Blendjet Flashing Red And Blue While Charging! 11 Causes And Solutions

“I’m Ava, a new Blendjet 2 blender user. I’m facing an issue with my Blendjet, and that is my Blendjet flashing red and blue while charging. I have tried to figure out the actual cause of this issue but failed. Is there anyone who is using a Blendjet blender and can help me by providing some proper tips to overcome this Blendjet blender issue?

A few days ago, I saw this post in a Facebook group called Electric Kitchen Appliance Owner and then decided to write a post about this on my Website. My provided tips are applicable to all models of Blendjet blenders, including Blendjet 2 and Blendjet One blenders.

If you are a Blendjet blender, no matter what model, and facing this kind of issue with your Blendjet, you can read this informative article to fix your Blendjet easily. 

Why Is Your Blendjet Flashing Red And Blue While Charging?/Why Is Your Blendjet Blinking Red And Blue While Charging?

There are many causes for your Blendjet flashing red and blue while charging. The most common causes are the charging cable is not connected properly, too low battery level, the jar isn’t aligned with the blender base, overheating, and jammed blades. Also, your Blendjet blender is flashing red and blue while charging for water damage, power supply issues, charging port issues, internal issues, manufacturing defects, and more.

Let’s discuss all the possible causes and solutions in detail.

  1. The charging cable is properly connected:

A faulty or loose charging cable connection between the blender and the power source can cause your Blendjet to flash red and blue while charging. Check the charging cable connection and ensure it is properly connected to both the blender and the power source. Needly try another charging cable (USB charging cable) to solve the issues.

2. The battery level is extremely low:

Due to a too-low battery level, your Blendjet blender may flash red and blue. Check your Blendjet blender’s battery level and connect it to a power source through the charging cable for a certain period (at least 1.5 hours, according to the Blendjet blender user manual) to ensure it gets a full charge.

3. The jar isn’t aligned with the blender base:

Probably your Blendjet blender jar and base are not connected to each other properly, which is why your Blendjet is flashing red and blue while charging. Unplug the blender and check the connection between the base and the jar.

If there is a loose connection between them, then connect them properly. Read your Blendjet manual to find tips on how to assemble and disassemble a Blendjet blender.

4. Overheating:

Sometimes due to overheating, your Blendjet blender may flash red and blue while charging as a safety precaution. Never charge your Blendjet for more than 1.5 hours. If it becomes too hot during charging, then let it cool down, placing a cool surface before attempting to charge it again.

5. Water damage:

If your Blendjet blender has been exposed to water or any other liquid, it may cause your Blendjet to malfunction. Water or any other liquid damage can affect the internal components of your Blendjet and cause unusual behavior of your Blendjet, including flashing lights, not working, not charging, etc.

If you suspect water damage or any other liquid damage, discontinue using the blender immediately. Take your Blendjet personal blender to the nearest kitchen appliance repair shop to repair it, or contact Blendjet customer support if it is still under warranty.

6. Power supply issues:

Check the power source you are using to charge your Blendjet blender and ensure the power source is stable and provides adequate power to your blender. Fluctuations or inconsistencies in the power supply can cause your Blendjet to flash red and blue while charging. Use another power source (power outlet) or charging cable or phone charger to charge your blender and rule out any power-related issues.

7. Blocked blades:

If you are using your Blendjet blender while charging and hard food ingredients or excessive food ingredients jam the blender’s blades, your Blendjet may flash red and blue. First, be sure can you use your Blendjet while charging and then check the food ingredients. Use the food ingredients in the blender, considering your blender’s motor power, and fill the blender with fewer food ingredients than the blender’s capacity to avoid blade blockage.

8. Charging port issues:

Dirty or any debris on the charging port can also cause your Blendjet to flash red and blue while charging. Examine the charging port and ensure it is clean and free from any debris. If there is dirt or any debris on the charging port, then clean it. If the charging port appears damaged, then replace the charging cable with a new one.

9. Your blender may require resetting:

Sometimes a simple reset can solve your Blendjet’s many issues, including this issue. Resetting a Blendjet blender is very easy. Read your Blendjet user manual for tips on resetting the Blend Jet blender.

10. Internal issues:

Sometimes, due to any internal issues like damaged battery, battery issues, loose connection between the battery and blender, loose or faulty wiring inside the blender, damaged motor, etc.,  your Blendjet blender can flash red and blue while charging.

In this case, check these things on your Blendjet and ensure everything is okay and working well. If required, take your Blendjet to the nearest repair shop or take a qualified technician’s help.

11. Manufacturing defects:

If your Blendjet portable blender is new and flashes red and blue light at the very first time charging it, then you can be sure that your Blendjet has come with manufacturing defects, which is why your Blendjet flashes red and blue while charging. In this case, without delay, contact the Blendjet customer service team or the store where you purchased it and return the blender.

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