9 Common Aria Air Fryer Problems Solutions!

You are probably an Aria air fryer user. If so, you have chosen the perfect brand of air fryer for your family. The Aria brand’s air fryers are highly effective, energy efficient, easy to use, and super durable.

However, for being an electric kitchen appliance, an Aria air fryer can malfunction sometimes. It is usual and true for other brands of air fryers available in the market.

If you face different problems while using your Aria air fryer, this article is for you. Here we have talked about 9 most common problems of an Aria air fryer and give their solutions that will help you to fix your Aria air fryer at home. So stay with us until the end.

Aria Air Fryer Not Working!

There are so many reasons why your Aria air fryer might not be working. The following are some of them:

Why Is Your Aria Air Fryer Not Working & What To Do?

  1. Malfunctioning Air fryer:

Your Aria air fryer might not work because it is probably defective. Because of this, you need to restore it with a new one as repairing it is very costly.

2. The Aria Air fryer parts are not properly assembled:

 There is a certain procedure to follow, which is usually highlighted in the Aria air fryer user manual. Failure to follow the steps will most likely misassemble the parts obstructing your appliance from working.

3. Insufficient power supply:

A situation like this is usually brought about as a result of your appliance detaching from the power source. To prevent this, always ensure that your appliance is properly plugged in before you use it.

4. Faulty power cord:

The power cord provides the ground for connection for your Aria air fryer. At times when the energy flow being wired to your appliance from the power source is too much, it causes the power cord to blow up. As a result, your Aria air fryer won’t operate as usual unless you restore the power cord.

5. Blown heating element:

Your air fryer is probably not working because the heating element is damaged. To fix this, you need to restore the heating element instantly.

6. You might have overlooked the start button:

The start button activates your appliance to commence operating, so you need to concentrate when handling your appliance.

The best step to take if you learn that your Aria air fryer is not working is to take it to a repair shop to have it fixed by a qualified professional.

Aria Air Fryer Stopped Working!

Your air fryer might have stopped working while you are using it. In this situation, attempt the following:

Why Is Your Aria Air Fryer Stopped Working & What To Do?

  1. Check the power source:

Your power source might be experiencing some technical difficulties, causing an interruption in the usual energy flow. As a result, your appliance won’t work as usual unless you fix the power source.

2. Ascertain that the power cord is in perfect condition:

If you learn it is malfunctioning, consider replacing it as fast as possible because it obstructs your appliance from working effectively.

3. Scrutinize if all the internal parts of your air fryer are in perfect condition:

Your appliance might have stopped working due to a fault with a certain internal part. To fix this, attempt to purchase a new power cord as soon as possible.

4. Check on the performance of your appliance:

Your air fryer might have suddenly stopped working because it is probably malfunctioning. In this case, you need to replace it with a new one.

5. Ensure that the air fryer basket is properly placed and the door is latched completely:

Before you start using your appliance, ensure the basket is properly located. The door should also be closed completely to prevent the outside air from contacting the warmth inside your appliance. Furthermore, your appliance will probably stop operating if you fail to adhere to this.

When your Aria air fryer suddenly stops working, the first action is to refer to the Aria air fryer instructions manual for how to troubleshoot your air fryer.

Aria Air Fryer Not Turning On!

If your Aria air fryer is not turning on, the following are most likely to be the reasons why:

Why Is Your Aria Air Fryer Not Turning On & What To Do?

  1. Check the power cord:

If you realize it is not properly connected, quickly rectify the mistake to prevent your appliance from getting an insufficient power supply, hindering it from turning on.

2. You might be overheating your appliance:

Allow your air fryer to cool down before attempting to use it again because it will most likely overheat, obstructing it from turning on.

3. Malfunctioning parts: 

Any time you learn that a certain part on your air fryer is malfunctioning, make it a priority to replace it as fast as possible because it makes it impossible for your appliance to turn on as usual.

4. Defective fuse:

If defective, it will most likely hinder your air fryer from turning on. To fix this, consider restoring the fuse as swiftly as you can.

5. The air fryer basket is not properly attached:

Your air fryer can’t turn on if the basket is loosely attached. Therefore always be keen while handling your appliance to avoid missing the basics.

If you still need assistance with your appliance, consider contacting the Aria air fryer customer service.

How To Turn On Aria Air Fryer?

To turn on the Aria air fryer:

  • Plug it into the power source.
  • Place your food recipe into the air fryer.
  • Locate the start/stop switch and press it.

Just like that, your appliance is ready for use

Aria Air Fryer Fan Not Working!

The fan on your Aria air fryer plays an important role in cooking. It evenly distributes heat while your food is cooking, causing it to cook a bit faster, which is impossible if the fan is not working.

The following as some of the causes and solutions as to why your Aria air fryer fan might not be working:

Why Is Your Aria Air Fryer Fan Not Working & What To Do?

  1. Food debris:

 Some food components might have settled on the fan blades, making it impossible for the fan to operate smoothly. Therefore, ensure that you properly clean your air fryer whenever you are done using it.

2. Insufficient power supply:

If the power supply is insufficient, it obstructs the fan from operating effectively. To prevent this, ascertain that your air fryer is getting sufficient power before using it.

3. Defective fan blades:

Your air fryer fan might not work because the fan blades might malfunction. To solve this, consider restoring the fan blades as soon as possible.

4. You might have activated the safety button:

The safety button on the air fryer suspends all its operations hence why the fan might not be working. You, therefore, need to deactivate the safety switch as quickly as possible.

Consider contacting an expert if you are still experiencing problems with the air fryer fan.

Aria Air Fryer Making Loud Noise!

Nothing is more irritating than your air fryer emitting loud noises while operating.

To fix this issue, you must first identify the causes why. The following are some of them:

Why Is Your Aria Air Fryer Making Loud Noise & What To Do?

  1. Food debris:

Some food components tend to settle underneath your appliance while it is operating. As a result, you will most likely hear a loud noise from your machine. To prevent this, make it a tendency of always cleaning your appliance when you are done using it.

2. Some parts of your air fryer are loose:

Before using your air fryer, ascertain that all the details are properly secured to prevent your appliance from making noises.

3. Faulty fan:

If the fan is faulty, it may start making some loud noises. To fix this, consider purchasing a new one.

4. Defective cooking basket:

The cooking basket enables you to insert your recipes. At times the cooking basket might start faulting, causing your air fryer to produce loud noises, which is why you need to quickly restore the faulty basket with a much better one.

5. Defective heating element:

If you suspect the heating element is faulty, contemplate restoring it as fast as possible to prevent your appliance from making loud noises.

Try using another air fryer model if your air fryer is still emitting loud noises.

Aria Air Fryer Door Won’t Stay Closed!

If you learn that your Aria air fryer door won’t stay closed, consider attempting the following:

  1. Ascertain that your appliance is spotless:

Some food constituents might have spilled in your air fryer while it was operating, obstructing the door from closing. To prevent this, you need to clean your appliance correctly whenever you are done using it.

2. Ensure that the air fryer basket is attached correctly in the drawer:

If the basket is not properly secured in its respective location, it hinders the door from closing.

3. Affirm that the door seal is in perfect condition:

Your air fryer door might not be closing because the door seal might have worn out. In this case, you must replace the door seal with a much better one.

4. Certify that the latch mechanism is operating smoothly:

If you learn a problem with the latch mechanism, consider fixing it as fast as possible to enable the door to close softly.

The air fryer door must remain closed to maintain a consistent temperature to enable the food to cook evenly. Because of this, you need to take swift action whenever you realize it’s malfunctioning.

How To Reset Aria Air Fryer?

Resetting your air fryer not only filters out glitches and errors but also prolongs its lifespan. To achieve this, do the following:

  • Detach it from the power source.
  • Sit tight for about ten seconds.
  • Afterwards, replug it back into the power source.
  • Next, clutch and sustain the power switch for about five to ten seconds until you hear your appliance producing a beep sound.
  • Lastly, unleash the operation button.

Cultivate a practice of constantly resetting your appliance to save yourself from unnecessary troubles.

How To Turn Off Aria Air Fryer?

To turn off the Aria air fryer:

  • Locate the power switch.
  • After that, press it to turn off your appliance.
  • Finally, unplug your appliance from the power source.

Turning off your Aria air fryer when you are done using it is the perfect way to converse energy.

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