Zulay Milk Frother Troubleshooting! 4 Zulay Milk Frother Problems Solutions


Zulay Milk Frother Not Working!

Is your Zulay milk frother not working? Then you are in the right place. Cappuccinos, mochas, or lattes are delicious, and being able to make them at home is a dream comes true for any coffee lover. Zulay milk frother is a one-of-a-kind appliance that allows any coffee lover to make these glass delicacies at home. It works on all types of milk.

However, being an electronic device, it can show various issues for many reasons. We are here to help you identify those problems with your Zulay milk frother so we can help you resolve them quickly. 

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Why Is Your Zulay Milk Frother Not Working?

  1. Dirt interference 

Dirt in the milk carafe or the piping can be a cause of why your Zulay milk frother is not working. It can be why your foam tastes terrible and affects the drink’s quality. 

We recommend cleaning the appliance after every use with water and a dry cloth to remove any excess water and dirt. 

2. The alignment of the wand is incorrect

We recommend performing the steam test to rule out if the wand is misaligned. It will help you identify if the wand is not appropriately aligned. In that case, you should look at the user’s manual, as it will explain how to restore its alignment. 

3. Broken part

If any part, such as the jug or the wand, is broken, the appliance will not work. The best option is to replace the part, take it in for repairs, or get a new one for your kitchen. 

4. Chargeless/Damaged Battery

Probably your Zulay handheld milk frother’s battery has become chargeless or damaged. So make sure your Zulay milk frother battery is okay and it has sufficient charge to operate the milk frother.

Zulay Milk Frother Stopped Working!

There can be many reasons why your Zulay milk frother stopped working. However, resolving it as quickly as possible should be your goal, and you are in the right place to get guidance for those problems. Here are the reasons and solutions when your Zulay milk frother stopped working


  1. A burned-out heating element
  2. Dirty electrical contacts
  3. Damaged thermocouple
  4. Faulty Battery
  5. Damaged Parts


  1. A burned-out heating element will not allow the milk to heat up and foam. You can quickly identify it as heat will come from the milk. In that case, we recommend taking it in for repairs. 
  2. Dirty electrical connections prevent any appliance from performing at its best. Check all the connections for dirt and gunk if your frother stops midway. If there is any, then take a damp cloth and clean those areas. 
  3. The thermocouple is an electrical sensor that detects the milk’s heat and shits off at a correct temperature to prevent the milk from burning. If you see that the appliance is not stopping or stopped completely before a specific temperature, then it is the thermocouple. However, the only option you have is to replace the thermocouple.
  4. Check the battery and make sure the battery is okay and has enough charge to operate the milk frother.  
  5. Damaged parts can be causes of your Zulay milk frother not working. So check all the parts of your Zulay milk frother and make sure they are okay.

Zulay Milk Frother Not Turning On!

Zulay milk frothers are top-of-line appliances with almost little to no issues. However, it is an electrical device, and anything can happen at any time; for say, it is not turning on. What can be the reason or reasons behind it, and how can you resolve it?

Why Is Your Zulay Milk Frother Not Turning On & What To Do?

  1. Broken switch

If the switch of turning the milk frother on and off is broken or damaged, it will prevent it from turning on. In that case, you will have to replace the switch more cost-efficiently or replace the device. 

2. Internal issues

Issues regarding the circuit or wiring are internal issues of a device. The circuit boards of milk frothers are fragile and can be the root cause of why the device is not turning on. 

Check for any broken or burnt-out copper layers; if there are any, then put another copper layer to resolve the issue.

3. Damaged or Chargeless Battery

If your milk frother battery don’t have enough charge or becomes damaged, then the milk frother will not turn on. So make sure your milk frother battery is okay and has sufficient charge to turn on the milk frother. 

Zulay Milk Frother Not Spinning!

A milk frother spins inside the milk, allowing it to foam up so you can enjoy a delicious cup of cappuccinos, mochas, or lattes. However, what if your Zulay milk frother is not spinning? Then there is an issue with the machine itself. Here are some possible reasons why it happened and how you can solve it –

Why Is Your Zulay Milk Frother Not Spinning & What To Do?


  1. The magnet on the whisk is unaligned 
  2. Broken circuit connection


  1. The magnetic whisk can be out of place, which can be why it is not spinning. In that case, nudge it slightly and try it again. 
  2. If the circuit connections are broken, for example, the copper layer is burnt out, the machine will not spin or even turn on. The easiest way to resolve it is to find the burnt-out area and put another copper layer on top of the old one. 

Final Words

We hope our article about the Zulay milk frother is helpful for you. If you are still facing any problems with your Zulay handheld frother, then don’t forget to let us know by leaving a comment in the below comment box. We are always ready to help you. Thanks for reading our article.

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