Capresso Milk Frother Troubleshooting (8 Problems Solutions)


You are Probably a Capresso milk frother user and facing some technical problems while using your Capresso milk frother. If so, this article about Capresso milk frother troubleshooting is for you.

Here we have talked about the 8 most common Capresso milk frother problems and their solutions so that you repair your Capresso milk frother at home. Read the whole article until the end to find the solutions.

Capresso Milk Frother Not Spinning!

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The primary reason why your Capresso frother may not be spinning is you have misaligned the device. Capresso milk frother has a safety lock to prevent accidents in case you misplaced the Capresso milk frother parts. Let’s look at the reasons and solutions.


  • You might have a faulty power outlet or have used too many devices in the same outlet
  • . There is a chance that you have overused your milk frother.
  •  A dirty milk frother is also responsible for the Capresso frother not spinning.
  •  If none of these causes matches your problem, you might add too thick liquid.


Before proceeding with any steps, ensure that the power outlet has no external or internal damage. If you have plugged too many devices into the outlet, remove them.

  • Always make sure to align your Capresso milk frother properly. You will hear a click sound every time after a successful alignment. If you struggle to align them or don’t know how to do it, check the Capresso milk frother user manual.
  • Clean your milk frother. Avoid using raw coffee beans as they can get stuck inside the frother. As a result, the machine won’t spin.
  • Always use liquids that are frother friendly. You can try using whole cream milk, which has middle consistency. Avoid using anything with a heavy texture like oil, ghee, honey, etc. If you are confused about what to put inside, check the Capresso milk frother user guide.

Capresso Milk Frother Not Working!

Your Capresso milk frother may not work for many reasons. There is a chance that the milk frother itself is faulty. Let’s look at what is causing the problem and find solutions.

  • In case the power cord or main outlet has damages or short circuit.
  • You may have used the pitcher without any liquid in it.
  • If you immerse the power cord, plug, pitcher, or appliance base in the liquid, there can be internal damage or burn fuse.
  • You might not have closed the lid well enough.
  • The heating element in your Capresso milk frother may have stopped working.


Make sure there is no damage to the power cord or outlet before proceeding to the next step. 

  • It would be best if you never use the pitcher empty. Otherwise, it won’t work.
  • Check if you accidentally immerse the power cord or appliance in the water. There can be an inside burnout—contact customer service in this scenario. Again the kitchen appliance won’t start if the lid isn’t sealed correctly. Never forget to close the lid properly.
  • Your milk frother may have burned out the heating element if the above solutions do not help. The Capresso milk frother may be faulty if none of the fixes works. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Capresso customer service for assistance.

Capresso Milk Frother Stopped Working!

It is a stressful situation when your frother all of a sudden stops working. You don’t have to throw your device. There are easy fixes that you can try. Let’s look at the causes and fixes.

  • There can be a short circuit issue.
  • If you cross the mentioned liquid amount usage.
  • The frothing disk of the Capresso milk frother is damaged.
  • You may have a damaged thermocouple.
  • You may not have correctly placed the jug and frothing disk.


If your outlet experiences a power surge, this can happen. In this scenario, reset the circuit breaker or move some other appliances around to prevent further power tripping. If this is not the issue, follow the next steps.

  • Ensure that the pitcher is set up nicely. Please attach it to the base of the milk frother. Clean the base before connecting it.
  • After placing the pitcher correctly, you can attach the frothing disk.
  • Never fill the pitcher with more than eight oz. Of milk or with any liquid. Otherwise, hot milk could spill over the milk jar onto the heating platform. It may damage the interior parts of the machine.
  • The frothing plate attachment can be damaged or broken due to normal wear and tear or a rare unforeseen accident. The little neodymium magnet falling out and being lost is typical, leaving the disk unstable. In this case, you must buy a new Capresso milk frother frothing disk.
  •  You may have to replace your Capresso milk frother’s thermocouple if it is damaged. Sadly this is not repairable at home.

Capresso Milk Frother Not Frothing!

There can be many reasons your Capresso milk may not be frothing properly. Often time it happens because of choosing the wrong type of liquid. There can be another factor too. Let’s look at the causes and solutions.


  • You may have misplaced the frothing disk.
  • Using low skimmed milk or fat-free liquids can disrupt your frothing process.
  • You may not take enough time to foam.
  • If you have a damaged frothing disk or any Capresso milk, frother parts are damaged.


Before proceeding to any step, check if you attached the frothing disk correctly. If this is not

the issue, follow the next steps.

  • Always use milk that has a good amount of fat. Do not use too much liquid at one time. If you are confused about measurements and what type of liquids to use, check the Capresso milk frother user manual.
  • Again take your time to foam, especially if you are using skimmed or half skimmed milk.
  • If the problem persists, there can be internal damage to why your Capresso milk frother is not working. You should contact the Capresso customer support team.

Capresso Milk Frother Not Turning On!

There can be many reasons your Capresso milk frother is not turning on. Let us head over to the possible cause and solutions.


  • There can be damaged parts to your Capresso milk frother.
  • Dirt, grease, or debris may have built up on your frother.
  • Gunk may have covered your frother disk.
  • You may have misplaced y your milk frother disk.
  • The heating element may have burnt out.


Before you follow any steps, check that your milk frother’s power cord has no sign of damage. Now, if this is not the issue, follow the next steps.

  • Clean the device where junks build up with soapy water and a toothbrush. Rinse away the soapy water. Now dry completely before scrubbing with
  • Clean your Capresso milk frother with gunk covered up, and clean it with a strong solution. First, mix the salt and vinegar in a glass jar and place the frother inside to soak for a few hours overnight. Once it is absorbed, remove, rinse with clean water, and then scrub with the toothbrush to remove any lingering dirt.
  • If the above solutions do not help, your milk frother may have burnt out the heating element.t is better to seek professional help in this case or contact Capresso customer support.

Capresso Milk Frother Not Turning Off!

There can be many factors why your Capresso milk frother is not turning off. Let us look at the reasons and solutions.


  • There can be a mechanical disorder in your Capresso milk frother.
  • There can be a faulty switch.
  • Debris or dirt may have blocked the Capresso milk frother buttons.
  • The heating sensor of your milk frother is not working properly.


Before going through any step, check if the switch has any damage signs. If this is not the issue, follow the next steps.

  • If debris or dirt has blocked the switch, gently wipe it with a gentle spray cleaner.
  • Replace the control board if your switch is not damaged.
  • There is a chance that your heating element has failed to provide the right sensor to the control board. So it does not automatically shut off. In this case, change the heating element.
  • If the problem persists, your milk frother has a mechanical disorder. It is beyond home repair now. So you would better consult with their Capresso customer support.

Capresso Milk Frother Beeping Noise!

Continuous beeping from your device can make you worried. It is not always a big issue, but sometimes it can mean that there is something wrong inside the device. So let us look at the possible reasons why your milk frother is beeping continuously and find solutions.


  • You may not have sealed the lid properly.
  • You may have used significantly less milk in the Capresso milk frother.
  • There can be issues with the motherboard.
  • You may have left the device unplugged after usage.


  • First, make sure to seal the lid properly.
  • Always look at the instruction menu to measure how much milk to put.
  • If it still beeps, reset your Capresso milk frother. We have shared how to do it later in our article. You can also try unplugging it from the power outlet. Before doing so, disconnect the outlet from the primary power source.
  • If you still cannot solve the problem, there is something wrong with the motherboard. In this case, this is beyond home repair. Contact Capresso milk frother customer support.

How To Reset Capresso Milk Frother?

Capresso milk frother has an auto shut-off system after the cooking process is done. They have a built-in system where the device automatically shuts off if it gets too hot. But you may need to reset the frother on various occasions. So let’s see a step-by-step guideline.

Step one:

There are only three buttons on the Capresso milk frother. Hot, cold, and warm. Suppose you want to reset first; press any of the buttons twice. It will cancel your current selected mood. Now press your desired button to reset your device.

Second step:

You can also reset this following this method.

First, remove the milk pitcher from the appliance during operation; the item will automatically shut off. When replacing the pitcher, you must push one of the three buttons to start it again. If the heating plate or the bottom of the milk pitcher is hot, the milk frother may not turn on.

In this case, first, detach the milk pitcher. Then cool the milk pitcher down by running it under fresh cold water. Make sure the underside bottom is dry and start over again. Your Capresso milk frother has reset now. In case you cannot figure it out, check the Capresso milk frother instructions.