstances you hear a rattling sound over 65 decibels from your one. There is a defect; you need to find out what the reason is.

Why Is Your Kalorik Air Fryer Making Noise?

  1. Air fryer making loud noise from debris piece still inside.

This first reason you think is that small rubbish pieces fall into the device? Which means that it could have more sound from there. Henceforth, in the first stage, you should take the power plug out for safety. And check out the state there is anything inside? If you have, please fast remove them, and your one will usually function properly.

2. Making noise from the fan (Lose somewhat from moving parts)

Most of the sound that is louder than the noise made by the fan is triggered by loose parts. For this cause, you should stop using it as well as check how they reason a rattling noise.

-Plug out in addition to cleaning inside 

-Open the air oven’s door, plus try to touch it to check for any loose elements.

-Check to make more secure any loose components if possible 

-If incredible to find any things, please contact the guarantee service team or maker to repair this 

3. A lot of dirt after longtime use make more noise.

Additionally, more cause is that after long use, there is lots of dirt inside. That is why this affects the function of your device; it puts pressure on the air oven to do more work to cook the food. Therefore, they may make more noise.

Let us clean all your one after using and eliminate all dirt from inside to aid the theKalorik air fryer to work properly.


We trust that you now know” Air Fryer Making Noise “correctly. Following our Kalorik air fryer instructions will help you have the means to repair these problems.

Kalorik Air Fryer Buttons Not Working

Here are the possible causes and how to fix the buttons on Kalorik Air Fryer that were not working anymore.

Why Is Your Kalorik Air Fryer Buttons Not Working?

  1. Check All Parts Are Connected

The initial thing you must do is ensure that all of the buttons are connected. If you have followed the Kalorik air fryer user manual, then all you need to do is plug everything in as well as turn it on to ensure that it works.

If not, then there is a problem with the wiring. It is easy to repair, but if something like that occurs while you are cooking, it could be unsafe.

Thus, as soon as possible, check that all parts are connected and working correctly before trying again.

2. Clean the Control Panel

It might sound like a no-brainer; however, it is not uncommon for machines to get dirty. Dust, dirt, and grime could build up on control panels over time and cause buttons to convert unresponsive.

Wipe down the control panel with a soft fabric or sponge that has been moisturized with warm water (not hot). Use an anti-bacterial cleanser if you see any buildup around your buttons.

If it is still not working, check for loose cables or impaired parts causing short circuits in the wiring.

3. Check For Extra Lint In The Oven

Cleaning lint out of a toaster is one thing, but doing it in an air fryer is a different ballgame. For one, an air fryer has loads of knobs plus buttons.

It means you might accidentally block an opening with lint in more than one place.

Once you have removed any extra lint from your machine, search for small pieces stuck among dials or buttons.

Ensure all openings are clear of rubbish by using a needle or paperclip to remove anything stuck inside.

It might take some time, but it will be worth it once you start getting better outcomes from your Kalorikair fryer!

5. Check There Is Power To The Appliance

Some people might have already thought of it, but check to ensure there is the power to the appliance. It might be that your power cable has been damaged. There may be a loose connection inside the air fryer itself.

If you are unsure how to enter these areas, it’s vital to contact an electrician or somebody who knows what they are doing with electricity beforehand, trying any sort of reparation on your own. You do not want to risk getting injured!

Unplug your air fryer and wait a few minutes before taking anything apart just in case it still has electricity running over it when you take away one of its modules.

6. Reset The Appliance

There is a good chance that you’ll be able to remedy your frozen buttons by resetting the appliance. To do so, unplug your Kalorik air fryer plus let it sit for at least 10 minutes. You could also try holding down all of your buttons.

The power button, as well as those for settings like temperature and time—for 15 seconds. When you restart your air fryer, press keep warm to use it regularly until you need to adjust any settings again.

7. Refer To Manual

First, try flipping over your cookbook or other papers. Look for any signs of what to do if an error happens, and follow any phases to troubleshoot a problem.

If you are unsure what to do next, it can aid in getting in touch with customer service; they might be able to walk you over a fix over the phone. If that is not an option, see if there is a contact us page or email on your maker’s website.


You may be lastly able to solve the problem by following the phases mentioned in the article.

If you still cannot solve it, perhaps there might be a problem with the device, and it might need to be changed.

You can also contact the Kalorik air fryer customer support team to solve the problem. The customer support team will guide whether the device needs to be replaced or it could be sorted out with easy troubleshooting phases.

Kalorik Air Fryer Display Not Working!

There might be several causes why your Kalorik air fryer’s touch screen is not working. The easiest repair is if there is a problem with the electricity supply or else power source. Ensure your outlet is working, the cord is plugged in tightly, and the device is powered on.

Though, there may be an internal problem, such as a defective membrane switch or a faulty control board. Another option might be that the touch screen has converted to non-functional and must be replaced. If you trust this is the case, reach out to the maker or a professional technician to get it fixed. 

Kalorik Air Fryer Timer Not Working!

The software on your kalorikAir fryer might be interrupted. To resolve this, unplug the machine and wait for 3 minutes beforehand plugging it in again. Please contact the Kalorik Customer support team if the timer still does not count down.

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