Blendjet 2 Flashing Red And Purple After Charging! 10 Causes & Solutions

“I’m Jack. I’m a Blendjet 2 blender user. I’ve been using my Blendjet 2 for the last two months. I charged my Blendjet 2 for 1.5 hours a few moments ago using its original charging cable. Now my Blendjet 2 is flashing red and purple after charging. I have tried to find out the actual reason for this but failed. Now my question for this group member is there any solutions for this? Please help me provide some proper tips so that I can overcome this issue and use my Blendjet without any trouble.”

I saw this post on a kitchen appliance forum website and then decided to write an article about this on my website. If you are a Blendjet 2 blender user and your Blendjet 2 flashing red and purple after charging, then you can read this article to solve the issue. Here I have mentioned all the possible causes and solutions for why a Blendjet 2 blender flashes red and purple after charging.

Why Is Your Blendjet 2 Flashing Red And Purple After Charging/ Why Is My Blendjet Blinking Red And Purple

Your Blendjet 2 is flashing red and purple after charging for several causes. The most common causes for your Blendjet 2 flashing red and purple after charging are the blender battery is low, it requires recharging, power issue, defective or damaged battery, overheating, and overloading.

Also, your Blendjet 2 flashing red and purple after charging is due to internal issues, manufacturing defects, a jammed blade, a wrongly attached blender jar with the base, the blender requires resetting, and more.

Let’s discuss the causes and solutions in detail.

  1. The battery is dead and requires recharging:

The first reason for your Blendjet flashing red and purple after charging is that the battery is dead and requires recharging. If your BlendJet personal blender is fully charged, the light surrounding the power button/switch will form a complete blue circle. If your Blendjet 2 battery is dead or needs to be recharged, then the circle will flash red and purple light.

Connect your Blendjet 2 to a reliable power source and continuously charge your Blendjet 2 for at least 1.5 hours to avoid this circumstance. And keep in mind, according to the Blendjet 2 user manual, a Blendjet 2 takes 1.5 hours to charge fully.

If your Blendjet 2 still flashes red and purple even after charging 1.5, it indicates that your Blendjet 2 battery may be faulty or damaged. In this case, use another battery to be sure of the condition of the previous battery.

2. Overheating:

If your Blendjet 2 blender becomes excessively hot due to charging it for an extended period (more than 1.5 hours), it may flash red and purple after charging. In this case, you have nothing to be worried about. Just let your Blendjet 2 personal blender cool down for at least 10-15 minutes, and then attempt to use it.

Keep in mind if your Blendjet 2 blender become overheats, then it can pay to impact your Blendjet 2 blender performance. Also, the blender can start malfunctioning, like not working, stopped working, not turning on, not charging, etc. So be careful about overheating your Blendjet 2 blender.

3. Defective Battery Or damaged Battery:

A defective battery or damaged battery can cause the Blendjet 2 blender to exhibit unusual behavior, like flashing red and purple after charging it. Check your Blendjet 2 blender battery and make sure it is not defective or damaged. If the battery is defective or becomes damaged, then fix it or replace it with a new one. You also contact Blendjet customer service for help and potential battery replacement.

4. The blades are stuck:

Check your Blendjet blender blades and ensure that the blades are not jammed. Sometimes, jammed blades can cause your Blendjet 2 blender to flash red and purple after charging. Don’t overload the blender, and try to use relatively soft ingredients to avoid the blades from jamming.

5. The jar isn’t aligned with your base:

The jar (blender cup) is not aligned with the blender base, is also can be another cause of your Blendjet 2 blinking red and purple after charging. In this case, check your Blendjet 2 blending jar and ensure that the jar is properly aligned with the base.  If required, take apart the blending jar from the blender base and then reassemble it properly with the base. Follow your Blendjet 2 user guide while assembling and disassembling its parts.

6. Power Issue:

Power issues can also be a cause for your Blendjet 2 flashing red and purple after charging.  Make sure your Blendjet 2 is fully charged. By using your Blendjet 2 original charging cable (USB Cable), charge the blender for at least 1.5 hours to make it a full charge. If your Blendjet 2 battery is not fully charged after charging it for at least 1.5 hours, then replace the charge with a new one because it may be damaged.

7. Reset Your Blendjet 2 Blender:

Sometimes a Blendjet 2 blender requires resetting to solve it’s some common issues. Resetting a Blendjet 2 is very easy. Read your Blendjet 2 user guide for information on how to reset a Blendet 2 blender. If your Blendjet user guide is lost, don’t worry. Visit our this article: Blendjet Not Working! Cause & Solutions. In this article, there are easy tips given on how to reset your Blender 2 blender.

8. Internal Issue:

Probably your Blendjet 2 blender has any internal issues, like faulty wiring, loose connections between the components, damaged motor, blown fuse, etc. In this case, the solution is to take apart your blender parts, check these things, and ensure there are no internal issues inside your Blendjet 2 blender. If there are any internal issues inside the blender, then take the necessary steps to fix any internal issues. If required, take your blender to an expert technician.

9. Manufacturing Defects:

If your Blend Jet blender is brand new and flashing red and purple after charging the first time, then you can be sure your Blendjet 2 blender has come with a manufacturing defect. In this case, your Blendjet 2 warranty still has, so contact Blendjet Customer Service and inform them about your Blendjet 2 blender issue. The Blendjet authority will replace your blender.  

10. Overloading:

Have you overloaded your Blendjet 2 portable blender with food ingredients? Sometimes overloading may cause your Blendjet 2 to malfunction, like flashing lights, not working, not charging, etc. Check the blending jar and reduce the food ingredients from it if it is overloaded. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions while filling the jar with food ingredients.

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