Blendjet Blinking Red After Charging! 10 Causes And Solutions

Why is my Blendjet blinking red after charging? It’s a frequently asked question from many Blendjet blender (both Blendjet 1 & Blendjet 2) users.

If you are a Blendjet portable blender user and if your Blendjet blinks red after charging, then read this article to find out the causes and solutions of this issue.

Why Is Your Blendjet Blinking Red After Charging & How To Fix It?

Your Blendjet blender blinking red after charging for several causes. The most common causes for your Blendjet blinking red after charging are low battery, blocked blades, issues in the charging cable and adapter, and issues in the charging port. Also, your Blendjet blinks red after charging for internal issues, faulty components, overheating, battery age and wear, wrong charging procedure, and may require resetting.

Let’s see all the possible causes for why is your Blendjet blinking red after charging.

  1. Low Battery:

One of the main causes of your Blendjet blinking red after charging is a low battery.

If your Blendjet’s battery is not fully charged after charging it or its charge level still remains low after charging it, then due to a low battery (low battery charge level) your Blendjet will blink red after charging.


Blink red indicates that it needs charging. Plug your Blendjet into a working power outlet and charge it again until its battery is fully charged. According to the manufacturer, it will take 1.5 hours/90 minutes to charge your Blendjet fully.

2. Blocked blades:

Another possible cause for your Blendjet blinking red after charging is blocked blades.

If your Blendjet’s blades are blocked with food ingredients or for any other causes, then the blades can’t move resulting in your Blendjet blinking a red light.


Open the lid and remove the food ingredients from the jar. Check the blender blades and ensure the blades are not blocked. If required clean the blades. Try to use soft food ingredients to prevent the blades from blocking.

3. Charging Cable and Adapter Issues:

Ensure that you are using your Blendjet’s original charging cable and adapter that came with your Blendjet portable blender. Check your Bblendjet’s charging cable and adapter for any signs of damage, like frayed wires or bent connectors.


If you find any damage in the charging cable and adapter, replace the charging cable and adapter immediately. You will find the replacement original charging cable and adapter on the Blendjet official website.

4. Issues In Charging Port:

If there are any issues in the charging port, your Blendjet won’t charge and will blink red after charging it.


Examine the charging port on your BlendJet blender for any debris, dirt, or lint. If required clean the charging port carefully using a soft brush or compressed air to ensure a proper connection.

5. Blendjet May Required Resetting:

Due to excessive use or long-term use, all-electric devices show some minor issues. Your Blendjet blender can also show some issues due to excessive use or long-time use. And a simple reset can solve all the minor issues.


Read your Blendjet user manual and reset the blender following the instructions given in the user manual. If you lost your user manual, then seek help from another Blendjet blender user to reset your Blendjet. Visit this group on Facebook: Blendjet Recipes

6. Issues In Power Source:

As the blinking red light after charging the blender mainly indicates that the battery requires more charge, in this case, there may be any issues with your used power source.


Check the power source that you have used to charge your Blender. If there are any issues with the power source, then use another power source to charge your Blendjet.

7. Wrong Charging Procedure:

Make sure you are following the correct charging procedure specified in your Blendjet user manual. Typically, you need to charge your BlendJet blender for a specific duration (at least 1.5 hours) before it reaches a full charge.


Read your Blendjet instruction manual and charge your Blendjet correctly following the instructions mentioned in the instruction manual. Generally, both Blendjet 1 and Blendjet 2 batteries take 1.5 hours to be fully charged.

8. Internal Issues:

Sometimes due to some internal issues, your Blendjet blinks red after charging it. The internal issues like loose internal wire connections, malfunctioning motor, loose connections between the blender base and the blender jar, and more.


Check if there are any internal issues inside your Blendjet. If there are any internal issues inside your Blendjet, then fix the issues immediately. If required, take your Blendjet to your nearest kitchen appliance repair shop or contact Blendjet customer service.

9. Overheating:

If your BlendJet portable blender’s motor or battery becomes too hot during operation or charging, it might blink red as a safety measure to prevent damage.


Allow your BlendJet blender to cool down for some time before attempting to use or charge it again. Make sure your Blendjet blender is not placed near a heat source or under direct sunlight during operation or charging.

10. Battery Age and Wear:

Over time, rechargeable batteries lose their capacity, leading to charging issues.


If your BlendJet blender is old and its battery no longer holds a charge effectively, you might need to replace the battery. Visit Blendjet’s official website for a replacement Blendjet battery.

Last Line:

Hope now you know why your Blendjet is blinking red after charging and also you know how to fix it.  If your Blendjet is still blinking red after charging, seek help from an expert or contact the Blendjet customer support team for assistance.

Blendjet Blinking Red 6 Times Then Stops!

 If your BlendJet is blinking red 6 times and then stops, it indicates an error. Here are the possible reasons and solutions:


  1. Low Battery: This is the most likely reason for a red blinking light. Your BlendJet needs to be charged.

2. Overheating: If you’ve been using your BlendJet for an extended period of time, it may have overheated.

3. Blade Blockage: If the blades are blocked by food debris or other objects, the motor will overheat and the light will blink red.

4. Faulty Motor: In rare cases, the motor itself could be faulty.


1. Charge your BlendJet:

Plug your BlendJet blender into a power outlet using the provided USB cable. The red light should turn off once the battery level reaches 100%.

2. Let your BlendJet cool down:

If you’ve been using your BlendJet blender for a long time, turn it off and let it cool down for at least 30 minutes. Once it’s cool, try turning it on again.

3. Check for blade blockage:

Unplug your BlendJet blender and remove the jar. Remove any food debris or other objects that may be blocking the blades. You can use a soft brush or a damp cloth to clean the blades.

4. Contact BlendJet customer support:

If you’ve tried all of the solutions above and your BlendJet blender is still blinking red, you may need to contact BlendJet customer support for further assistance. They may be able to help diagnose the problem and provide further troubleshooting instructions.

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